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David Gandy Editorial for GQ Taiwan March 2014

David Gandy appears in the latest issue from GQ Taiwan, leading British model David Gandy reunites with photographer Chiun-Kai Shih, following a shoot in 2012 for August Man. Styled by Marcus Teo, David is the embodiment of the return of elegance with simple but sleek tailored suiting looks.

After a few weeks, we are happy to post part of David Gandy's editorial. We want to give a very special Thank You to "Chunky" and to Yao Yao from GQ Taiwan Magazine for all their help procuring the translation for the GQ Taiwan Q&A. Without them it wouldn't have been possible.
GQ Taiwan: Q & A for David Gandy

• Do you have a nickname? Or if you have many nicknames, which one is your favorite?

I don't really have a nickname, a lot of people now are just calling me DG

• Do you have any bad habit?

Work too much, don't sleep enough, drink too much and drive too fast.

• Do you keep a pet? (If not, what kind of pet would you like to keep? And why? 

One of my chosen charities is Battersea dogs home in London and I'm an ambassador for them. We try to push responsible ownership. As a person that takes 90+ flights a year it would not be responsible for me to try to take care of an animal.

• Do you cook? What’s your best dish?

I cook a very good Fish pie. I am cooking a lot of Asian dishes now and using Asian ingredients

• How many facebook friends do you have ?

I don't have a private account. Both Facebook accounts are public pages. Together they both reach about 400/500k people

• How do you get over a bad mood?

Usually mad moods are linked to just be tired or exhausted. After a good night sleep, you usually find that things are a lot better and clearer

• What’s your most memorable trip?

Me and my Parents trekked for gorillas in Uganda about 2 years ago.

• What’s the first thing you do when you visit a new city?

I Like to just walk and get my bearings. Walking is a great way of discovering a new city.

• What’s your most memorable photo shoot?

Light Blue shoot with Mario Testino. But there have been many truly wonderful shoots.

• What’s your favorite Chinese dish?

Crispy Peking duck, pancakes etc. I think I could literally eat a thousand in one sitting

• What do you usually order at a bar after a hard day’s work?

An Old Fashioned

• What’s the most important thing you learned so far from modelling/fashion industry?

I don't think I've learned anything from the fashion industry itself. But I have learned an incredible amount from the wonderful creatives that I have got to work with over the last 13 years.

• What’s your favorite movie genre?


• What are you reading these days?

I'm restoring a classic Mercedes 19Sl from 1960, so I'm reading about the history of that car and the iconic 300SL

• What tracks are you listening to these days?

A lot of Michael Kiwanuka

• What kind of car do you drive?

A Jaguar F type. A 1950s Jaguar xk120 and the mercedes i mentioned earlier

• What is your favorite TV show?

House of Cards and Mad Men

• What are the three things you notice first about a woman?

Her smile, her eyes and her sense of humour

• What’s your favorite outfit when you are not working?

Good fitting jeans and a t shirt and Barbour was jacket

• What would you be if you were not a model?

I already do them. I write for vogue, gq and the telegraph and other publications. I have my 3 charities, i develop iPhone applications, I'm ambassador for LC:M

• Are you a fan of anyone/ anything?

I support and am a huge advocate for everything British.

Grooming: Scott McMahan for Brooklyn Grooming
Photo Assistants: Alex Muccilli, Colin Simmons, Chris Lee
Fashion Assistants: Drew Van Diest, Leslie Padoll
Production Assistants: Esther Pang, Naomi Zhao
Producer: Clarissa Morales
Retouching: Skin Digital
Video: John Polquin, Alex Hill
Special thanks to: Brandon Reynolds and Sam Doerfler
Shot on location at: Dream Downtown NYC

Behind The Scenes Pictures
Source:GQ Taiwan The Fashionisto


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