Wednesday, October 15, 2014

David Gandy talks with 'Fuera de Serie' Magazine


He isn’t a conventional model. This impressive Brit has conquered the catwalk thanks to an image which gets away from androgynous mannequins. He has just debuted as designer of a men’s underwear range for Marks and Spencer.

The fact that you’ve been awakened unexpectedly in a typical morning and someone tells you that in a couple of hours the sexiest man on the planet is going to call you is both a shock and a frustration. So, do not envy me, readers, I haven’t had the pleasure to touch, or even smell, the most sought-after model of the catwalk. Barely, hear his whispering and sexy voice and make him laugh on the other side of the airwaves.

The mobile rings and I see a British telephone number on the display: hellouuu. “Yes, hello, It’s David Gandy”. But, David Gandy himself in person? “Yes, of course”. Oh, what a moment: on these occasions it’s expected a manager or assistant’s cold voice, and no, it was him handling the indicators while he was driving crossing London. “Yes, I’m driving, it’s the only free time I have this week. Don’t worry, I’m relaxed and I will concentrate on your questions”. How kind! Ay.

He was born in the British county of Essex (February 19, 1980). Son of a humble family, they could, however, give him an education in computer studies. When he was about to finish his degree (21 years), a flat mate made a joke: he pointed him to a beauty contest that he won, as you can imagine from the pictures, these and those where he starred for Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo, Boss, Gant or Carolina Herrera’s campaigns. Every year and invariably, he is chosen as the best dress man, the sexiest man, the top icon… besides, he has been ranked second by Forbes as the second highest paid male model (1,08 million € in 2013). The fashion industry owes to him the break from androgynous inertia in catwalk.

In just 48 hours he would star in the global launch of the underwear, loungewear and however range designed for Marks & Spencer (“IN BED WITH DAVID GANDY”), and I venture to ask:

Which is your ideal pant?
One that lets you forget you’re wearing it because you don’t feel it. And I also enjoy that the brand isn’t very visible, Calvin Klein type.

Of all the models you have designed, which are you using?
Hipsters which are a mix of boxer and briefs; I don’t know if you know about them.

Yes, yes, I myself use hipsters.
Ha, ha, ha… mine are not very feminine.

I mean the hipsters for woman [more laughs]. You are a male lifestyle’s oracle in the British press, what is the most basic in the image of a man?
The key is that what a man wears has to be really masculine, unmistakably for man.

Not for nothing you broke the skinny and androgynous trend in the catwalk. Tell me, how do you train to have those muscles, or they are 100% yours?
Nobody has such a muscular body in a natural way. I train four times a week, a routine that it’s intensified if I have any immediate underwear campaign. When I was a child I was very athletic. I did athletics, swimming, football, cricket, etc; and that is something that shape your physique.

Now, do you play any sports?
I love skiing but with my schedule I find it very difficult to do it. No, I am flesh of gym.

David, because your look is your brand, up to what point you get control over it?
I am very careful with my image and every time more with my public appearances.

But, is it true what I watch in an American TV report where you required to change your hairstyle for the advertising you were doing?
Yes, absolutely. I decide what I wear for each session, how I do my hair or what shoes I wear, and I choose the photographer. And for the hairstyle, my hairdresser has been one of my best friends for the last 7 years. Everything related to my image has to be under my control.

What did you feel when you see your picture covering the legendary Times Square’s 15 meter high wall?
Well, the truth is that I didn’t go to see it, it’s a shame, I didn’t get to, but many of my friends and my agent saw it, yes.

What I want to know is what did you feel when you began to look at your picture on fashion covers, bus shelters, etc?
I don’t really see myself, It’s like if I was seeing a character I play. I am very critical, the first thing I think is how to improve that image. My pictures for the Underwear’s Range of M&S will be on 400 busses in London, 700 bus shelters and tube stations, it’s going to be tremendous.

Would you like to try in the movies?
I did shorts and music videos. I receive many offers in my office, but I will only get into that when I receive something that really interests me.

David, is lucky an attitude, as it was said in one of his commercials?
No, the phrase isn’t mine and I don’t share it. I prefer the one that says: “Lucky happens when preparation meets its chance."

The sexiest, best dressed, top icon, best paid model? Do you consider yourself a lucky man?
I’ll answer you with a question: from the hundreds of models who work, how many do you know by their name?

No more than five.
Do you see? I can be fortunate for having a good physique yes, but if you know me it’s for my work, for having fought very hard against the androgynous cliche and win the game.



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