Thursday, May 29, 2014

David Gandy stars in JLo's new music video 'First Love'

 “I knew I had to leave the world behind me, to find out who I was. I knew that love would never search for me. I had to search for it. And I knew you were out there. I knew if I went far enough and left everything behind, I would find you."

First love, real love, true love…..the rush, the joy, the soul shattering beauty…could he be that love? Could he, with one smoldering look, make your heart beat quicken, take the breath from your body, leave you drowning with the force of the need to see him, touch him, be near him, be his only thought, his only desire? The scorching heat of the desert sun is nothing compared to the need for him. And then he’s there, riding out of the smoke in the distance. Your Angel, your weakness, your strength. He is your First Love…..

In his first music video, David Gandy appears with the beautiful Jennifer Lopez in a black and white tour de force of sensuality, igniting an already blistering desert setting with heart stopping love scenes. Filmed in the Mojave desert, the video, directed by heavyweight Anthony Mandler, is an homage to the iconic ‘90’s Herb Ritts videos. First Love is the current single from Ms. Lopez’s new album A.K.A. which will be released June 17th. In the video Ms. Lopez is seen wearing sexy swimsuits and sequined body gown paired with gold platform heels, a nod to the look of the legendary 60’s icon Brigitte Bardot. David is first seen riding a motorcycle in from the horizon, the smoke rising behind him. He is seen in a black leather jacket, white jeans and riding boots.

The perfect mixture of bad boy and Angel. 
 Giving you everything your heart desires. 
Your First Love.


Sneak Peaks into JLo's First Love video with David Gandy were shown in a two part segment between May27 & 28 on Entertainment Tonight.

Video recorded by Melissa Feijoo-Viro & uploaded by Lisa Rosenberger

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