Saturday, August 16, 2014

David Gandy chats with Spanish magazine 'Yo Dona'

This is a man. Just like that,no adjectives needed. A dark-skinned man from London, with blue eyes and at a height of 6`2’’. Besides being the most in demand male model, he travels around the world as ‘brand ambassador’ of Johnny Walker’s Blue Label, defending that you can be ‘classic, elegant and able to change the rules of the game’

By Salvador Pulido. 

YH: What is a classic?
DG:Something unique,something that has been able to become to turn itself into an icon or change its era.

YH: And a modern luxury?
DG: In my case,time. With my schedule, to get an afternoon or a day off is a reason to party.

Ph. Matias Uris

YH: Are you proof that the metrosexual male is out to date?
DG: I don’t think so. I have a very masculine profile, that's true. My references can be Paul Newman or Steve McQueen, but many guys consider David Beckham as their reference. And I am fine with that. It's two different ways of understanding the aesthetic which are equally respectable.

YH: is to earn money the only motivation to work sometimes?
DG: It is what moves the world, but I can say I didn’t do something that I didn’t believe in.

YH: Do you consider London home even though you are travelling constantly, I suppose you have a house there…
DG: I am restoring it just now, a 19th century Victorian townhouse. It is my main entertainment, I don’t want anyone to m take that labor from me.

YH: Beatles or Stones?
DH: Both. Now I am listening Demian Rice a lot. What I don’t do is go to concerts, I don’t like crowds much. The only concert I’ve been in all my life was Tony Bennett's.

YH: Have you been to Spain?
DG: My sister and my nephews live in Málaga and I come to visit them a lot. Furthermore, I have worked quite a bit here but I barely know Madrid and Barcelona.

YH: You are a great animal defender, ¿are the Spanish people a barbarian in this chapter?
DG: We don’t kill bulls in Great Britain but there are atrocities too. I never get tired of signing petitions defending abandoned dogs. 

YH: In which place of the world we could find you taking sunbaths in pants like the famous D&G advertisement?
DG: Complicated. I am not a person of sun and beach tourism, I prefer destinations where you can see and do things like África and Alaska. My family instilled that a trip is the best way to learn.

YH: Tell me a literary phrase what you would like to be describe for.
DG: “Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice”
(100 Years of Solitude By Gabriel García Márquez)

Source: Yo Dona


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