Friday, August 22, 2014

David Gandy talks with 10 Magazine (Autumn Issue)

Model and LC:M Ambassador

Ph. Maria Ziegelboeck 

With his undeniable pin-up status Gandy has been looking great in little more than his pants for years, and is doing just as much of a stand-up job in his newer role of LC:M ambassador. He’s certainly as well dressed as any top editor during his duties.
10: What are you wearing?
DG: The suit is a collaboration between myself and Neil Fennell. Shirt is M&S and tie is Tom Ford.

10: How about what’s not visible?
DG: The briefs are actually my own. I have my own underwear line coming out with M&S and on the day of my portrait I was testing the final designs for comfort and fit. For my hair I use Aveda products.

10: What’s your greatest luxury/extravagance?
DG: Cars and watches. I’m having a 1960 Mercedes 190SL fully renovated at the moment.

10: Are you a carry-on or excess-baggage kind of man?
DG: After 13 years of 80+ flights a year for work, I’d say I could be classed as a professional packer. So I’m a carry-on person.

10: What’s your biggest sartorial turn-on?
DG: Just a great cut/tailored suit. After years of working with some great Savile Row tailors, I can really see now who has the best suits and knows their stuff.

10: How do you dress to impress?
DG: A lot of time it’s about just trying to be an individual and to stand out from the crown a little.

10: What’s your hangover/out-for-a-pint-of-milk look?
DG: Jeans, David Preston Chelsea boots, T-shirt and sunglasses or cap, and Barbour jacket if it’s raining.

10: Are you, or have ever been, part of a scene?
DG: I hope not.

10: What do you love about menswear today?
DG: Menswear is probably the most exciting area of fashion to be part of right now. So we are seeing more designers, more variety, more choice and more acceptance for men to actually take pride in their appearance.

10: What’s missing from menswear today?
DG: I think we have to make it more tangible and engage the man outside of the fashion industry.

10: Are you part of the zeitgeist?
DG: My ambition in fashion was always to influence, to change, to make a difference. Wheter I’ve achieved that I couldn’t say.

10: What’s your earliest memory/concept of style?
DG: Cars were my first memory of what I knew I liked, or didn’t like, style wise – the shape, the design, the concept.

10: Who’s your ultimate style icon?
DG: Lapo Elkann.

10: The true measure of a man is… ?
DG: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy – Martin Luther King, Jr.”



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