Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Finishing Touch for 2013: Top 10 David Gandy posts of the year

Like every year, in summary of all the things that have happened this year, we share with you our own Top 10 list.
We look back and remember the milestones of this year to April, up to the delicious gluten free bakery of Jennifer Esposito in NYC. This is our most read post with more than 11,000 views, it was a great moment for the international significance it represented. David Gandy's first appearance in an American documentary reality TV series.

1. David Gandy on 'Playing with Fire' (E! Channel) 

Friday night April 5th, David Gandy appeared on E! Channel's (US) new reality show ‘Playing with Fire’ with his friends Louis Dowler and his girlfriend, Jennifer Esposito. This was a nice chance to catch a glimpse of David away from work and enjoying a visit with two of his very good friends. Jennifer is a regular on this TV show and with her boyfriend opened 'Jennifer's Waya gluten free Bakery in NYC

Pic via Pochaway Tumblr
There is no doubt that fortune has been a constant throughout all the seasons of the Lucky Brand campaigns. The prestigious American firm owned by Fifth & Pacific Companies, has been showing us throughout the year all its freshness, personality, free spirit and laid-back lifestyle of its Southern California roots. It is therefore not surprising that the summer campaign of 2013 made the climb to # 2.

David Gandy & Missy Rayder were a picture of pure casualness for the Lucky Brand Summer 2013 campaign.
In those pictures of the collection David was photographed in white jeans, plaid short sleeve shirts, t-shirts, cut off jean shorts, flip flops and the iconic Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers.

The sexy and suggestive headline which we were surprised with in the June Cosmopolitan Magazine South Africa aroused great interest worldwide showing mastery of the game's own image and words that Cosmo masters perfectly with its 100-year history.

In bed with the hottest man in the world

It was a  late publication, but one of the most anticipated moments this year was unveiled just over a month ago. The Blue Steel Appeal's fashion auction in which David was auctioning off a date with himself took place in March and it was worth the wait.  Meet the fantastic team of Lucky Brand, traveling to Los Angeles to spend a day with David Gandy and the most difficult of all "survive" the experience and for her to recount it was almost mission impossible for my fellow admin on DjG: Melissa Feijoo-Viro.

The proverb goes "Be careful what you wish for. You just might receive it." Did I wish for this? Yes. Was it as wonderful as I thought it would be? Unlike the meaning of the proverb, my answer is, it was above and beyond everything I ever expected. But, best of all is that the proceeds of this bid go towards bettering someone else's life.

Just after the Mille Miglia, David landed in Madrid to promote the new campaign of Light Blue with the Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. With a tight schedule culminating with the Meditteranean Summer Cocktail event at the Santo Mauro Hotel, this was one of the interviews that garnered more attention because of stunning snapshots by Brazilian photographer Richard Ramos.

5. David Gandy talks with ¡Hola! Fashion during the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Launch in Madrid

David Gandy conversed with the Spanish magazine '¡Hola!' at the Meditteranean Summer Cocktail event in the San Mauro Hotel (Madrid) during the D&G's latest Light Blue fragrance campaign in May 29, 2013. 

And our most viewed videos on DjG's own YouTube channel were:

    And a final Special Mention to the most viewed videos from official channels

    And many more moments we would like to mention here that would make this an endless entry because each one is now part of the history of DjG and biography of David Gandy, each is important in itself and we invite you to enjoy them as many times as you want by visiting our website or our file.

     In the year that is about to begin in a few hours, all we have left to say is ... See you next year! HAPPY NEW YEAR to All!


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