Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Showbiz Ask & Tell: David Gandy (BACCARAT Hong Kong)

The reporter Kam Kwok-Leung, film producer and flamboyant man-about-town, gets cosy with visiting British supermodel David Gandy.

Kkl: When you were at school, which male celebrity did you think was the most attractive?
DG: Those from the old days who had a mind of their own, like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Fred Astaire . . .
You are starring in Marks & Spencer campaign ads for your own men’s underwear collection. As a staunch supporter of classic styles, may I ask why you didn’t design nightwear like pyjamas as well?
I have done actually, but I don’t know if they are available in Hong Kong. I’ve designed some very elegant robes. Come to London and I’m sure you will love them.

As a model, you have worn countless fashionable clothes. Any special ones you would keep in your wardrobe?
Off the runway, I wear clothes that are practical. And they have to stand the test of time. Every piece in my wardrobe is essential.

When Lana Turner, the Hollywood sex goddess of the last century, was asked what item she would save from her home if a fire broke out she said red lipstick. As the male sex symbol of this century, what would be your answer to this question?
[Laughs] It’s very difficult to come up with a humorous answer. As a man, I’m very pragmatic so I’d head straight for my car keys.

Are there any songs, books or movies that have moved you to tears?
There are ones that can move you deep down. You lot [the press] always say I resemble Gregory Peck. I find To Kill a Mocking Bird very touching.

If you had a solo concert at the Royal Albert Hall, which song would you open with?
I like Tony Bennett’s songs very much, so I might sing Fly Me to the Moon first. I also like duets and recently he worked with . . .
. . . Lady Gaga! Have you thought of performing with her on stage?
That would be fantastic!

Your fans long to see you playing the role of James Bond.
Daniel Craig is the perfect modern James Bond. Nobody can surpass him.

If you have to pick a 007 remake to take part in now, which story would it be?
Casino Royale, it’s very romantic.

Can you remember the first Chinese food you ever had?
When I was young, my family would eat out on every Saturday night and we often went to Chinatown. So Chinese food reminds me of Saturday dinners.

What’s your favourite Chinese dish now?
I love steamed seafood. Where do you recommend I go to eat it in Hong Kong?

Come visit my home next time you are in Hong Kong. You must try my Canto-style steamed red garoupa. In the meantime, here’s a little present for you [a pair of Chinese baoding exercise balls].
That’s so kind of you. Is it an antique of some kind?

Oh, no, they are just for fun – to strengthen your wrist and hands. You can workout your fingers on your flight to Paris tonight. Bon voyage!


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