Thursday, February 6, 2014

Clover Magazine #7 Issue (Lucky Brand) 2014

If we’ve got one valentine to send, it goes to the King of Hearts, David Gandy. Find out what drives one of Gandy’s greatest passions (hint, hint: top down).

Given that we’ve got sunshine on our minds, and that Gandy landed his dream job – “delivering sports cars to tracks all over the place” at age 17, we couldn’t help but pick his brain about the best convertibles of all time.

Jaguar E TypeEnzo Ferrari described this car as “The Most Beautiful car ever built”. I should really leave it at that. Praise doesn't get much higher. It was Britain’s fastest sports car in 1961 and it’s a car today that people still stop and stare at. In many ways, it’s more like a piece of art.

Ford MustangAsk anyone what car would you see yourself driving the PCH in on a Sunday afternoon and even non-motoring-enthusiasts will probably answer: a classic Ford Mustang. In 1964 it was the fastest selling car of its time. Look up the definition of cool in the dictionary. It should simply have a picture of this car.

Porsche 356The 356 was the first car to wear the Porsche badge and was the beginning of the most successful sports-car brand ever. Strangely the 356 was actually very closely related to the VW beetle, but to me the 356 has to be the most iconic car Porsche has ever built and led to the 911's that we know today.

Jaguar XK-SSWhen people ask me what car would I have if money was no object, this is the one. At around $25 million, I will sadly never own one, but I have driven one of only 16 ever to be built. It was really a racecar for the road and it was most definitely Steve McQueen's choice to race around the Hollywood hills in. He bought one in 1959, sold it in 1969 and then repurchased it in 1977, maybe that tells you just how good it was.

Mercedes 300sl RoadsterThe 300SL some people argue as being the first ever super-car. It was preceded by the iconic Gullwing, but people say the Roaster was always the better car. The 300SL was frankly the most sensational, fastest, most technically advanced car of its time and, I would have to say, more beautiful than the Jaguar E Type. Can I afford one? No, but I am fully restoring the next best thing: a 190sl.


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