Thursday, September 26, 2013

British Super Model David Gandy Launches new 'Escapism' Short Film

 Today Jaguar has launched a short online film featuring renowned British model David Gandy. The film is about his number one passion in life; driving sports cars, which he describes as “the ultimate escapism” from his hectic life as he drives some of the most famous sports cars ever produced.

In the film, Gandy gives us insight into his life as he invites us on a road trip that starts at dusk as he escapes ‘the craziness of London’. David Gandy: Escapism features the style icon driving his favourite British heritage cars from the C-Type, EType and XKSS, through to the very latest F-TYPE.

People do different things for relaxation, it could be the gym, it could be swimming, it could be sitting on the sofa watching television for hours on end.
But driving is escapism for me.
That feeling of freedom. It's just you and that car.
I always set off on a road trip at night, always have.
You get the sun coming up and hitting the buildings before the craziness of London wakes up.
There's always that feeling, a little bit of history when you're driving a Jaguar. Steve McQueen drove an XKSS and the story goes that after he was shooting in Hollywood he would go up in the Hollywood Hills driving his XKSS which you could hear from miles off, which is a lovely story.
Driving, I think, is a form of meditation. The whole experience is to do with the feelings that you're getting from that car.
The senses are slightly changed, you're hearing the engine note, you're hearing what the tires are doing. So it's adding to that element of the solitary drive of that experience.

Spanish Version

Gandy discusses his passion for driving; “that feeling of freedom, just you and the car” and how driving is his ‘meditation’. Throughout, he wears the same Persol sunglasses as one of his icons, Steve McQueen, who famously owned a Jaguar XKSS.


The film was fittingly first previewed at Goodwood Revival, the world’s most popular historic motor sport celebration. David was there in person to share the film with Revival visitors on the Jaguar stand in the Earl’s Court Motor Show Exhibition.

David Gandy comments: "Jaguar, with its unique, seductive design and high performance engineering is making the world fall in love all over again with the classic British two-seater sports car. It was such a pleasure to take a journey in some of the most fabulous cars in automotive history through to the new F-TYPE, which more than lives up to its sporting predecessors."

Earlier this year, Gandy was part of the Jaguar Heritage Racing team at the Mille Miglia, a one thousand mile celebration of a vintage car race held in Italy. David partnered with British fashion icon Yasmin Le Bon in a classic Jaguar XK120 on the event. He describes the exciting and challenging event as ‘one of the greatest adventures of my life’.

------------  David Gandy talks to GQ UK about new short-film "Escapism" --------------

To mark his new short film "Escapism" for the launch of the Jaguar F-Type, car correspondent David Gandy talks us through his love of the British brand

"I've driven Jaguars for the last 5 or 6 years and when they suggested to work on a short film, we came up with the concept of involving Jaguar's heritage collection featuring some of the most beautiful cars in history.

Being able to drive iconic vehicles like the C-Type, E-TYPE and one of my all time dream cars, the XKSS, was fantastic and to top it off, I got to really put the F-Type through its paces as this is a car I've followed closely from early days of development. I've loved Jaguar heritage cars since I was a child, so creating the film has been really special and now I even have a F-Type of my own.

I worked closely with creative team and I think we captured the mood and exhilaration of setting off for a long drive before the sun starts to rise - the magical light and the empty road. Driving past Big Ben at 3am when there was no one else around, with the cold air hitting my face and the deep V8-engine of the F-Type rumbling around an empty Parliament Square was quite special".


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