Monday, January 20, 2014

David Gandy for Alistair Guy's WHITE SHIRTS Exhibition

 On Tuesday 7th January, was Alastair Guy’s new exhibition, White Shirts at the Century Club as part of Men's Fashion Week in London. Following four exhibitions featuring portraits of people in the fashion industry, this year Alistair Guy is concentrating on Hollywood Glamour. “It is a really simple idea, I originally wanted to shoot actors for my fifth exhibition, and then the White Shirt concept grew from there.”

Influenced by a National Portrait Gallery exhibition Glamour of the Gods, Guy settled on shooting old-fashioned black and white pictures, with all subjects wearing a classic men’s staple – the white shirt.

On June 25, 2013 Alistair Guy shoot David Gandy in London and this sesion was recorded 
by the great producer Ruta Balseviciute.

Casting from men he knows “from about town” Guy says of his subjects: “They are handsome guys, but I also chose them for their diverse looks…they all have strong and interesting faces.” Said men vary from model David Gandy: “David is so professional. He started ‘working’ before I even picked up the camera.”, Luke Evans, Jack Fox, Gary Powell, Sascha Bailey, Rupert Orton or Philip Start among them.

Guy chose to capture them on film using a medium format Mamiya RZ67 camera. “Film is more considerate and real, it’s less throwaway than digital. I only shot two or three rolls on each person, which gave me more pressure to get the shot – but that is what film is all about.”

David Gandy with Alistair Guy


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