Thursday, June 26, 2014

El Mundo Spanish Newspaper (June 2014)

David Gandy is featured in today's edition of spanish newspaper El Mundo, interviewed by Agustina Henrich Lagdrid.


He rubs shoulders with Gisele Bündchen on the cover of magazines and on the runways. At 34, this Englishman with gentlemanly ways is considered the best model in the world.

David is one of the 100 most influential men in England. He defines himself as a shy person, but carries the same initials of the ones that made his image in bathing suit a symbol of masculinity. Thanks to the fragrance by Dolce & Gabbana, he has become the star of an industry that has always been ruled by women. Besides being considered the best model in the world, he is also a writer, dog lover, and Jennifer Lopez new guy ... and he hates doing crunches. However, he shares his beauty secrets through his mobile applications. Here's David Gandy, a Briton who has stolen everyone's heart.

EM: How is your relationship with fame and popularity?
DG: I've always been very shy. For this reason, being in the public eye is not very natural to me. And though most photographers have always treated me with great respect, I try to keep my private life away from the cameras.

EM: We read a lot about your exercise routines, but how do you get those abs?
DG: Believe it or not, I work hard on my abs because they are my weakest area. But I confess it's not an area I like to exercise, I find it tedious.

EM: What is 'David Gandy Fitness'?
DG: It is a mobile application through which users can access my exercise routine. I've tried to make it varied and that it will suit both men and women.

EM: And in relation to food, what is it that you can not resist?
DG: Actually, I try to eat sensibly and as healthy as I can. Also if a person increases their metabolism enough, you can eat most things; but I stay away from processed or packaged foods, I can not help but enjoy the cakes, sweets and burgers, but in moderation!.

EM: In addition to the fitness app, you also have one on style...
DG: Yes, David Gandy Style Guide was born from a real demand. Many men would ask me about my style and asked me for tips and advice on how to dress. Men do not have sufficient information on styling at their fingertips; there are few magazines and websites where they can go to. So I try to bring to the users basic fashion rules for them, simplifying the things I've learned from my own work and, of course, thanks to the greatest artists and stylists worldwide.

EM: It is clear that you are into 'technology'. What is the 'gadget' that you can't live without?
DG: I don't go anywhere without my blackberry, but something I really love is the music player I have installed throughout my house that I can control from my iPod. I create a musical environment in the rooms to my liking.

EM: How would you describe the experience of recording a music video with Jennifer Lopez?
DG: It was really great. Working with her and director Anthony Mandler was a real honor for me.

EM: The image of you wearing the white pants in Tirreno for Dolce & Gabbana has been converted into an iconic image for the firm, including one of summer...
DG: Since 2006 I've been the image of Light Blue, the fragrance of the brand, and it's something I feel very proud of. The funny thing is that these are the only pictures I've done in a swimsuit. However, they are the images that people remember. It is assumed that I am the face of Dolce & Gabbana. As for as the white bathing suit, it is true that in recent times it has gained much popularity; it was transformed into a fashion icon, the it garment .

EM: Being accustomed to the London weather, few can relate to the sun and heat, has that hindered you channeling the 'beach boy' inside?
DG: No, it has not been a problem because I spend a lot of time in Italy and Spain. Also, possibly by the tone of my skin and dark hair I look more Italian than English, and the truth is that in Italy I feel at home. Must be that delicious Mediterranean climate.

EM: The place that David Gandy chooses to rest...
DG: Although I spend most of my time traveling, I have not had a vacation in two years! But when I take a few days I prefer to be more active, like skiing, a sport that I love. Another activity that I really like is trekking. On my last holiday I hiked in Uganda.

EM: What 'look' does your style app recommend for a 'beach party'?
DG: I think it depends a lot on each person and on the time of day that the event is. But it is always wise to wear good quality linen garments because it works perfectly for an event at the seaside or for a party at night. And, of course, a pair of designer shoes.

EM: The perfect woman is...
DG: Perfection is a woman who makes me laugh.

EM: And where would you take her for dinner?
DG: I would invite her to the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

EM: Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?
DG: In my personal life I hope to be settled with a family, but as far as my career it is impossible to get an idea. Things change very fast.

EM: You've conquered many fields. Writing, modeling, working with charities and acting. Anything else?
DG: I'm going to launch my own clothing line with Marks & Spencer, it's a project in which I have been involved, from the design sketches to production and packaging. I've been very anxious but I've enjoyed it too. And beyond that, I have many aspirations and ideas in mind, but that will have to wait.


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