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Date Night with David Gandy (Cosmopolitan UK)

 Date Night with David Gandy

 Model god David Gandy talks us through his perfect date...

Cosmo UK: Do you take ages to get ready for a date?
DG: No, I’m fairly low-maintenance. I’ll use bit of moisturizer and hair product – nothing too complicated. I make an effort with what I wear; a date is the time to dress up. I feel naked without my watch and fragrance – they’re both important. Definitely not trainers; they suggest you’re not taking it that seriously. Also, I don’t own any.

Cosmo UK: What do you think looks nice on a girl?
DG: I know nothing about women’s fashion; I’ll leave that to you. But… I don’t like ballet pumps. I know they’re comfortable but they’re not attractive. Let’s face it, heels are extremely sexy!

Cosmo UK: What’s your idea of a good date?
DG: Something different and active is fun. One of the best dates I’ve had was watching greyhound racing. We had a few drinks and put on some bets. It was really low-key, but we were shouting and winning a bit of money!
Cosmo UK: Do you like it if a girl asks you out?
DG: Yeah. Sometimes the best guys are the shy ones and they’re not going to ask you out. I’ve got girlfriends who say: ‘Why do I always pick bad guys?’ and it’s because they go for the extravagant, confident men who always approach them. They don’t realize they’re like that with every single woman. It’s the quiet, shy ones you should talk to. Sometimes you’ve got to take matters into your own hands; if you’re not in the game, you’re not going to score!

Cosmo UK: Can famous people use dating apps?
DG: I couldn’t, but a lot of friends have had success using them. If you go to a bar, the chances of meeting someone that night who has the same likes and sense of humour as you… well, it leaves a lot up to face. Online dating makes sense: you see their picture, you know if you’re attracted to them and whether you have the same interest. I have to go down the old-school route and I’m useless!

Cosmo UK: What would be a date no-no?
DG: I never have my phone out on a date as it’s polite to give someone your full attention. Obviously sometimes you have to use it, but we’ve all become a bit obsessed. It also takes a bit of magic away. I don’t tweet or use Instagram but if you date someone who does, you know where they are all the time. It’s the same with WhatsApp and Facebook – you know when they’ve been online and what they’re doing.

Cosmo UK: Big question: do we go dutch?
DG: I’m quite old-fashioned and believe men should cover the majority of it. I like a girl to offer but I would never let her pay. I’ve been out with girls who’ve said. ‘Let’s go for a coffee or an ice cream and I’ll get it,’ which is really sweet.

Cosmo UK: Would you like text afterwards?
DG: It depends who’s taken whom out. If you’ve taken the girl out then it’s nice if she texts saying thanks. But I don’t believe any of this ‘wait four days’ crap. If you like someone, tell them. But don’t look too eager – five minutes after could be a bit much!

5 things you need to know about dating David Gandy

1) He’ll notice your perfume
“I don’t like something too strong on a woman – I prefer light, citrusy scents. Dolce & Gabbanna Light Blue for women is very sexy and summery (it’s a mix of lavender and citrus). What’s great is that fragrances smell differently on different people – the way your pheromones mix can really change them. Saying that, I also love that fresh smell – when someone comes out the bath or shower – when they smell really clean and soapy. That’s lovely and that’s no fragrance whatsoever.”

2) If he’s having a bad date, he won’t fake an excuse
“I genuinely think honesty is always the best policy – I wouldn’t give an excuse and say, ‘My mates got an emergency’ or anything like that. If you’re not feeling it, or if it’s awkward and nothing is really happening, then chances are the other person is feeling that too. So you’re doing both of you a favour if you end it – it’s for the best.”

3) He’s happy to chat skincare with you
“On shoots, makeup artists try and use a lot of makeup on me, but I always ask for the bare minimum. Saying that, we all have to look after our skin. Because I fly a lot, I got recommended an organic rosehip oil by a makeup artist. It’s brilliant for dry skin, I use it all the time.”

4) He’ll probably take you somewhere low-key
“The last few times I’ve been ‘out with a mystery woman’ in the press, they were my best friends’ wives! I’ll often walk out of restaurants with friends or girlfriends of friends – and we’ve linked arms. Next thing you know, we’re ‘together’, or whatever. It can be difficult when people scrutinise who you’re with – so I don’t go to places that have a big profile. I go to small local restaurants that I love – I’d rather give my business to the local community anyway. You won’t find me at Nobu!”

5) He won’t wear trainers
“I never wear trainers. I ran the London Marathon last year and had to buy a pair just for that, but I’m not a fan – especially for a date. I like to make an effort if I’m going out with somebody. Of course, I’d never judge somebody on something like that but dates are the time to dress up and have a bit of fun – not turn up in your gym gear.”

Source: Cosmopolitan.co.uk


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