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David Gandy talks with 'Vestirse por los Pies' (Spanish Men's Style Blog)

The Twenty-first Century Gentleman

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Little could I imagine when I did my first television interview last May that the gentleman who I compared with Cary Grant – the one that we will repeat with pleasure and that remains by excellence and for practically all experts the most elegant gentleman of all time, and who, in my personal opinion, occupies the spot of being the benchmark for classic men’s fashion worldwide – that he would be kind enough to answer the questions of this new guy on the block in the world of blogging. But in there lies the grandeur, the simplicity, humility, willingness, kindness, hard work and diligence of the greats. Those who make the dreams of mere mortals come true thanks to their generosity. I won’t hide my adoration because that is how I feel, I’ve said it before publicly and I will say it now in this moment “nowadays the elegance of classic fashion starts at the bottom (ones shoes) and no one represents this better than this British gentleman; David James Gandy“. He is the most influential image of the twenty-first century for men, a man who makes his own personal rule to follow and honors our motto which we stand for from the outset.”A gentleman comes from the inside and it shows through behavior, along with their elegant exterior image that is a true reflection of such virtues worthy of the title”.
Thank you very much for your visit to this your house and with all you, dear ladies and gentlemen, Mr.David G. the twenty-first century gentleman. I hope you enjoy it because I am very grateful, he is all essence and very grateful, Mr. Gandy, I’m pleased and grateful.

Admired David, Which is the value that distinguishes a true gentleman?
A true Gentlemen to me is a person who is compassionate and chivalrous. A gentlemen isn’t also scared of being an individual, be it with his appearance or his values. One of the most important things though to me, is having a backbone i think it was Paul Newman who said “show me a man without enemies and i will show you a person without character’. A gentleman should also never have to brag about what he has achieved, a gentlemen will always achieve and always strive, but realise that people will feel his authority, class and strength without him having to push this on people.

Which is the main feature that should have a model?
Patience and respect are both features that models need to have. Models also need to have a clear and realistic sense of the achievements for the future and aim for those. Ive said it many times before but there is not just one feature or structure that models need to have, every single model has a different career and you need to be adaptable, clever and individual to set yourself apart from the thousands of other models around the world. Its a very competitive industry.

What is your main virtue?
You’d have to ask people who know me and have worked with me this. I think Loyalty and Respect are virtues that i try my best to keep and encourage on other people. Brands and individuals that i have worked with 10 years ago are still people that i work with today.

How do you see yourself in 10 years after?
This is impossible question to answer. I would have liked to have made my mark on modelling and also made a lot of money through my charities for less fortunate people. Maybe in 10 years i will be working much more on the creative side, either with my own brand or creative director for another.

What is “the beauty” to you?
I get asked this question many times and still can’t answer it. Beauty is many different things to many different people. I see beautiful things everyday and it constantly changes. A vintage car, a sunrise, a sunset, my nieces and nephews etc etc

What is the most precious thing in your life?
My friends and Family.

What behavior of the other person displeases you more than someone else?
Disrespect. Its not always about serving yourself, its about serving, and encouraging others.

Is the policy interested to you? Do you think that power corrupts men?
I don’t think power HAS to corrupt men, but of course there are always going to be people to abuse their power. I do however think that when some people become powerful and more respected they become influential and are able to ‘call the shots’. People then take this that they are corrupting their power, which is often wrong.

¿Your advice for everyone that works in men’s fashion?
Really depends on what area of mens fashion you are talking about, there are so many divisions, jobs and areas.

What do you think about our project
I believe mens styling and mens fashion is growing at an astonishing rate. Men see fashion, clothes, styling and grooming very differently to how women do and i try to change the way men view fashion and styling. It still has a long way to go though. Im a huge advocate though of your project, you touch on every part that men should be aware of and like i try to do almost simplify styling and fashion and make it tangible for men. My main respect of your project though is how you have a lot of history and talk about the style icons of the past. I think modern society has lost the ability to be true gentlemen, true men and often the modern world seem to be focusing on boys and younger men, when i look to the true greats such as Paul Newman and Cary Grant

In short:

A drink - Old Fashioned

A movie - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

A hobby - Vintage cars and racing

A book - Behind the Wheel.

A writer - Winston Churchill

A meal - Black cod

A phrase – “There is no such thing as luck, just a well prepared person waiting for an opportunity”

Thank You Vey Much for mentioning us in your article, It's always a pleasure to work with your great men's fashion blog and have friends like you. You truly are a gentleman and we are looking forward to collaborating with you again.


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