Thursday, June 12, 2014

David Gandy and Bianca Balti for Gioia Magazine (June 2014)

The great duo, David Gandy & the Italian beauty Bianca Balti cover the June issue of Gioia Magazine. The pair appear in the latest installment of D & G's sexy Light Blue TV and print adverts. 
Photographed by Fabio Leidi, styled by Maria Giulia Riva and grooming by Noelia Corral.

BTS courtesy of Gioia Magazine IG
Grazie Mille to the wonderful ladies of David Gandy Italy (Facebook / Twitter) for these scans and for providing us the english translation of this short but personal interview.

Final english version revised by

The last gentleman

David Gandy, who has no children of his own, smiles at Bianca with a certain satisfaction. He's that dreamy guy in the white speedo that, in the well-known D&G’s advertisement, launches a raft in the middle of the sea of Capri, with his killer Mediterranean gaze. To evoke his hormonal charisma his shirt is open on his carved chest and the beige suit he is wearing is pressed tight over his abs. For the British model - whom they say is the highest paid, mostly has the title of the sexist man - style is not about what you wear or where you were born. He theorized this in the Telegraph, in a heartfelt article which complains of the risk of extinction of the everyday gentleman. Because the lovely thirty four year old graduated in marketing, in addition to posing in underwear, he writes, and is involved in charity work, and in his spare time he races vintage cars.

What happened to the gentlemen?
As I wrote, there are less and less: my grandfather, who was neither rich nor noble, was a gentleman. My father too. The achievement of a growing power by women has brought this genre to their knees, but it is certainly not your fault.

What is the female equivalent?
It is quite clear to me that mix of strength and gentleness which characterizes the ‘gentlewomen’, and when I cross it, it does not escape to me.

And what about beauty strikes you?
The beauty is only marginally physical. It is especially light, joy, vibrant energy, it is how to enjoy the little things. It is a mix of all of these things.

So beauty is accessible to everyone?
Only if it is associated with "sense of humor". I find pretty girls who take themselves too seriously extremely boring.

But no, I'm telling the truth, I, for example, it's necessary, but “being pleasant” is not an option. The ability to have good relationships is an absolute good in life.

You've worked with D&G for a long time, there is a saying that through the years, spending so much time together that people start resembling one another.
We have , in fact, we have very similar tastes, we are all workaholics, we work hard. Especially, there is among us something very important for me: we respect each other and others we work with. I think this is what has kept us together for so long.


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