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David Gandy for L'Officiel Hommes Turkey

David Gandy once again graces the cover of a L'Officiel Hommes magazine. This time for the Turkish June 2014 issue. In the past David has appeared on three L'Officiel Hommes editions, Greece in 2007, China in 2010 and Korea in 2012. David is photographed by Ram Shergill in very sharp black & white photographs and highly lit color pictures. Styled by Margherita Gardella, David is shown wearing an open black jacket and a heavy gold beaded one as well giving us a peak at his fit physique.

We would like to give a very special Thank You to Melek Nazenin from David Gandy Fans Australia (Twitter) and Iknur Sozuneri from Turkey for helping us with the translation of this lovely interview. Thank You for being so kind and helpful to us. We greatly appreciate it!

David Gandy - The Last Model

With his famous poses in the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume advertising campaign, not recognizing him the first time you see him is nearly impossible. Almost 10 years have passed and although he no longer walks around in his white swimwear, we spend 15 short minutes with British model David Gandy, after a long fashion photo shoot.

The name on his ID card is David James Gandy. Let's say that name sounds foreign. But what if we tell you that he posed for the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume in front of the cameras once upon a time? If you have not spent the last 10 years in a cave then you’ll actually know him very well as a two dimensional figure. In this century we live in, he is the highest earning male model in the fashion industry and has other qualities which you’ll become familiar with besides photo shoots. His interest in cars, for example.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: If I'm not mistaken, you studied marketing at University. If we look at your position in the fashion industry and between male models, you probably saw the benefits of your studies in managing your brand.
David Gandy:Actually it is not so. I attained university education in computing and multimedia. Although these subjects were the most enjoyable ones marketing was only a small part of this education. At University, I learnt that I should not have gone to University. But yes, in 2006, after the much-ballyhooed Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue campaign, like many female models managed, we start to consider our choices more carefully and determine a number of strategies to exist in this job. As a result, this was new thing for male models.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: You travel a lot with your job. Today, we are altogether in London, tomorrow you will be in Los Angeles with a different team. But since you’re always travelling as if it’s a hobby in your young age, I guess there’s nothing to complain about.
David Gandy: My family taught me the world by travelling.I travelled all around the world with them. I learned different cultures, religions and met people. To me now, travelling means working.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: If someone wants to get away from everything where can they find a place to go and relax?
David Gandy: For me, the answer is Africa. Africa is the only place where I can get away from everything. Also when driving a car and racing, I feel I’m alone and away from the world. It is just me and that car.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: Your interest in cars is a different topic. Which cars are in your garage? I'm sure that all the men reading this interview are wondering about this. Being a woman, maybe you can enlighten me to understand the relationship between men and cars.
David Gandy: Honestly, I'm not really sure that it is true for every man. No one in my family has a passion for cars. I don't know where the passion has come from but I’ve been into cars from my earlier age. In my garage, apart from a few Jaguars I have a 1960 model 190SL Mercedes-Benz which is currently at the stage of being repaired (restored). In time, I hope my collection will grow. I support and follow Jaguar very closely as it is a British brand.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: Where is this house with the garage?
David Gandy: I lived in London since I was born

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: Can you tell us about your new house?
David Gandy:It is a recently renovated Victorian-style home. I decorated the entire place, the interior inspired by British style and culture and Savile Row.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: What do you love the most about living in London?
David Gandy: If it’s up to me, the beauty of London is that it's a big city which offers you a lot of different forms of beauty in every corner. There is so much history in this city. Although I have lived here my whole life, there are new places that I have just discovered that I did not know existed. I love the calmness of London. You can stay on your own in this city.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: Going back to fashion again, you created the David Gandy Style Guide application 3 years ago. What do you think about how mens’ understanding of apparel has evolved since the previous century?
David Gandy: To do this, I think we need to sit down for a long while and write a book, but in the last few years, it is evident that there are definitely men around the world who are increasingly interested in fashion and how they look.. As a result of this, the mens’ clothing industry has made a major breakthrough and is currently contributing an average of 10 billion pounds annually to the British economy which should not be underestimated.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: As the creator of this application, what style suggestions do you have for the readers of L' Officiel Hommes?
David Gandy: Try to create your own style. Everyone is talking about a number of the trends and that you need to follow these. I do not believe it. People create trends, not follow.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: What would be the next move of the fashion industry's most sought-after male model? Like many of your colleagues, will you try acting?
David Gandy: If the right project comes along, why not? However due to my intense schedule between modelling, writing and charity work I can’t say I have time right now for other things

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: Is the reason really the lack of time or that you don’t want to put yourself at risk in another sector after being successful in the fashion industry for so long?
David Gandy: Maybe a little bit. But I like exploring things outside of what I’m sure of. At the beginning, fashion was frightening for me. If something frightens you, then it gives you excitement. Even if it is an idea, if something excites you, you should not fall into a situation where you would say, ”I wish I did that before”.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: Speaking of charity work, what activities do you do?
David Gandy: In 2013, in an effort to create funds for the Comic Relief Foundation, I started an organisation called the Blue Steel Appeal. At the same time, I am also the ambassador for the Battersea Dogs Home and Style for Soldiers. Other than these, I’m trying to do as much as I can for the smaller-sized foundations.

L'Officel Hommes Turkey: You work at an intense pace while performing the profession of modeling, and there is also social media and social responsibility projects ... Do you think one day, you’ll drop everything and to return to your birthplace of Billericay?
David Gandy: I’ll never return to Billericay. No. I love working, I love travelling. To me, life means working. The fashion industry together with my work in the industry is constantly renewing itself. I don’t think I will totally keep my hands off.


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