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David Gandy Talks Fitness and Training with GymBuzz

Fitness Apps You Should Know About: David Gandy Fitness and Training

You probably know by now that here at GymBuzz we love the gym! We also love technology. We love it even more when the gym and technology meet to create something awesome that can help people become fitter and healthier - whether it's actually in the gym, or just keeping active in a different environment!

The start of our 'Fitness Apps You Should Know About' series began when we had the pleasure to interview model David Gandy about his app 'David Gandy Fitness and Training.'

David, how did you go from being a model to having your own fitness training app?

Well, I write for and, and I just saw apps as the way forward.

Some people approached me about another app and I said “I don’t really think that’s going to work, but how about a style app or a fitness app?” So we did the style app first which was very successful, but then people kept asking me – men mostly – How often do you work out? What do you eat? There just seemed to be a gap where people needed to know.

And I think that really developed it. So now when I get those questions, I tell people “It’s on the app – that is exactly what I do!”

So, tell us more about your training routine?

It really depends. If I’ve got something coming up like Light Blue or underwear, that will be a month of training 5 or 6 times a week very hard. But on a normal week I'll probably train 4 times a week. I travel a lot so sometimes it’s hard to fit it all in.

When you’ve been training for a number of years you can actually change your body very quickly in a couple of weeks.

The thing is, I know I would work out in the most basic of gyms. Something like a TRX is a great way to shock the body, or free weights, blood, sweat and tears. That’s how to get results.

How long have you been training for?

So really I’ve been working out for the last – I used to play rugby and cricket and everything else, so I’ve always been working out – but really more substantially for the last 10 years, and in those 10 years I sort of worked out what works and what doesn’t.

I am the kind of person who believes that if you have a style app you have to be a stylish guy and you have to be recognised as one of the best looking, most stylish guys out there.

If you have a fitness app, a bit like a personal trainer, you have to be known for having a good body. That personal trainer should have a better understanding and a better body than me. If he hasn’t then I would have some queries about this – Surely if you know all of this information then why would you not want to have a great body? That’s my theory behind it.

It seems like it's not just a matter of you presenting your own training programme, but you have a bigger mission of helping people too.

Considering that in the UK we are now one of the most obese nations in Europe, it’s about time someone did something about it.

It’s pretty scary so I just wanted to lead my example.

The information out there, you have to really want to source it. There is so much different information. As you said earlier, there is accurate information and then there is information where I just read it and it’s absolute crap and I don’t know where they are getting that from.

But sometimes I feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. Like we said we are one of the most obese nations, and it seems like people just want the cheat, the magic pill to lose weight, and don’t want to work hard. When they see what it actually takes to achieve results, it proves too much for some people.

That’s why I tried to incorporate into the app a fun and easier way to achieve what you want.

And the great thing about apps is of course their affordability over gyms and traditional personal training.

Absolutely. We also have a problem in this country with very expensive gyms. I go to the states a lot, and I could go into any gym – and I’m talking good gyms, like Equinox – and I tell them I’m here for a week and they just say “Well, give us 30 or 40 bucks” which is great.

Sometimes I’ll have friends who will come to work out with me [in the UK] and it’ll be £15-20 just to come in for the day, which is far too expensive. And there’s people paying £100-150 per month! In this economy that’s a lot of money.

Which is another reason for the app, to tell people you don’t even have to be at the gym for this. You can do it outside and save yourself a lot of money.

Are there any new developments coming for the app in the future?

The app is actually being updated at the moment. I’ve taken on board a lot of feedback from the last 6/7 months what people have said about it.

We’re changing it slightly, getting rid of some bits, simplifying the timer, and putting in a few body-weight exercises.

I travel a lot and can’t always carry everything that I want, so I moved on to just doing a lot of just using my bodyweight and a lot of repetitions.

There is currently a Bulk, Lean, and Cut section, and one of the problems we’ve encountered is people have asked us 'How do you do that if you don’t actually have any weight?' This is very difficult, but I understand people’s predicaments if they only want to do a 20 minute workout at home, or in a hotel room. So that’s what we’re working on at the moment.

We’re keeping this time variant. So if you want 20, 30, 45 minutes or an hour workout we are keeping that function. We are also simplifying the bespoke option so it is more like what people have asked for.

At the same time, you can never completely please everyone. You have people come back saying “absolutely magnificent, love it. Had the most amazing results.” And then you have other people come back and there’s one mistake on there – they couldn’t log in to Facebook for one day – and they say “it’s crap, it’s rubbish”.

The app itself is £2.99, which is another strange thing when people complain about the price – “Oh my God that’s so expensive.” And they’ve also got a Starbucks in their hand while they’re talking to me, so I say “Can I just ask what that latte cost you? Is it skinny or full fat?”

Well just drop that latte, save yourself some money and buy yourself the app!

Something like that is very, very simple. So for people to say it’s expensive is fairly ridiculous.

That’s the world we live in with social media and people being able to quickly comment. It is difficult.

How do you get over any challenges you have had in your own training?

I’ve had quite a few challenges and I tend to get over them with trial and error. The boredom threshold is probably the one for me and with that I always just go into the gym and do different exercises, keep on pushing myself and shock the body and muscles. This is a way to get results very quickly.

Like most people I always used to push heavier and heavier weights, and with this I wasn’t getting the body I liked, I was getting too much bulk. Which is fine, but you need some definition. So I pretty much went back to the core form of the exercise, getting that completely right with lighter weights and slowly increasing. This is the way I got the results that I wanted.

I noticed on your site you say “Getting results is key in maintaining motivation and determination” - This mirrors my own philosophy to some degree, because when people see they are getting something for their efforts and money spent, they are much more likely to continue.

Yes, if you see results it will make you want to carry on. But for a lot of people, including myself, the boredom threshold kicks in. That’s why we also have the three sections – you can go to the lean section, on to the bulk section, back to the cut section, and on and on. It’s about having enough on there to keep people entertained.

And as you and I know there is no cheat behind working out and getting fit. But at the same time if you are doing the right things you are going to see results quicker.

To find out more about the David Gandy Fitness and Training app, and to download for iOS or Android, click here.


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