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David Gandy stars in JLo's new music video 'First Love'

 “I knew I had to leave the world behind me, to find out who I was. I knew that love would never search for me. I had to search for it. And I knew you were out there. I knew if I went far enough and left everything behind, I would find you."

First love, real love, true love…..the rush, the joy, the soul shattering beauty…could he be that love? Could he, with one smoldering look, make your heart beat quicken, take the breath from your body, leave you drowning with the force of the need to see him, touch him, be near him, be his only thought, his only desire? The scorching heat of the desert sun is nothing compared to the need for him. And then he’s there, riding out of the smoke in the distance. Your Angel, your weakness, your strength. He is your First Love…..

In his first music video, David Gandy appears with the beautiful Jennifer Lopez in a black and white tour de force of sensuality, igniting an already blistering desert setting with heart stopping love scenes. Filmed in the Mojave desert, the video, directed by heavyweight Anthony Mandler, is an homage to the iconic ‘90’s Herb Ritts videos. First Love is the current single from Ms. Lopez’s new album A.K.A. which will be released June 17th. In the video Ms. Lopez is seen wearing sexy swimsuits and sequined body gown paired with gold platform heels, a nod to the look of the legendary 60’s icon Brigitte Bardot. David is first seen riding a motorcycle in from the horizon, the smoke rising behind him. He is seen in a black leather jacket, white jeans and riding boots.

The perfect mixture of bad boy and Angel. 
 Giving you everything your heart desires. 
Your First Love.


Sneak Peaks into JLo's First Love video with David Gandy were shown in a two part segment between May27 & 28 on Entertainment Tonight.

Video recorded by Melissa Feijoo-Viro & uploaded by Lisa Rosenberger

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David Gandy for August Man Malaysia (June 2014)

For the second month running, British model David Gandy covers the latest issue of August Man Malaysia (June 2014). Shot on location at Dream Downtown NYC by the renowed photographer Chiun-Kai Shih, we can take a look at some teasers of this edition where David embodies the return of elegance.

Creative Director: Melvin Chan
Grooming: Scott McMahan for Brooklyn Grooming
Photo Assistants: Alex Muccilli, Colin Simmons, Chris Lee
Fashion Assistants: Drew Van Diest, Leslie Padoll
Production Assistants: Esther Pang, Naomi Zhao
Producer: Clarissa Morales
Retouching: Skin Digital
Video: John Polquin, Alex Hill
Special thanks to: Brandon Reynolds and Sam Doerfler

Scans courtesy of August Man Malaysia's FB
Source: Senatus

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David Gandy talks with Elle Spain (June 2014)

We would like to give a very big Thanks to the ladies at David Gandy Fans Spain (@DGandyfansspain) for being so kind with us and helping us with the translation of this article. Thank you so much!!


Businessman, ‘deco friend’ and film producer. Far from the stereotype that the film 'Zoolander' film gives about models, the top who came from Essex has made his name as a rising brand.

Ten minutes. I take a look at the clock again. Five. Never have three hundred seconds felt so long. The countdown begins until one of the most handsome men on earth appears at the door of the suite at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid begins. Bip bip. An incoming whatsapp message. It’s the ELLE graphic editor. “Oh my God, what did I leave unfinished?” I ask myself. Nothing really. The message consists on a destabilizing close up of the man I am about to interview. Nervousness increases. No one prepares for the effect that David Gandy (Essex, England, 1980) produces. No one. With an unrivaled ease and English punctuality, he enters: 1,88m t high, completed with a deep blue look and a disarming smile.

"Hi, I’m David: you must be Claudia", he introduces himself with a strong handshake. He fits the classical ideal of beauty. Dark, features that seem taken from an alley in Naples or a Venetian gondola on the Grand Canal. "It’s my mother’s fault, she had a very Mediterranean appearance. From the looks of my face, I could be Southern: Italian, Greek or Spanish. But, no, I'm English, although I may have an appearance that is far from the typical British gentleman".

Despite his Latin profile, David was born and grew up in Billericay, a town at the northeast of London, which is identified by the rest of the country with the self-tanners and discreet wardrobe. However he has shown a passionate for tailoring and a model that, since chosen by Dolce & Gabbana back in 2006, almost exclusively, to represent the standard of the new standards of beauty, he has been able to pit himself as style icon "I never aspired to dedicate myself to this profession. A country boy, how could it be possible?! In fact, at high school, I wasn't paid much attention. My teammates bullied me for being plump and for talking in a way that seemed high class if compared to their cockney accent”. Listening to him, with a calm tone and marking the end of each syllable with perfection, one would think that he just came out of Eton boarding school. "My parents may not be rich, but they gave importance to education and the correct pronunciation".  His speech hypnotizes.

Suddenly, he shows himself as a melancholic lover in full abandonment; on the other hand, he might be a scoundrel that with one look could convince you to rob a bank. "Maybe, the way I was prejudged when i was a teenager, it's the reason why I want to end the elitist image we have about fashion and bring it closer to the everyday. Before, when a man cared for his physique, it had a gay connotation, but now it is common. David Beckham, Jude Law or me, have shown it is so" he affirms strongly. Gandy, who became a model by coincidence was studying Multimedia Marketing at the University of Gloucestershire, his flat mates entered him in a contest without him knowing and he won. "I didn't fit the "mold" when I arrived in this industry. All models were androgynous and designers' clothes did not fit me". His beginnings were 'normal'. He was in some catalogs and campaigns, including one with Paul Smith, but he aspired to something more iconic as female supermodels did. "They were my inspiration. Although men's collections were becoming increasingly important, the fact is that no one was known. They said, 'Look, the hunk of Dior or Chanel', but a name never stuck out. I wanted to be like Lucky Vanous, the "worker" of the 90's Coca-Cola Light ad, or Nick Kamen, the guy who took off his Levi's in the laundry room in the 80s. I grew up thinking they were the coolest guys on the planet. I wanted to make an iconic ad like that. "And then Light Blue came, the Dolce & Gabbana ad. David, Anna (Jagodzinska), Capri, the sea, a boat adrift two tight white swimsuits and summer heat, gave the way to its success. The snowball started to roll. "One of my mantras is: "There is no luck, there's only a well prepared person waiting for an opportunity".

"And mine was just that” Since then, he has known how to squeeze out the success out of a campaign directed by Mario Testino in 2007 and its two later versions, to become one of the few men who can compete with his female colleagues in economic terms and popularity. "The ultimate goal is to sell. And me, as a model, I sell myself. The key is knowing how: becoming your own brand and working on its development. Our reason for being is ephemeral, it lasts as much as it lasts. The model who believes to be eternal, no matter how great he may be, is ridiculous. Being on the catwalk is not neurosurgery, but you have to professionalize and go further." One of the secrets to achieve this is not to say yes to everything. "I say no to a lot of work and I am very careful with what I do. It is always way more important what you reject than what you accept. It´s a very strategic thing." He possesses a body made for sin, but he has mind made for business."You can not rest on our laurels, time passes and we must seize the opportunity." He stops, looks at me and suddenly says: "Do you know how I notice the passage of time? Because I use moisturizing cream..Anti-aging!". And bursts out laughing. In addition to his positioning in fashion, David has released his own mobile app, David Gandy Style Guide for Men, which answers style questions for thousands of his followers, and another one about fitness. "The most successful section is the one which helps to weigh loss and improves muscle definition".

This ability to be constantly changing, to change the rules of the game, is what attracted Johnnie Walker to name him as their ambassador to their Blue Label whisky.
"I like working with premium brands and Johnnie Walker is one of the greatest ones. I will confess that I've always liked whiskey; even more after seeing Don Draper drinking it in every episode of Mad Men. Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong era. If I could travel in time, it would be one more of the Rat Pack. I see myself sitting between Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin holding an Old Fashioned cocktail." Apart from strengthening his image with multiple products, Gandy has gone beyond the fringes of photography and he does hesitate about crossing over into acting. “It is true that I have received several scripts, like 300: Dawn of an Empire and Spartacus. People see you posing in white shorts and think you'll be in your underwear the rest of your life ". Instead, he prefers to invest in films, like he did by helping John Cusack with Defense Code, because he liked the script and loves John's acting. However, his life is not all about business. He runs an organization for children at risk of exclusion, which has been called Blue Steel, the name of the look made famous by Ben Stiller in the movie Zoolander. "I've heard so many jokes about Zoolander that I took it with much humor and as a tribute, I named my foundation Blue Steel Appeal". When not busy with professional affairs, he's lurking in the antiquities market at Sunbury (Kempton). "I'm a passionate about industrial furniture, I am even considering to release a line of decoration. Even more now that I'm remodeling a Victorian house in Fulham and restoring a Mercedes Benz 190SL 60. I'll take you for a ride ... "


1. A Night out. Where a glamorous soiree or a charity event is held, you will see him wearing a perfectly tailored suit, with celebrities like Blake Lively. He is the perfect host.

2. Gym 2.0. In his app David Gandy & Fitness Training, he gives the guidelines for achieving a body like his. "One Friday you'll see me doing cardio rather than going to a club."

3.Petrol head. With a license to drive race cars, and a regular in the Mille Miglia, he still remembers his first car when he was 17 years old, a Ford Fiesta 1.1 Ghia 1988. "The beast" for him. "You had to give a hard smack on the door to lower the windows."

4. Sensorial journey. He is an ambassador to the best selection of whiskey that Johnnie Walker stocks: Blue Label. Only one among ten thousand barrels has the excellence to be bottled.

5. Style lessons. His debut on the catwalk was "through the main gate", with the Dolce & Gabbana spring-summer collection 2006. After that, he and the designers are inseparable.

6. Front Row. It's not often we see him on the catwalk anymore, but more sitting in the front row wearing one of his English Savile Row suits. In addition, the British Fashion Council has chosen him as their ambassador during its menswear week.

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David Gandy teams up with Jennifer Lopez for her new 'First Love' Video

David Gandy, the man of the deep blue eyes, is set to make his music video debut playing Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend for her new single First Love, the second from her album A.K.A.

In this first peek of the video we can see Jennifer Lopez in a passionate embrace with supermodel David Gandy within a steamy love scene, promising a real sizzler video. "The chemistry between Jennifer and David was amazing. There were definite sparks between them and the video is going to be one of her steamiest yet."

Mother-of-two Lopez revealed in an radio interview earlier this month with Elvis Duran that she had a 'great time' working with Gandy on the video, which was shot by famed photographer Anthony Mandler. “He’s a great guy and we had such a great time making the video. He may have been shirtless occasionally, but for the most part he had clothes on!”
Shot in the California earlier this month, despite of less-than-glamorous conditions David recalls: "We shot in the desert outside LA expecting it to be really hot but the weather turned. The winds were incredibly strong and created almost sand storm like conditions, so it turned out to be freezing making the filming conditions a bit challenging. The crew were in protective goggles, hats and scarves and we were facing the elements, sometimes in minimal clothing - but the atmosphere on set was great and we all had a lot of fun"

While the video won't be unveiled till later this month, the British model said about the video: "I can't be too specific about the video at this point as it's not out yet, but I play her love interest." "I've been asked if I'd take part in music videos before and I've always said no, but I jumped at the chance of working with a music icon such as Jennifer. It would be great fun and an experience which is a little bit different to the things that I’ve done before,” explained Gandy. “The treatment included a lot of iconic fashion references and the director, Anthony Mandler is very well respected having worked with artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, so it was an exciting opportunity.”

A million miles from the calm waters of Light Blue, then - but equally as much of a must-watch by the sounds of it starting on 17 June this year.


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David Gandy for GQ Style Brazil (Winter 2014)

Classic Gentleman

David Gandy and photographer Arnaldo Anaya-Luca team up once again to bring us an extraordinary editorial on classic British styling for the latest GQ Style Brazil Winter 2014. Inside this edition David exudes old Hollywood style alongside British tailoring. Arnaldo captures David in suits by Richard Anderson, Gieves & Hawkes, Anderson & Sheppard a leather Belfast jacket and an impeccable suit designed by David and Fennel.



The world's most famous male model, David Gandy, honors the British tradition with his brand

By Maria Luísa Cavalcanti. Ph: Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca. Styled by Paul Mather

It's a rainy and cold spring Sunday in London. I arrive at David Gandy's house for this interview and I find the world's most famous model reviewing photos that have just been shot for this exclusive session of GQ Style. Barefoot, wearing jeans without a belt and a light blue shirt with folded cuffs, he's looking at photographer Arnaldo Anaya Lucca's laptop and giving his views on each image. With the comfort of those who have been working together for years and achieving success with magazine covers and advertising campaigns in several countries, they discuss whether the photographs were capable of capturing the aura of classic Hollywood movies that both of them wanted to convey.

"Classic", in truth, is one of Gandy's favorite words. This is how he describes the cars he drives, the looks he wears and the pieces that decorate his newly renovated home. He is also the man who models for brands he collaborates with: Dolce & Gabbana, Massimo Dutti, Lucky Brand, Jaguar and Johnnie Walker, to name a few.
"I often say that I have an old soul. My grandfather was a typical example of the British gentleman, and my father is like that. Males with a style but without ostentation, discrete but leave a footprint, generous with others but without sacrificing their principles. I was brought up that way and I am honored if someone says I'm a gentleman,"he says.

To compose his style, his wardrobe - is actually one of five sections in the new house - ranges from smooth American Apparel shirts to tailored suits from Savile Row, the street in London where his favorite shops are located. Famous for having the best tailors in the world such as Henry Poole and Richard James. Luxury brands such as Tom Ford and Paul Smith also have room in the model's style, as do other retail brands like Marks & Spencer and Hackett. Parked outside is the Jaguar F -Type V6 Gandy bought a year ago to replace a Jaguar XKR- S, which he comments that he misses. A 1960's Mercedes 190SL is being restored and will occupy a special place in his garage. The 1860's Victorian home is decorated with dark wood furniture and woven wool plaid or tweed by the Scottish brand Holland & Sherry and is dotted with antique objects, "I think I'm a man that other men can identify with. I like classic cars, classic watches, sports, beautiful women ... and I have a voice . My opinion is respected. Something that men appreciate," he says. Empathy with the male audience not only provides advertising contracts but makes Gandy one of the top paid models in the world - $ 1.4 million in 2013, according to Forbes magazine, his name appears frequently in the top of the lists of the best dressed, the most influential and the most sexy. In 2012, at the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games in London, he was the only man to participate in a tribute to British fashion with English top models including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

He is currently an ambassador for London Collection: Men, a series of men's fashion shows preceding London Fashion Week. He has a column in the Fashion & Style section of The Daily Telegraph and a blog for British Vogue, as well as testing cars for the British edition of GQ. He's been at the wheel of objects of desire like the Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe and a Caterham Supersport. Two years ago he received his racing license and last year debuted in the legendary Mille Miglia Italian Race with a Jaguar XK120, 1950, with co-pilot the veteran model Yasmin Le Bon. "I do not know where it comes from my passion for cars, because my family never cared much," he reveals.

Quite a list, not bad for someone who came to the fashion world by accident. In 2001, at 21, Gandy studying computing and multimedia marketing when his flat mates sent his photo to a competition on the program This Morning, a morning variety show on ITV. He was chosen as a winner and awarded a contract with the agency Select, one of leading agencies in Britain which still represents the model.

Fame, however, came only after five years of modeling for a long list of catalogs, at the same time trying to book shows and ad campaigns with major brands without much success. In the early years of the new millennium the androgynous look was all the rage and the major guys were thin, light-skinned and were more effeminate. "They told me I did not have a good body to be a model, which was very muscular," he recalls. "My life was comfortable and I earned well doing the catalogs, but I knew that the great creative minds in the industry were not there, and that bored me."

I was about to give up on my career when, in 2006, there came a great opportunity at a party of a mutual friend, I was introduced to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who were looking for someone to launch the men's fragrance Light Blue. Gandy was immediately hired to be the "Italian" athlete in a white speedo diving into the sea of ​​Capri to embrace his stunning love at the end, in the dazzling fragrance's advertisement. One of the images made by Mario Testino became a giant 15-meter poster in Times Square and the video exceeded 11 million views online.With this ad was born the world's first male supermodel and a new look in men's fashion. "I think we brought back the healthy, muscular man who is not afraid of being vain," he defines.

Gandy became one of the faces of Dolce & Gabbana. For the brand, he posed next to divas like Scarlett Johansson and Gisele Bündchen. With the Brazilian, however, it seems that things did not go quite right. In 2012, in an interview with The Daily Mail, the model said the two argued a lot and they did not like working together. These statements were spread across the world - including in Brazil - but today he has nothing but praise for the top. "She is at the top and deserves it," he says.

Constantly pursued, David Gandy is adamant when it comes to his personal life: "I do not talk about that." In the puzzle that is Google, you may find that his last girlfriends were singer Mollie King, with whom he spent ten months with and actress Samantha Barks, which he was with for five months. Even without going into details, he confesses that his schedule makes relationships complicated. "If I ever find a woman who understands that, I can relax and have a family," he admits. "But first I have a lot to do. I want to have enough for the family to have a comfortable life. I want to continue my charity projects. I want to travel the world more. The worst thing is for someone to regret not doing something you always wanted."

When not working, Gandy enjoys the gym, watching rugby or cricket, going to a pub with friends or just being with his parents, who live in the countyside of Essex, east of London. When he can, he visits his nephews, sons of his only sister, who lives in Spain. On his most recent vacation, he went on safari in Botswana and walked the paths of gorillas in Uganda. "While everyone is going to Ibiza for the bakalao music, I personally like to travel to more remote locations. It was something I learned to enjoy traveling with my parents during childhood,"he says. At age 34 , the model feels strongly about the survival of the profession, with the arrival of athletes and actors in the fashion world :"Some are really elegant and add value to the campaigns as Jude Law, George Clooney David Beckham. But I'd rather see big brands valuing more professional models . There's talent out there, many men are incredibly attractive .But I think some can be placed on the agents."

Gandy says he wants to spend more and more time behind the camera, with charitable projects or new business ideas - maybe a brand or collaborating with a great brand.
Recently, he has invested his own money on two smartphone applications: one with his fitness routines and one is a guide for men on how to dress. He also has two assistants to update his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. "International models know how to take advantage of a brand that is created around their names. And it's a bit what I'm trying to do with mine too: create a brand and sell my lifestyle,"he concludes.

Source: David Gandy's Official IG / Facebook

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5 Juicy Questions For… David Gandy

Women's Health UK (June 2014)

The world’s most successful model has the strong silent act sorted – we had to practically wrestle answer for him. Sadly, it never got that far…

1/ So tell us, what’s your idea of the perfect date?
I’d invite you round to mine to share a bottle of wine and cook for you. Eating together is one of the best things about relationships. My signature dish is black cod.

2/ Sounds cosy. Would you say you’re romantic?
Definitely. But I can’t tell you what I’ve done to impress girls – a gentleman never tells. 

3/ We like a bit of mystery. How would we spend a romantic afternoon together?
I love dogs and often spend an afternoon taking the stray dogs from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home out for a walk. I’d love it if a girl wanted to do that.

4/ Okay, we’ll carry the s*** bag. What do you look for in a woman?
A good sense of humour. I call tell within the first minute if we’re on the same wavelength.

5/ So we wondered… do you still have those trunks, and do you wear then on the beach?
I do still have them, but oh, God, no!

Fast Talk:
  • Brains of beauty? Brains, every time.
  • Pet date hate… Being stood up – it has happened.
  • Your worst quality? I work to hard.
  • Daily mirror time... 20 minutes and I’m out the door.
  • Hardcore gym bunny or couch potato? Gym. It’s incredibly hard to stay in this shape.

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David Gandy: The real gentleman (

Mario Testino said of him: "He radiates health, comfort, refinement and incredible positivity. It is his appearance, his aura, something in his eyes". Among the most successful models present a true international icon of men's style. When the brand Dolce & Gabbana  chose him as the face of its perfume, no one knew what a revolution in the fashion industry it would start. It was him and his looks, what influenced the evolution of fashion and style in the coming years.He collaborates with the major fashion houses of the world, but at the same time he has worked for the ready-made chains such as Zara and Marks & Spencer. David Gandy spoke with  Menstyle, which is the first Czech conversation with him, he proved that he is a real gentleman.
David Gandy at LC:M 2013 by Conor Clinch

David Gandy: The real gentleman
We would like to give a huge Thank You to Jirka Hofbauer the editor of for sharing the English translations of this wonderful interview with us. Mr. Hofbauer we greatly appreciate your kindness.

Text and edition by George Hofbauer , Petra Kinclová & Michal Novák

Many men bring your photo where you wear a checked suit to tailor and say: I want the same suit as David Gandy. Do you like that fact that you are not just male model but also a fashion and style icon?

I have always been into design. Be it cars, art, architecture and that translates into fashion. That's why the likes of Ralph Lauren, Armani even French Connection just don't stick to fashion, they sell furniture, watches and collaborate with car brands.
I've had the privilege of working with many of the best creatives, designers, tailors in the world and I have learnt a lot. Its an honour that people call me a style icon, and much of that is to do with being very patriotic and working with Saville Row tailors who I believe to be the best in the world.

I use a lot of tailoring, even in my casual outfits as I think this is the basics of men's fashion, it always has to revert back to suits and tailoring. Really though suits for me are almost like armour, they almost protect the real me and it allows people to perceive me in a different way than who maybe I actually am.

How do you feel about being a fashion and fitness inspiration for men around the world? Is it some kind of commitment?

With my style and fitness apps I have tried to explain the very basics to men. I've always said if I can achieve this look or this build, then anyone can. Yes, it takes some thought and some hard work,but by simplifying what I do I hopefully make it very attainable for every man. I don't feel that there is commitment, there is pressure to have to look stylish a lot of the time as I never know when I am going to be photographed and many people approach me in the street, so I feel I should always try to make an impression with what I am wearing. But I only wear items that I am happy with. I don't believe in trends, in many ways I go against trends, I try to show people that everything is about having the confidence to be an individual, it doesn't matter what other people say or what they think.

Do you have a specific kind of diet or tips to stay fit or in shape? Not only exercises but also vitamins and proteins cocktails etc?

No specific diet. I stay away from processed foods, anything high in sugar or saturated fats, I don't drink fizzy drinks. But I eat more than anyone I know, but just of the correct foods to maintain a healthy physique. You should be able to get everything you need through food. But sometimes my schedule doesn't allow this, so yes I use protein shakes when I am in heavy training.

In the fashion industry skinny models are still wanted. And (with total respect) you are a muscular, absolutely healthy looking male model. Is it hard to be on the top?

After 2006 Light Blue commercial more masculine, larger models have been the trend. That's why beards are so in fashion at the moment, because it represents a very rugged, masculine feature.
When I first started, it was the Dior, smaller models were used for every campaign, but this has certainly changed. Bigger trend now is to use movie stars, sports stars or celebrities to endorse products.

There is lot gossip about hatred between female models. Is there something like that in male models world?

There are many stereotypical views of models and the fashion world. I don't know where this hatred idea came from. Not everyone is going to get along and be friends the same as any other industry.

I read interviews with you, but you never talk about your personal life. Is that for protection?

Yes its protection to my friends and family and girlfriends. With the fortunate success I have had, its meant that the public and media are interested in your private life. My private life is exactly what the word 'private' stands for. We do use social media, but only for my work and charities etc. I think if you are in the public eye and tweet and instagram your life and locations and personal thoughts then you are saying its acceptable for the media or paparazzi or public to intrude.

How do you overcome the media interest?

I make it clear that I never talk about private life and I make it hard for any paparazzi to obtain any pictures of me in my private time, most of them understand this and leave me alone. Of course media and paps will always try, but 99% of what people read is absolute rubbish.

You participate with many charities. Where did the idea to help come from? Lots of models really don't care about anyone else...

I don't think models 'don't' care. I know a huge number that commit a lot of time to charities. Really there isn't the platform for models to be able to commit. That's why I started the Blue Steel Appeal charity last year, which is to raise money from people in the fashion industry. 
I also am ambassador for two more charities and I work and support further charities as much as I can. I worked for charities since I was 14 and its something that I believe is very important. People who are in the public eye, should always commit time to charities, the same as Paul Newman, Steve McQueen all have.

Do you have some free time? I mean time only for you. No work, no fitness workout.

Not much free time, but work is my life and even if I have a day off, then because of the number of companies I have, projects, charities, then it is impossible to completely let all this go. I often take a day or two here for driving, which is escapism for me.

You are not just a model but also write car reviews . That's impressive. How many cars and what kinds do you have?

I have a couple of Jaguars and I'm restoring a 1960 Mercedes Benz 190sl at the moment to a concourse level. I write reviews for GQ, and also write for Vogue and the London Telegraph, this is where I have a voice and an opinion.

When You look back to Your career, is there something you would have done in a different way? Some collaboration that didn't worked? Something, you know, you will never do again?

I never regret anything. there have been mistakes, but you learn more from mistakes than you do from successes.

Is there some goal you haven't accomplished yet? Some brand you want to work for or some project? Even in charity work.

I always set myself goals. Later this year I have my biggest project yet and there are new contracts that I am excited about. I constantly try to work out of my comfort zone, that is what makes life exciting.

You are just amazing style icon and perfect gentleman. Is there something, in your opinion, every men should know and do every day to be a gentleman?

My grandfather and father are both gentlemen, I have learnt from them. Its impossible to say what people should do. I believe a gentlemen is discreet, he doesn't shout about what he has or how he has obtained it and more than anything he inspires, encourages and helps others as much as he can.

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David Gandy for Lucky Brand Summer 2014 (HQ Picture Update)

Lucky Brand's May Look Book for their Summer 2014 campaign 'California Dreaming' with David Gandy is out and it personifies the epitome of California beach casual. From the board shorts to the cargo shorts and pants, light sweaters and printed shirts and of course Lucky Brand's signature jeans wear. All you need for the perfect beach getaway.



Source:Lucky Brand