Friday, November 8, 2013

David Gandy talks with 'Suit & Tie Men' (UK)

Straight off the plane froma week of meetings and photo shoots in LA, British supermodel David Gandy arrived at the annual Battersea dogs and cats home charity gala as it's leading ambassador.

We caught up with David on the red carpet to talk to him about his love of dogs, his new Marks and Spencer's advert as well as his ambitions of launching his own suit brand.

Hi David great to meet you, so can you tell us about where your love of dogs came from?

"Well my family foster dogs from within Battersea to give them a rest bite for about 4 to 6 weeks and help get them to new homes. I've grown up around dogs. I volunteered at dogs sanctuary when I was 15 and I wanted to be a vet but my brain didn't want me to be a vet so I moved into fashion "

Speaking of fashion you are in the new advert for M and S this Christmas , are you a fan of the brand?

"Yes I am actually, people are actually surprised that I wear a lot of it. I love their shirts and there suits. I have a beautiful cashmere coat which people can't believe is from Marks and Spencer's but it is. I think people have some preconceived idea about the brand which needs to be sorted out. "

Do you think it's important to support British fashion ?

"Yes, defiantly. I'm British and I'm proud to be British so I support shops like M and S. When people go into shops like Zara or H and M they are no longer supporting Britain "

Would you ever want to have your own brand at all, "Brand Gandy"?

"It's a lot more difficult than people imagine A lot of people out there names to high street brands and other people design it but I would never do that, so it would be a full on project. I would have to be at the forefront of that but it's defiantly something I would like to get into."

Were you always fashion conscious ?

"No not at all that came with the modelling ! "

Can you tell us about any new projects coming up?

"I have just stated working with a company in Asia so I'm looking forward to that"

Cool, we'll look forward to that!, well thanks for talking to us have a good night.



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