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David Gandy in Manila for SM Men's Fashion (PhFW)

On Oct 21, 2013 David Gandy landed in Manila, Philippines as the new face of SM Men's Fashion and for Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014. The week long event began on Wednesday, October 23 with a cocktail meet and greet with David in one of the halls of SMX Convention Center.

Oct 24, 2013.- Christine Babao from the Good Morning Club show in Manila asks David Gandy a few questions during the Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014's Press Conference at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

  • After, he was kind enough to answer fan questions via twitter which could be followed livestream through the SM Men's Fashion's App on FB. But in case you missed it we bring to you the video with the transcript.

Question 1
DG: WOW! My, showpiece is a big word. It's quite strange I think one of my favorite pieces is still a Dolce & Gabbana suit that I bought even really before I started working  with Dolce & Gabanna. I needed a tuxedo and I bought this brown suede or brown velvet tuxedo, then years later I first started working with Dolce & Gabanna I wore this tuxedo and they said "is that ours?" Yeah I wore it before I worked  with you. I think there was only twelve made in the world and Stefano Gabanna had the same suit made for him as well. So, um, that's still special because for some reason, I think sometime when you put stuff out into the universe and your buying(?) you always want to wear Dolce and Gabanna and that came ahead with us working  together so that's still a special thing but I have so many suits now,it's my thing. I have so many Saville Row suits, bespoke. I only really have something if I'm going to an event or going to a big premier, a red carpet event for Dolce & Gabanna they dress me for that.

Question 2
DG: It's quite weird as a model and being in fashion all the comments are about your appearance, I think especially being a model so that's what people  comment on, so my favorite comments are the sort of, this year I started a charity,I started my own charity we raised about 250,000 pounds on our first initiative. Someone said to me "clearly you are more than just a pretty face" and actually sort of stuff like that is, a lot of people don't use their fame or status for the good of other people and I try to do that and a lot of other people do that, it's nice to be noticed when you do do it in some ways and you are trying to help others and the less fortunate. So, yeah really it was a nice compliment. We had the initiative straight away with comic relief, it's a big charity in the U.K. My charity is called Blue Steel Appeal I've got 3 or 4 charities so yeah we're looking instead of just doing 1 monthly sort of initiative to have something so it spreads out through the whole year so it kind of runs itself in many ways. Yeah it was a lot of work but worth it.

DG: If I could wear a three-piece suit everyday I'd wear a suit. I love suits, I love the tailoring(?) it;s very easy for me to put together,people think that's strange they find it so hard with the combinations but I don't. But staple, apart from that is probably a pair of trousers, t-shirts I own so many t-shirts. So plain t-shirts, jeans and a good pair of shoes and I've always have an expensive addiction to watched so their's always a different watch on my wrist.
I don't own sneakers, I don't own a pair of trainers apart form running. Sneakers are not something I own. I have a wide selection of brown shoes all shades and suedes and everything else so, um, yeah it depends on the outfit. It's funny I sometimes match my watch straps, my shoes and my belt.
Their pretty much monochrome colors in some ways, it's either a white a black or a grey it's nothing too adventurous. There might be a salmon in their for summer, a pink or a yellow or something very kind of pastel colors so nothing too adventurous and no logos or anything one of my pet hates is men wearing big logos and pictures on the front of their t-shirts. It's fine if your ten but when you're thirty-eight don't do it.

  • On Thursday, an interview with Bandila ABS-CBN was aired.

  • And David also participated in a Press Conference answering questions from the Filipino press at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City in an event hosted by Marc Nelson.

The Essex-born face of Dolce & Gabbana, among other brands, is credited for what The Guardian calls “the rebirth of a (quasi) beefcake ideal and the end of Size Zero man.” It is something David humbly recognises as he told the press about his favorite fashion experience — being on a boat with Mario Testino, shooting his first major campaign for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue — describing it as a moment that changed the industry in terms of casting “fit male models.”

While it is no secret that David has been successful in his 13 years in fashion, he was keen to say that in order to last long in the industry one must be respectful of other people and have “a good mix [between] you and the agency” because “you have to work together.”

Known by street style lovers as well-dressed gentleman, he gives the audience the foundation of a good wardrobe, saying that every man should have a good suit, shoes (because women look at your shoes first), and a plain T-shirt.

Regarding his involvement with SM Men’s Fashion’s future, David says that there’s “a lot of scope of development” for the brand and that he is excited and happy to be part of it.

  • The night ended with the SM Men's Fashion show where the public  enjoyed a behind the scenes video of the next SM Men's Fashion's Campaign with David.

  • Highlighting the show was his much-anticipated runway appearance to The Verve's 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' 



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