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David Gandy talks with The Grooming Guide

‘I barely use anything on my face!’

Some would say he’s the most beautiful man on the planet. We wouldn’t disagree. As the world’s first and only supermodel, you’ll have seen him on every billboard world-over. He’s the face of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Hugo Boss, M&S, etc, etc to basically every brand you could mention. He’s come a long way since his humble beginnings in Billericay, Essex, after Gandy’s friend put him forward for a modelling competition without his knowledge. The rest is history as they say, and with a body most men would die for and a trail of female admirers as long as the earth, we’d say he’s a decent guy to make a comment or two on male grooming. For his latest collaboration with M&S, ‘David Gandy for Autograph’, we chat to David about girls in guys’ pants, fitness motivation and what makes a good package. Thanks David!

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Do you spend as much time on your face as you do on your body?
Not at all. I barely use anything on my face, I’m very minimal! I use a good quality moisturiser like Aveda Balancing Infusion. I like to keep it nice and natural. I also use Dr Lancer products like their Intensive Night Treatment which is very very good. Other than that you’ll never find me clean-shaven (at least not willingly!) so I just do routine grooming like trimming my beard.

As a representative for different brands you travel a lot, how do you think English guys’ grooming compares to others around the world?
Difficult question! I think Europeans tend to take more care than most British guys, but we’re definitely getting there. People who live in hot countries seem to care more for their appearance, they are more open-minded when it comes to using ageing products. Which is obviously necessary as the sun does such bad things to your skin.

Your fitness app launched a few years ago and is very successful but how do you suggest guys get motivated to train in the first place?
Give yourself a goal. Think about getting down to a certain weight or size and how good you will feel when you accomplish that. It’s about old-fashioned vanity! Then you have no excuse not to exercise. If you want to look like something you have to work hard to get it but I often find it’s tricky when you aren’t seeing results. Sometimes with things like exercise you don’t see the results instantly, it’s a gradual thing that takes time to develop. So I recommend you take a before/after photo each month to monitor how your body is progressing. The results will spur you on to your ideal body.

Do you think it’s becoming more acceptable for guys to pay more attention to their underwear?
As a whole, yes. Just as guys are more aware now of what they’re wearing generally, underwear is a part of that. With things like LCM which is a great platform to showcase designers, it’s becoming a lot more acceptable for guys to focus on their appearance and be interested in this kind of thing. There’s a lot more coverage in the media now about men’s clothing so it simplifies it all.

Why should guys invest in a good pair of pants?
It’s all part of the outfit. Every guy has a favourite pair of underwear. It’s just as important to find a good comfort and fit as it is with most clothes. Especially now with items like skinny trousers, you need the right pair of underwear so you don’t see a big brief line through them.

How does this collection from M&S stand apart from what’s already out there?
It’s the best of what everyone else has done. But at a reasonable, affordable price. This is a range that covers everything. We have the briefs with a signature houndstooth print that features on the packaging and internal linings as well – we wanted to portray the British heritage with a contemporary twist. The package – excuse the pun – was really important too. We worked really hard on it and I don’t think there’s much else out there that looks similar. So really we looked at brands for inspiration like Derek Rose which has a rather expensive, premium feel. Obviously there’s also the David Beckham for H&M which is a great range. Then there’s also D&G. Overall, this range is all about fit and comfort.

Who do you think the collection is aimed towards?
Everyone! Older guys would like the briefs and the classic woven boxers. Admittedly, these are also a kind of ‘girlfriend trunk’ – the type your girlfriend would lounge around in. Girls in guys’ underwear has that kind of relaxed, really sexy look. The trunk is the biggest seller and the hipster is kind of a new thing, a happy medium between the two. So you see it covers quite a wide spectrum.

How does it feel to be a part of the new men’s collection?
Extremely proud. I’ve been working with M&S for many many years and they’re great, they take really good care of me! I’ve always wanted to do this with a British brand and releasing the collection in London was also really important to me as it’s my favourite place to be. But M&S backed me the whole way from design to release, they’re such a great brand.

In terms of guys looking good in their underwear, what hair removal products would you recommend?
I’m quite lucky in that I don’t have to do much but I guess I would use electrolysis or waxing, something more permanent.

What other products do you always have in your wash-bag?
Aveda and Kiehl’s hair products are great. Moisturiser, and Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue. Toothpaste too!

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