Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Juicy Questions For… David Gandy

Women's Health UK (June 2014)

The world’s most successful model has the strong silent act sorted – we had to practically wrestle answer for him. Sadly, it never got that far…

1/ So tell us, what’s your idea of the perfect date?
I’d invite you round to mine to share a bottle of wine and cook for you. Eating together is one of the best things about relationships. My signature dish is black cod.

2/ Sounds cosy. Would you say you’re romantic?
Definitely. But I can’t tell you what I’ve done to impress girls – a gentleman never tells. 

3/ We like a bit of mystery. How would we spend a romantic afternoon together?
I love dogs and often spend an afternoon taking the stray dogs from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home out for a walk. I’d love it if a girl wanted to do that.

4/ Okay, we’ll carry the s*** bag. What do you look for in a woman?
A good sense of humour. I call tell within the first minute if we’re on the same wavelength.

5/ So we wondered… do you still have those trunks, and do you wear then on the beach?
I do still have them, but oh, God, no!

Fast Talk:
  • Brains of beauty? Brains, every time.
  • Pet date hate… Being stood up – it has happened.
  • Your worst quality? I work to hard.
  • Daily mirror time... 20 minutes and I’m out the door.
  • Hardcore gym bunny or couch potato? Gym. It’s incredibly hard to stay in this shape.


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