Thursday, July 31, 2014

Five unlikely epic drives

Before catwalks beckoned, British model and motoring enthusiast David Gandy worked for Auto Express magazine, delivering Porsches and Jaguars to the track for testing. Nowadays, between photo shoots, he reviews cars for British GQ, works as a Jaguar brand ambassador and races cars. He shares his ultimate road trips, from Uganda to Loch Ness, with motoring journalist Jason Barlow 

Ph. Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca (GQ Style Brazil)

 A82, Loch Lomond to Loch Ness, Scotland

I drove this road last Christmas. It’s easy to forget just how spectacular Scottish scenery is. The weather was temperamental but added to the drama, with the mist rolling in over the lochs. I like the long, sweeping roads, with clear sight lines – you can get into a wonderful rhythm.

Car of choice: Jaguar F-type

Rome to Brescia, Italy

Last year I co-drove this leg of the famous Mille Miglia road race with Yasmin Le Bon in a 1950’s Jaguar. This event couldn’t exist anywhere other than Italy. It’s utter madness at times, but as much about the passion of the locals as anything else. The weather was terrible on the first day, but there were hundreds of people lining the route, still cheering after midnight.

Car of choice: Jaguar XK120

Nürburgring, Germany

For petrolheads, this is probably the most famous road in the world, and the most challenging. The Nordschleife circuit is 13 miles long, has more than 70 corners and winds through the Eifel mountains. It has a fearsome reputation. Trying to navigate your way round this place is a real challenge, but in the right car and on the right day, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Car of choice: Porsche Cayman S

Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

This road is so named for a good reason: the journey should take a day but may take three or more. We took this route on a family holiday to Uganda tracking gorillas – we saw them through the mist when the sun came up. As kids, we were forever being bundled into the car to head off somewhere in Europe. It’s probably why I love road trips to this day.

Car of choice: Toyota Land Cruiser – not the most comfortable vehicle, but indestructible

A131 from Sudbury to Castle Hedingham

This is on the Essex-Suffolk border. As my parents live in the area, I know every millimetre and surface change on this stretch. When you have a relationship like that with a road, it really helps you appreciate a car that has been developed and set up properly. I drove it recently in a Nissan GTR (pictured), which is a car with an enormous reputation but one I’d never really understood before. After driving it along here, on a very wet day, I got it. It’s a hell of a machine.

Car of choice: Nissan GT-R


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

David Gandy covers Saville Row Style Magazine (July 2014)


 Savile Row is a much more friendly, welcoming place than in the days of yore. Up until middle of the 1990s, unless you were brought by your father, almost as a rite of passage, or came recommended by an existing customer, many houses were decidedly sniffy about accepting just any old customer who came through their doors. Now, they have opened up no end, attracting a wide variety of customers. Here a disparate group reveal their views on the Row.

Girls the world over would undoubtedly say that Mr. David Gandy is a very nice man, and indeed he is. As the male celebrity of the moment, feted and photographed wherever he goes, seen at all the best parties and in all the gossip pages, it might be expected that the had become just a touch removed, a little precious, but not a bit of it.

He managed to cause no little excitement in Savile Row recently, when being fitted for his latest suit at Henry Poole. Posing outside the tailor’s beside a rather special 1952 C-Type Jaguar sports car, he even had some other tailors, noted for being singularly unimpressed by celebrities, coming out to catch a snap of him – though admittedly, the Jag might have been the main attraction for some male passers-by.

He is that rarity – a hit with the ladies and yet very much a man’s man, a good bloke. And even rarer in the modelling world, he has the sort of physique usually associated with a boxer, broad shouldered and narrow hipped, a muscular figure that makes the stick insect shapes of other young male models look as hapless as their female counterparts. 

The Poole suit, still at the fitting stage, showed this off to advantage. The bespoke cut fits the shoulders naturally, then the jacket whittles to his enviably trim waistline, with a Norfolk pleat back giving freedom of movement for his muscular top. Ready-to-wear would never do such justice.

It was being fitted in time to be worn at the Goodwood members’ meeting this Spring, which he was attending with Simon Cundey of Poole, both passionate about cars. 

"I have lots of Savile Row suits," Gandy volunteered. "I just love the feel of them and the way they look. I am very supportive of British craftsmanship and believe it deserves more honour in its own country. Rather than letting foreign investors take over our top British firms, there should be more investment here. It makes economic sense."

In one of this many sidelines, he has written fulsomely on this theme, most recently in a Daily Telegraph article that attracted a high response. He also makes the point that British consumers can do their bit.

"Not just in clothes but in other areas, consumers can help British businesses and support traditional crafts like Savile Row simply by buying British."

He has been a customer at Henry Poole for two and half years, and likes a certain fairly traditional style. For this latest outfit, he chose a cloth from the new Hardy Minnis range, in the Worsted Alsport collection, designed especially for town and country wear. 

Since winning a modelling competition on TV in 2001, Gandy has modelled for all kinds of top international brands. But he sent a million female hearts a flutter when he appeared in the memorable Dolce & Gabbana campaign in 2007, modelling underwear, and since then has chalked up a raft of industry awards, magazine covers, fashion projects and writing assignments, and managed to find time to support various good causes. 

One of these is as patron and foster carer for the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. "I’d love to have a dog but it just hasn’t been right up till now, with all the travelling I’ve been doing. But I’ve not got a nice old Victorian house with a garden, and the dog I’m fostering at present is so special, the time may just be right…"

David Gandy’s suit is in a brown herringbone with a double brown window check, a 12 oz weight, with the jacket showing Norfolk-style shooting pleats at the back to allow him ease of movement when driving.

Magazine website:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Last years BDCH auction winner enjoyed a one-on-one dogwalk with David Gandy

Lisa Rosenberger, winner of the last years BDCH auction in support of the Battersea Collars & Coats Gala Ball, enjoyed a one-on-one dogwalk with Battersea Ambassador and model David Gandy.

David Gandy, the world’s most in-demand male model, joined Lisa Rosenberger at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Center in London last Monday, July 21st to make this long awaited dog walk come true.

Gandy, a well know dog lover, walked a beautiful Staffie named Maisie and Lisa a delightful mutt named Fragel across Battersea Park on a warm morning in London. In addition to the walk, Lisa also enjoyed a guided tour of the new kennels that are still under construction, 56 new individual kennels with dedicated sleeping, eating and play areas, complete with under-floor heating and outdoor exercise pens.

The auction was held last november and helped raise money and awareness about the daily work at the Battersea's centers in London, Berkshire and Kent, looking after 9000 animals each year, including nearly 6000 dogs and over 3000 cats. Lisa said about this award: "I waited nine months for this day. The last time I waited nine months for something, I gave birth to my son. But this time, it was a different kind of dream I was waiting for. This dream included a chance to help BDCH, two adorable dogs, a beautiful day in the park, one male super model and... me. But in the end, this dream was a reality."

In addition, we are glad to announce that Lisa will be a guest author at the end of next month on the blog and she will bring you the detailed story of her experience.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

David Gandy will be a contributor to The Classic Car Show

Jodie Kidd with David Gandy and his
1960 Mercedes-Benz 190SL
This vehicle was originally owned by R H Johnson, 
the founder of the Mercedes-Benz Club UK and it has been restored by Hilton & Moss
David Gandy has been announced alongside Bruno Senna, David Coulthard and Sir Stirling Moss as a contributor to prime-time global TV series capturing the passion, glamour, history and remarkable individuals in a multi-billion dollar world 'The Classic Car Show'
Other celebrity contributions will come from Tinie Tempah, Daisy Lowe, Graham Norton, Jessie J, Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon and Peter Jones.

Hitting screens in January 2015, the all new 13 x one-hour episodes will be hosted by international supermodel and racing driver, Jodie Kidd, and founding member of Top Gear and Britain’s most renowned classic car journalist, Quentin Willson.

The Classic Car Show is currently on location filming some of the world’s most prestigious and glamorous cars. Recent films include Jodie Kidd in a Jaguar XK120 at the Mille Miglia, Quentin Willson driving Keith Richards’ Ferrari 246 GT Dino on the French Riviera, Derek Bell in a Porsche 962 at Le Mans, a 1964 Brabham BT11 at the Monaco Historique and Bruno Senna putting 10 classics through their paces on the racetrack.

Globally distributed by Sony Pictures Television, The Classic Car Show is produced by Jim Wiseman and Stephanie Fox and will be formally launched at MIPCOM* in Cannes in October.

David Gandy, model and classic car enthusiast, commented:This is the car show I have always wanted. I think I was born in the wrong era – my style and the way I like to drive are far more suited to these classics.  You just don’t get that character and class with modern motors.

(min 3:02)


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kent And Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup

Today, David Gandy attended the Kent and Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup at Watership Down, Sydmonton Court Estate in Newbury, England.

David Gandy with Ella Toal-Ganger (L) & with Aaron Kwok (R)

David Gandy with David Au (R)
David Gandy with  Princess Tamara Czartoryski

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

David Gandy & Bianca Balti talks with Harper's Bazaar Russia (July 2014)

Thanks a lot to Elmira Pat from Makhachkala (Russia) for your kindness in getting this translation which gave us the opportunity to collaborate together one more time to bring to you a new interview. You are always so helpful to us and we greatly appreciate it!
And in addition, we want to send our kindest regards to all the members of  David Gandy Russian Fan Club!.


Two in a boat

The design duo Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce have an amazing ability to unite beautiful people under their wing. The long-term cooperation with Monica Bellucci is the eloquent proof. No less brightly this pattern can be seen in Light Blue campaign – this pattern can be seen just as brightly in the Light Blue campaign – a pair of Italian Bianca Balti and Englishman, the beauty has become almost perfect. This year, the models have become the faces of new versions of fragrance –.

Escape to Panarea for women and Discover Vulcano for men. And this was the reason for our meeting in Milan (Bianca’s home city) on the eve of the autumn display. 

Harper's Bazaar: I cannot help but ask: What helped you to cope with the task on the set? I mean, you are not actors but according the scenario you played a couple passionately in love on the boat swaying on the waves? 
David Gandy: We’ve never met before the shooting. I think I didn’t hear anything about Bianca before.
Bianca Balti: Seriously? And I've heard about you! Do you know what really helped us? The sense of humor. I think it always helps. You know, I lost balance and fell of that boat several times. We pulled together quickly and this is all due to David. He is a great professional and a real gentleman.

Bianca, and how would you describe the ideal man?
B.B.: He should be caring - I want to be sure that I can always and in everything rely on him. I always feel beautiful next to him.

HB.: David, what attracts you in women especially?
D.G.: Sense of humor is the one important point. And it’s always great when an incredibly attractive girl does not take herself and her appearance too seriously. 

HB.: If we compare the classic Light Blue and novelties Escape to Panarea and Discover Vulcano which would you prefer?
D.G.: I like it when girls wear fresh fragrance, so that the classic version is ideal. I myself often use The One.
B.B.: Escape to Panarea replaced the good old Light Blue on my table. Its sweet woody-musk new fragrance reflects my character. I'm Italian to the bone. Even my English has a characteristic accent.
D.G.: Good strong Italian woman.
B.B.: Yes, that’s the compliment that I would like to hear – a strong woman.

HB.: David and what is the best compliment for you?
D.G.: I am pleased to hear when they say I’m modest. 

HB.: What do you do to keep in shape?
B.B.: I do not stick to diets and do not deny myself any pizza or pasta. I was lucky with genes.
D.G.: I do exercises every day. The best place for it in London is Bodyism. I also like running along the Thames and I’m trying to eat healthy food. I would rather prefer fish to meat.

HB: Can you share a couple of secret addresses of your favorite beauty salons?
B.B.: You can get an awesome facial in Istituto San Celso in Milan, and the best masseur is Walter Zank
D.G.: I always get my hair done at Daniel Hersheson in London. Larry King never fails.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Selected 2014 Autumn/Winter Collection (I)

With his beloved London as the backdrop, David Gandy  once again fronts the new Selected early Autumn/Winter campaign, this time  alongside with model Chloe Bello. With this campaign we see very rich solid colors with two standouts, hunter green and midnight blue. We also see the line range from dress suits, to light weight and leather jackets, sweaters to T-shirts and jeans. 

Photophapher: Tomo Brejc 
 Director of Photography: Franklin Guerrero


Friday, July 11, 2014

David Gandy attended RBS ESSA Awards 2014

Yesterday, David Gandy attended RBS ESSA Gala Awards in the University of Exeter Enactus Society (The Louise Blouin Foundation) in West London. More than 300 students from more than 30 universities attended the awards, which were hosted by former Radio 1 controller Andy Parfitt and presented by the world’s leading male supermodel David Gandy, Britain’s first medalist at the Winter Olympics in snow sports Jenny Jones and Top Gear’s original Stig, Perry McCarthy.

The RBS ESSA (Enterprising Student Society Accreditation) is designed to recognise and reward the enterprising work being done by students who are members of societies and illustrate how everyday society activities such as marketing, driving new membership, managing accounts, hosting events and raising funds are demonstrations of entrepreneurship.

RBS ESSA judges David Gandy, Jenny Jones and Perry McCarthy (The Stig)

The Official PhysSoc Nottingham (@PhysSocNotts )
Imperial College's El Salvador Project building low-cost, sustainable and earthquake-resistant housing (@IC_ESP)
University of Bristol Boat Club received the RBS ESSA Award for being the most innovatice society in 2014

Source: & RBS ESSA's Official Facebook