Wednesday, October 8, 2014

David Gandy talks with Time Out London (October 2014)

Talking Shop David Gandy

The world’s top male model-turned-underwear-designer used to deliver pizzas, and fancies opening a souped-up store for chaps

By Katie Dailey

What is your favourite place to shop in London?
Sunbury Antiques is great. I’ve just renovated my house and picked up some pieces which I’ve integrated into the build. Like an old wooden art easel that I use as a stand for my flatscreen TV.

Do you buy vintage clothing?
Yes. New York has the best vintage shops. 

Have you ever worked in a shop?
No, but I have delivered pizzas.

Are you extravagant?
No. I’ve made some investments, but as a rule I’m not extravagant.

What do you take the biggest pleasure out of blowing cash on?
Vintage cars are a weakness. I’ve just bought and rebuilt a classic 1960 Mercedes 190SL.

What do you scrimp on?
I don’t spend as much as people would think on clothing.

Do you like a bargain?
Who doesn’t? There’s something satisfying about knowing you’ve got a good deal.

Which are your favourite markets?
Fulham Farmers’ Market is great for local produce.

Is there a store you’d love to make over?
There could be a real opportunity for someone to create a bespoke men’s shopping experience/store. Men shop very differently to women so to create an environment with that in mind with personal shoppers, a bar, great designers, tailors and vintage items: I think would be a great idea and I’d love to do it.

What does London do best?
We’re typically British and don’t shout about it, yet we do a lot of things really well. There’s so much fashion heritage in London, from the wellington boot to Savile Row. As an ambassador for London Collections: Men, I’m really proud of everything that it achieves, not only in terms of putting London on the fashion map but also in its support for established and new designers. It’s constantly evolving.

If you had just £10, what would you spend it on?
Petrol for the car, or Haribo.

What must you never run out of?


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