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Q & A on Twitter with David Gandy (Gandy For Autograph)

Q&A on Twitter: Model David Gandy answered fan questions on a live Twitter Q&A with Marks & Spencer on Septemeber 18th as a part of the launch of his debut underwear range for Marks & Spencer in London: Gandy For Autograph


1- Stef : Do you prefer vintage cars or modern cars?
David Gandy: I've just restored my first vintage car and plan to do more, if that answers your question. 

2- Rosane Maximiano:  What is your fave place to go to vacations?
David Gandy: I love travelling... Next on my list of places to go has to be somewhere in Africa!

3- ✨MBMs Bambi✨: What's the one thing you can't possibly live without? XxxX
David Gandy: If I can be cheeky I'd have to say oxygen! 

4- Great White Shirt: If you weren't a model, what would you be?
David Gandy: I have no idea, I prefer to focus on what I'm doing now and do it great!

5- Tal: What is your favorite thing about modeling?
David Gandy: The diversity of it all... Every day is completely different!  

6- Appletofu: What was your fave subject in school?
David Gandy: My favourite subject in school was geography. 

7- Franca Poli: What stage of the design was more difficult?
David Gandy: Finding the right fit for different body shapes.

8- MEG4NJ4YNE♥: I'm a dog lover too, whats your favourite breed of dog ?xx
David Gandy: Since working with @BDCH I couldn't pick just one..! What's your favourite breed?

9- N_nicoleta: Who was your role model as a child an how did that help in being a model?
David Gandy: My role models are the men of my family.

10- Artemis: Do you have a life motto? Thank you!
David Gandy: I don't believe in luck just a well prepared person who is waiting for an opportunity.

11- David Gandy Info: What is the item you love the most in your closet?
David Gandy: It's a vintage Omega Watch that I bought when I first got a big pay cheque. A great way to remember!

12- Isabella Bradley: The oddest thing that's happened to you?
David Gandy: The launch of my own underwear range is pretty surreal.

13- Isabella Bradley: Do you have any nicknames?
David Gandy: I get DG a lot.

14- Julia: Where were you born and raised? what is your heght?
David Gandy: I was born and raised in Essex and I'm 6ft 3.

15- N_nicoleta: What's your favourite designer ?
David Gandy: I'd say D&G.

16- Lisa Bolton: What do you enjoy doing in your down time?
David Gandy: It's my pleasure. I like driving and racing cars.

17- Great White Shirt: What's your no.1 grooming tip?
David Gandy: Find a good hairdresser!

18- David Gandy Russia: What helps you to make a difficult decision?
David Gandy: Time to think about it. Never rush into anything

19- From David Gandy to William Oliver: I plan to take some time off and potentially go skiing, I've not been in a while... How about you?

20- Jeanette: what's your favorite music to relax/jam to?
David Gandy: Old school classics like Tony Bennett.

21- John Williamson: Favourite car of choice at the moment...
David Gandy: I can't wait for the new Mercedes AMG GT.

22- David Gandy Russia: You said that you keep your plane tickets and one day you might plaster your bathroom with them. Have you done it already?
David Gandy: I haven't travelled enough yet... One day I'll get around to it!

23- Gina Colangelo: What's next on the design line with M&S?
David Gandy: The cashmere range is coming soon. After that there'll be a Spring/Summer 2015 range.

24- Lucy Hilton: when are you doing your next meet and greet
David Gandy: My next meet and greet is tomorrow in Dublin at M&S Grafton Street.

25- Taylor: How much has your marketing degree shaped how you go about your career?
David Gandy: To be honest I've learnt more through being in the industry.

26- Jayna Kawa: Who is your style icon?
David Gandy: Old Hollywood stars are my style icons. Carey Grant and Paul Newman

27- Adam Reilly: What did you think of Ben Kingsley's portrayal of you in the film about your life?
David Gandy: I think he prefers to be known as Sir Ben Kingsley

28- Julia: Would u like to create the womens underwear as famous couturiers did? Whos ur favourite couturier?
David Gandy: I'll leave the lingerie to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, she's doing a great job! 

29- Tasleem: David Gandy is recognised name and brand around the world, when will you consider writing your biography?
David Gandy: A autobiography... Maybe in the future, but at the moment I'm busy doing this... Watch this space!

30- Tasleem: Any future plans to do any presenting on TV or film acting?
David Gandy: I'm often asked about future projects. Underwear is keeping me extremely busy for now!

31- Lisa S: Will you be doing a 2015 calendar? I need it to help me through at work :)
David Gandy: They rib me, you know what mates are like...

32- Ishanie M: Is there anywhere in the world you have yet to, and would love to, visit?
David Gandy: I haven't been to New Zealand yet. I'd love to go

33- Tahira Iqbal: What should women know about the range?as sometimes they are making the purchase for their other half!
David Gandy: Women should know they can also wear the range. Women in men's underwear is extremely sexy!

34- Amby: What's your Biggest Inspiration xx
David Gandy: My family are my inspiration. And my grandfather, who was a true gentleman.

35- Sonia_rio: You do a great job with you charity work, do you intend to get involved with other charities in the future?
David Gandy: I do have a few charity projects in the pipeline. I'm discussing future collaborations yes.

36- Allyson Clayton: David, the people you love aside, what is the thing (or place) that moves you most in this world?
David Gandy: The thing that moves me the most is my work with Battersea Dogs Home! 

37- Jess: And... What are your 3 most important rules for a healthy lifestyle, and what's your guilty treat?
David Gandy: Stay away from saturated fat, eat organic and exercise!

38- Kima Segun-Ojo:  Boxers or briefs?
David Gandy: I'd have to say neither Kima, I prefer a hipster!

39- From David Gandy to Marisa González: My favourite piece is the houndstooth pyjama bottom

40- From David Gandy to It was about 8 monthes and yes I helped design the packaging too...

41- From David Gandy to DreamySim1: Someone who is good fun, has a sense of humour and is different from the norm!

42- *Nadia*: What was your favorite part of the process and why?
David Gandy: Thanks for the question, for me it's learning the process of creating an underwear range right through to seeing it in store!

43-Jess: What's the most important part of a good outfit, and what do you change into after a long day?
David Gandy: A pair of men's shoes can make or break an oufit. I change into a pair of jogging trousers at the end of the day

44- From David Gandy to William Oliver: We're already working the next collection for spring...

Source:  M&S Twitter


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