Wednesday, November 5, 2014

David Gandy talks with ASEDAI during the Spanish GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2014

He is one of the most wanted men of the moment and one of the most sought after international male models in the world. Brands like Zara, Gant USA, Hugo Boss, Russell & Bromley, H & M, Carolina Herrera, Massimo Dutti and, of course, Dolce & Gabbana know this and they have had the pleasure to work with him for different campaigns. Today, David Gandy has visited Spain again to receive, in this case, the GQ Best Model Award at the 20th anniversary of GQ Magazine’s party, held at the Westin Palace in Madrid where he has granted us this interview.

Question: What did you chose to wear for such a time like this?
Answer: I wanted to wear something new for these Spanish Awards so I chose a suit that fits the occasion. The most important thing is to wear a good suit. My favorites are the three-piece suits. Moreover, I always wear underwear my own brand.

Q: How do you feel most comfortable in jeans or with a suit?
A: It is a bit strange, I like the 'casual look'. When I have a day off, I usually wear jeans, a T-shirt or a sweater. But in events like this or when I am working, I prefer to wear a suit. Wear a suit is a defense against the outside world and it gives me great confidence. I wear wool suits in winter and linen suits in summer and besides, they are always bespoke suits.

Q : Do you like Spain? When did you come here for the first time?
A: About 10 or 11 years ago. My brother-in-law is Spanish, so my nephews are living in Southern Spain with my sister and I come to visit them whenever I can. I love its excellent climate. I love this country. I've been to Barcelona, ​​where I have great friends, and I love Madrid. But I prefer the climate of the south. Anyway, when I come normally it is for work, so I have little time to enjoy the country. Certainly, not as much as I would like.

Q: Which is the best prize you have won in your career?
A: I have never won any award in my own Country, they have always been internationals. Probably this would be the best.

Q: Which is your Spanish fashion designer par excellence?
A. I don’t know much about Spanish fashion to give you a specific name, but anyway now I design my own line of underwear working with 'Marks & Spencer'. So I hope to continue to do so, working with myself and not for anyone (laughs).

Q: What do you think about the Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear range?
A: It is very different from mine. His is very vibrant and colorful and the brand stands out. Mine is much more discreet, subtle and with very high quality.

Q: Which will be your next move? Have you considered being an actor?
A: I've had many offers to act but nothing that really attracted to me to carry it out. They were roles or characters very obvious that didn´t call my attention. Moreover, I write journals, and I have developed an application for mobile fitness. I also help three or four charities and I have my own, called 'Blue Steel Appeal'.

Q: But you don’t give up your role as a model, is it true that you turned down the role of the film 'Fifty Shades of Grey' as has been said in some media?
A: I have never considered myself as a model. Moreover, in the field of interpretation, 'Fifty Shades of Grey' has a very strong script, but the idea of ​​playing the character of Christian Grey didn’t attract me.

Q: You have rejected one of the most desired roles in the world of film right now, and one that have been offered only to handsome men, what do you do to keep you so fit?
A: I go to the gym at least an hour but I can’t always because of my work ... Now I should be doing weights! (Laughs), but I try to go an hour each day. Staying fit is tricky if you are not consistent.

Q: Do you eat anything you want?
A: Absolutely.

Q: What do you think when people say that you're the most handsome man in the world?
A: There are many handsome men in the world. There isn’t any male model that I love so I can’t say anyone, but I don’t consider myself the most handsome in the world.

Q: What style do you prefer? ¿Letizia Ortiz or Kate Middleton?
A: These are two very elegant styles and I support both. Personally, I like the style of Queen Letizia.

Source: ASEDAI


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