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An Insight into the life and mind of David Gandy: Fennel Ambassador

This year during day 2 of the London Collections Men A/W 2014 David Gandy arrived to the first show of the day wearing a gorgeous long cream coat  with his name monogrammed on the back collar seen when it was popped up. The coat was paired with a blue waistcoat and trousers, brown tie and brown and white striped shirt. The coat and the ensemble were designed by David and Neil Fennel.

An insight into the life and mind of David Gandy: Fennell Ambassador

FENNELL: We often look to the past for inspiration, from old film stars to people we see in vintage photos. Who's style has inspired you?

DJG: I'm very much inspired by old Hollywood. Cary Grant, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, James Dean. The ironic thing is that many of these icons never went out to be stylish, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman were happy in t-shirt, jeans and a Belstaff jacket as they dressed in a Utilitarian way, but were still the definition of cool.

FENNELL: When was the first moment you realised you had a love for fashion?

DJG: It's more for the love of design than just fashion. I've always loved car and time piece design and this then transmits over to fashion and interiors design.

FENNELL: What accessory do you think every man should have?

DJG: I would have to say either a great watch or good shoes. These are both accessories that can make or break an outfit.

FENNELL: What do you think the male equivalent of the LBD (little black dress) is? The outfit men fall back on when they want to look their best and feel comfortable?

DJG: A midnight blue three piece suit. It's literally something that every man looks good in. Its very flattering, can of course be separated and worn in many different ways.

FENNELL: You are often described as a real 'gentleman' and it is clearly something you take pride in being. What is the importance of being a gentleman to you and how would you encourage other men/boys to become more gentlemanly?

DJG: My grandfather and father are both gentlemen and I have been brought up in the same way. It's a trait that is a rarity now a days and that's why other men who I class as gentlemen stand out from the crowd. I think being a gentlemen is about being descreet, not shouting about what you have and encouraging other people. In today's world people seem to just want to shout about what they have and don't have.

FENNELL: What would your perfect Sunday consist of?

DGJ: Driving! It doesn't matter what car I have. But the right road and driving a car to its limits and my limits is still to me the perfect way to spend a few spare hours.

FENNELL: What album have you been listening to recently?

DJG: Im very old school with my music choices. So I've been listening to a lot of Bobby Blue Band, Spanky Wilson etc. But that's mixed with Bon Iver, so it's rather varied.

FENNELL: What item of clothing do you own which you never want to live without?

DJG: My watch collection, as I love to match my watches to my style or outfit. But I'd probably say an item of clothing is just a simple white t-shirt. I wear it with anything from a pair of jeans and a cardigan, to a pair of tailored trousers in summer to under a DB.

FENNELL: What has been the best piece of advice you have been given and how has it effected the way you live your life?

DJG: Im not sure I have been given good advice, I've learnt from mistakes more than anything. But really I think it's about observing people I admire in life.

FENNELL: If you hadn't pursued a career as a model what can you picture yourself doing?

DJG: I already do the other things that I wanted to achieve. I review cars for GQ as I would have loved to have been a motoring journalist and also write for the Telegraph. I have 3/4 charities, one of those being the first ever ambassador for Battersea Dogs Home to help the animals, as I would have loved to have been a vet.

FENNELL: We are about to start our latest Gandy x Fennell collaboration. What has inspired your ideas for the designs?

DJG: I try to do the opposite to what everyone else is doing or thinks is trendy, I'm not a big believer in trends. Im very much inspired by military historic clothing. When we came to design the overcoat for LCM in January I looked at Military overcoats from the RAF and also inspired by the fitted design on women's overcoats.

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