Thursday, February 27, 2014

David Gandy and Bianca Balti Interview on RTL TV

David Gandy and Bianca Balti are interviewed for German television while in Milan for MFW 2014.

We would like to give a special Thank You to Sana Moh (Facebook) for letting us use her translation of this interview.

(Background voice) His Body in a white briefs made him world famous. David Gandy appears for Dolce & Gabbana in a boat again, but this time she is in the boat with him, Bianca Balti. We ask ourselves, if these two advertising couple are so beautiful in reality. Oh yes!

Bianca Balti: Halllo! Nice to meet you, Tanja

David Gandy: Nice to meet you too.

BV: Which of them has the bluer eyes? He? No, She. Ok, both of them.

Bianca: Quiet please.

David Gandy and Bianca Balti can now afford to make announcement, as spectacular advertising couple of the world. Even if he makes himself unpopular, ok by ordinary men. What he says now.

David: I go training, I eat healthy that is what we human beings should do. We shouldn’t be fat.

BV: David is a disciplined man and beautiful, and he knows it. During the interview, he always drew his fingers with his lips. Bianca was allowed to kiss his lips, but the two are just a professional couple.

Interviewer: How was it to play a couple although you weren't?

Bianca: It was so hard, so hard for me. I had to put on my acting skills. (laughs). No, it was easy, he is a handsome guy you know, so it was not so hard to pretend.

BV: David Gandy 34 English, and one of the most booked Male Model of the world. Advertising face for almost every well known designer and runway model. Bianca Balti 29, Italian is not as famous has him, but also very successful and that since 10 years.

Both of them are the current face of a Dolce&Gabbana fragrance. Who now things we will be talking about beauty things is wrong. We are allowed to ask private questions.

Interviewer: Which quality must a woman have for you?

David: You could have the most beautiful girl in the world, but if she doesn't have a sense of humor, then it is not worth it really.

Bianca: It is the same, he has to make me laugh.

And he have to except her 7 years old daughter and also Bianca's temperament.

Bianca: You know I will get jealous, if I have to be jealous, but not without a reason. If I am, you don't want to see me when i'm jealous. (laughs)

Maybe that's the reason why it remains professional between Bianca and David, than the girlfriend by David side need a strong nerve.


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