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Major Milestones Reached at DjG

After 2 years and 3 months online, has become what it is now thanks to you all. Any word of thanks we could say would be insufficient. Thank You for all the support you have given us and your continued support daily through all of our social networks. It's an honor, a pleasure and a satisfaction to maintain this website and even more so to have met so many of you through emails or various PM's more personally.
Thanks also to the other administrators of the various Facebook fan pages that we have met this year and with whom we share our interests daily via Twitter. It has been a pleasure to work from time to time with some of you and we hope to do so more in the future.

We especially want to thank the professionalism and friendliness of creative directors, brands, agencies and public relations representative, photographers etc., that have been in contact with us and have trusted in DjG to collaborate with them in certain published articles to offer the fullest possible information for you all.

We're taking advantage today, because yesterday we surpassed the 800.000 pages visited on the blog, we want to share with you all the scores we have achieved and until now has remained backstage at DjG. This is necessary to mention that the blog DjG is a version 2.0 (March 2012) and this is reflected in the discrepancy between the external accountant and blogger itself. So to estimate the total number of hits on the blog would amount to 275.000, while in the web the value specified by the external accountant is real and 119.000. Not to bore you with numbers and ranges we will show you instead with the preferred image format and so you may have a more general conceptual vision.

We can not conclude this post without sincerely and wholeheartedly thanking Mr. Gandy for your kindness and for having shared several links of our published posts. We hope to continue enjoying and reporting all of your future projects and we will continue to support you in all of your achievements and all of your professional goals on

Thank you all!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

British Super Model David Gandy Launches new 'Escapism' Short Film

 Today Jaguar has launched a short online film featuring renowned British model David Gandy. The film is about his number one passion in life; driving sports cars, which he describes as “the ultimate escapism” from his hectic life as he drives some of the most famous sports cars ever produced.

In the film, Gandy gives us insight into his life as he invites us on a road trip that starts at dusk as he escapes ‘the craziness of London’. David Gandy: Escapism features the style icon driving his favourite British heritage cars from the C-Type, EType and XKSS, through to the very latest F-TYPE.

People do different things for relaxation, it could be the gym, it could be swimming, it could be sitting on the sofa watching television for hours on end.
But driving is escapism for me.
That feeling of freedom. It's just you and that car.
I always set off on a road trip at night, always have.
You get the sun coming up and hitting the buildings before the craziness of London wakes up.
There's always that feeling, a little bit of history when you're driving a Jaguar. Steve McQueen drove an XKSS and the story goes that after he was shooting in Hollywood he would go up in the Hollywood Hills driving his XKSS which you could hear from miles off, which is a lovely story.
Driving, I think, is a form of meditation. The whole experience is to do with the feelings that you're getting from that car.
The senses are slightly changed, you're hearing the engine note, you're hearing what the tires are doing. So it's adding to that element of the solitary drive of that experience.

Spanish Version

Gandy discusses his passion for driving; “that feeling of freedom, just you and the car” and how driving is his ‘meditation’. Throughout, he wears the same Persol sunglasses as one of his icons, Steve McQueen, who famously owned a Jaguar XKSS.


The film was fittingly first previewed at Goodwood Revival, the world’s most popular historic motor sport celebration. David was there in person to share the film with Revival visitors on the Jaguar stand in the Earl’s Court Motor Show Exhibition.

David Gandy comments: "Jaguar, with its unique, seductive design and high performance engineering is making the world fall in love all over again with the classic British two-seater sports car. It was such a pleasure to take a journey in some of the most fabulous cars in automotive history through to the new F-TYPE, which more than lives up to its sporting predecessors."

Earlier this year, Gandy was part of the Jaguar Heritage Racing team at the Mille Miglia, a one thousand mile celebration of a vintage car race held in Italy. David partnered with British fashion icon Yasmin Le Bon in a classic Jaguar XK120 on the event. He describes the exciting and challenging event as ‘one of the greatest adventures of my life’.

------------  David Gandy talks to GQ UK about new short-film "Escapism" --------------

To mark his new short film "Escapism" for the launch of the Jaguar F-Type, car correspondent David Gandy talks us through his love of the British brand

"I've driven Jaguars for the last 5 or 6 years and when they suggested to work on a short film, we came up with the concept of involving Jaguar's heritage collection featuring some of the most beautiful cars in history.

Being able to drive iconic vehicles like the C-Type, E-TYPE and one of my all time dream cars, the XKSS, was fantastic and to top it off, I got to really put the F-Type through its paces as this is a car I've followed closely from early days of development. I've loved Jaguar heritage cars since I was a child, so creating the film has been really special and now I even have a F-Type of my own.

I worked closely with creative team and I think we captured the mood and exhilaration of setting off for a long drive before the sun starts to rise - the magical light and the empty road. Driving past Big Ben at 3am when there was no one else around, with the cold air hitting my face and the deep V8-engine of the F-Type rumbling around an empty Parliament Square was quite special".

David Gandy & Bianca Balti Teach Us The Secrets Of Sexy Eyes

We're not sure exactly when it happened, but we're still boggled by why so many women think looking sexy in a photo means throwing up duck lips. Why? No, seriously, someone please tell us why this continues to be a thing.

So badly were we disturbed by this continuing trend, that we went to the experts: David Gandy and Bianca Balti. The stunning models are best known for their work in Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue ads. You know the ones: The two, clad in nothing but blindingly white swimsuits, cavort on a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean in all their gorgeously tanned, piercing blue-eyed glory. Sorry, give us a minute here to recover.

We got the chance to sit down with the two in Milan before the Dolce & Gabbana show to talk about what it's really like to film those sexy spots, how they managed to cultivate such great chemistry, and the secret to looking sexy in a photo. Hint: It ain't duck lips. Click over to read their adorable joint interview.

By Megan McIntyre / Refinery

You hear from actors a lot, when they talk about doing sex scenes, that it’s very awkward for them. Is it awkward for you guys to get this intimate? Or is it just kind of like another day at work?

David Gandy: "It can be awkward, of course, when you come into the industry — and I didn’t know Bianca before — so you get dropped into a shoot and you have to do these intimate scenes. It's very, very well edited, so its looks more intimate. The boat was all over the place — you [Bianca] were trying to stand up, I was trying to stand up. We were in hysterics half the time! And then you’ve got this huge ship, a huge tugboat —"

Bianca Balti: "I even fell down on the ship!"

DG: "Yeah, me too! Once you see all that you’re like, not really all that steamy anymore."

Does that make it hard to get into that kind of mindset when you’ve got 30 people around you and all this craziness going on?

DG: "You have to switch on."

BB: "I’m going to tell you something funny, though. He’s not a smoker and I am a smoker, so you know, I had my gum. Because in the last Light Blue advertising, they were kissing, and with Mario, you never know. So, I was like a little tense about my breath — I don’t know if you realized that!"

DG: "I didn’t! And then we didn’t kiss anyway! All that gum for nothing."

You guys have worked together quite a few times now, so you have this repertoire and this intimacy already established. The first time around, how did you go about creating that connection with each other? Did you meet beforehand?

DG: "I don’t think we did. I think it kind of takes a true professional — it’s getting the scene done. That’s what a good model, a good actor does."

BB: "Well, I have to say that [it was easy] because it was David. If It was other people, I might be like, ehhhh."

DG: "You’re going to get on with some better than others, but we had a connection straight away and we got on really fine. It was fun and you know, if you’re a bit more young, a bit more innocent, you are probably a bit more shy. But, we both know what to do and what to expect."

BB: "Also, he’s very professional, and he’s a gentleman. That makes it easier."

DG: "She was the domineering one this time, anyway — I just laid there, like, 'So, what do you want me to do?'"

One of the things we see a lot today is these girls that think looking sexy in a photo means doing duck lips. What do you think is sexy and how do you convey that on film?

BB: "The look! I’m more smiley in real life, but I try not to smile — to give a serious face, a sexy look."

Is it closed eyes, is it open eyes? Are you positioning your head a certain way? I’m sure it comes naturally to you.

BB: "I am a professional, but right now I’m really embarrassed!"

Don’t be embarrassed!

BB: "My friends are like, why do you do that look? It makes me want to laugh, to think about it. I think for us it’s easy to do it on set, in front of many, many people. At least you know you’re working, so you don’t feel stupid doing it. But, it makes me feel really stupid!"

DG: "Women have got these moves, and I’ve noticed now that when they’re like, 'Can we have a picture?' They put an arm on the hip, they’ve got that thing going. Who teaches these things?! Men are standing there with their hands in their pockets."

You've got the easy job! What about for you, David — if someone’s trying to look sexy in a photo, what should they be doing?

DG: "I think sexiness is different to different people — you might have a smiling shot with someone and go, "Oh, that smile is so sexy.' I hate my smile — I think I look like an absolute wally when I smile, I really do. I think people interpret sexy as the power that the sex brings. I think it has to do with the eyes — Bianca has fantastic eyes. We’re very lucky in that we’ve both got these light blue eyes that people sort of fix on. As a model, it’s quite strange, you have to convey something with one look—and that’s an art in itself. Actors will have a scene and they can sort of do it, but models have to convey what photographers want. It’s a bit of an art."

Column for Telegraph Men (UK): 'Why I'm a dog man'

Why I'm a dog man

Model David Gandy, an ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, explains why he has a soft spot for man's best friend.

'Dogs seem to have an overwhelming desire for human companionship'  
Photo: Alamy
By David Gandy (Official Facebook & Twitter) /09/26/2013 Telegraph Men

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Being an ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, I shouldn't be biased, and in truth I adore all animals in all their environments. However, my love and admiration for dogs can and never will be denied. They’re my favourite creatures - and this from a person who has been within inches of gorillas, held baby orang-utans, swam with giant turtles and last year was a little too close for comfort to a pride of male lions.

Don’t get me wrong - I see the tremendous appeal of cats. They fend for themselves, they are not dependent on us, they clean themselves, feed themselves and take themselves for walks. And I do love them, but for me the dog still comes out top, by a whisker.

To me, cats are a little bit like that girl you fall for whom you really shouldn’t. You love them wholeheartedly yet somehow you're left a little flat as they don't show you the same affection in return. They turn up when they want to and then leave when they want to, They have dinner with you, but you know they are probably having dinner with two or three people that same evening. And when you buy them a gift, they bring you a dead mouse. OK perhaps not the last analogy, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

David Gandy with Cocobean / BDCH

At Battersea last year, I saw the worst case (and one of Battersea Dog's Home's worst cases) of neglect and cruelty that I have ever seen. A young Staffie bitch, almost a skeleton, was curled up with one of Battersea's wonderful volunteers in her kennel. She had been used as a breading machine, beaten, starved and then put in a suitcase and dumped in the local park.

She was actually sniffed out by another dog whose owners then investigated the whimpering sounds coming from the case. Staffies, more than many breeds, crave a human bond and contact, yet this little one had been so awfully treated by the people she had trusted, who could have blamed her for not feeling that way. However, we were astonished when, visiting this little Staffie with my mother and standing by her kennel to see her, she actually started wagging her tail. Although too weak to eat or walk, she tried with all her might to get up to come and greet us. If any dog had earned the right to be mistrusting of - or aggressive towards - humans, it was her. But instead, her desire for human companionship and love was overwhelming.

It's that sense of companionship with people, that need to please, that special bond, which makes them dogs truly man’s best friend, for me. Dogs are apparently the only animal that, like humans will turn their head to the left, when they are trying to understand or sympathise with us. Research has shown that having a dog as a pet can increase your life expectancy, lower your blood pressure and make you less likely to suffer from heart attacks.

When you stroke a dog the hormone oxytocin is released into your bloodstream. This is a chemical responsible for inducing feelings of love and trust, and the oxytocin spike is experienced by the dog as well, forming that deep emotional bond. Next time when you look into your dogs eyes and feel a little bit silly for experiencing such absolute love, just remember it's a natural, chemical reaction; an instinct that has been going on for hundreds of years.

Over the centuries, we have used dogs' natural abilities to help us in all aspects of life. We use dogs' intelligence and loyalty to guide the blind, their noses to sniff out bombs in wars, their endurance to pull us over treacherous freezing conditions. We use their sight and speed for hunting, and their strength for protection. Some say dogs may also have a sixth sense. Most people put this down to them having the ability to read our every minute movement. However, when I was young I always used to know when my grandparents were going to pop in unexpectedly as our spaniel used to sit by the front door 10 minutes before they arrived. At a young age I didn't think much of this, but now that memory astonishes me.

The world’s only international male supermodel, David Gandy, rose to fame as Dolce and Gabbana’s muse and face of their Light Blue fragrance. He was the only male model to take part in the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony and is an official ambassador for London Collections:Men. A regular, global magazine cover star and brand ambassador, he also writes for and reviews cars for

David Gandy is represented by Select Model Management

Friday, September 20, 2013

David Gandy talks with 'The Grooming Guru'

David Gandy on good grooming…. and what he envies about other men.

September 19, 2013 
Apart from David Beckham I can’t think of another Brit that looks as well groomed as model David Gandy. Surprisingly, though, the man himself is remarkably low maintenance, something I discovered when I played a little word association game with him earlier today. Reassuringly, I also discovered that even although he’s as near-perfect a masculine specimen as you’ll ever find, even he’s not 100% there. In fact, there’s one physical attribute many men take for granted that he’s rather jealous of…

GG: Okay David. Let’s play a little game around the subject of male grooming. I’ll give you a word and you tell me what thoughts pop into your mind.

DG: “Ok, I’ll give it a go!”

GG: “Fragrance”

DG: “Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue of course. The fact is, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that iconic ad with the white trunks! It’s where it all started for me and is what led me to where I am today.”

GG: “Hair”

DG: “Yes! Have some! Actually my hair has a life of its own. It’s so thick and curly it can be a real nightmare. Luckily I have a guy called Larry King who looks after it for me. Everyone in America laughs when I say Larry King does my hair. I have to explain to them, no, not that Larry King!”

GG: “Shaving”

“I don’t. Well, I don’t wet shave anyway. Haven’t for years. I just maintain a little bit of stubble with a beard trimmer.”

GG: “Manscaping”

DG: “Hey! That’s my word! It’s one of my favourites. You’ve got to get a bit of manscaping in there I think. Absolutely!” (note David’s always-tidy trunkline).

GG: “Skincare”

DG: “Organic Rosehip Oil. I mentioned this a while back in an interview and everyone’s gone wild about it ever since. A make-up artist introduced me to it and it’s absolutely fantasic for hydrating skin – especially if you’ve been on a long flight.”

GG: “Fingernails”

DG: “Never polish them! I’m all for male grooming – and it’s important to keep your fingernails – and toenails – tidy, but highly polished fingernails on men? Noooooo.”

GG: “Beards”

DG: “Jealous. You know, I really wish I could grow a beard but I can’t. I have a friend who has a great one but if I try to grow one it’s just patchy – like a badly maintained lawn! I wish there was a Miracle-Gro for beards!”

GG: “Handsome”

DG: “Paul Newman”

GG: ”Must-have”

DG: “Fragrance. I think it’s essential to find something you love and that suits your personality. And something women find attractive obviously!”

David Gandy also writes for Telegraph Men.


David Gandy attends Beauty in Wonderland Exhibition in Milan

Last night, September 19, 2013 David Gandy attended the Beauty in Wonderland Exhibition held during Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014.The exhibition was held in Milan's fifteenth-century Casa degli Atellani. Proctor and Gamble and Vogue Italia collaborated to bring this event to life. Also seen at the event were Hollywood A-listers Cate Blanchette and Blake Lively and fellow Dolce & Gabbana Model Bianca Balti, who starred with David in the latest Light Blue commercial.

       David Gandy with Bianca Balti & Joanne Crewes

David Gandy with (L to R) Bianca Balti, Joanne Crewes, Franca Sozzani & Jonathan Newhouse

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Column for Telegraph Men (UK): 'My ultimate style icon? The plain T-shirt'

My ultimate style icon? The plain T-shirt

Summer is over, but the simple T-shirt is still the most important item in your wardrobe. Just steer clear of funny slogans, says David Gandy.

Simple style: James Dean was often photographed in a plain tee Photo: Alamy
By David Gandy (Official Facebook & Twitter) / Telegraph Men

Last week, I persuaded my nephew to help me to give the Jag a wash (yes, I finally found a use for him - and people say child labour is wrong).

First, we went to get changed into some old clothes that wouldn't get ruined by the inevitable water fight that would break out later. I handed the boy an old T-shirt of his with a big cartoon character on the front, only for him to say: “It's just not cool, Uncle David, I can't wear that.” He’s nine years old.

This got me thinking about T-shirts, and about the way British males dress in general (and how our continental friends are inclined to dress far better than we do). In the UK, there is still a real dress-down culture that is dominated by ill-fitting T-shirts with comedy slogans, ironic pictures, funny graphics or huge logos emblazoned on them.

I’m not talking about children or even teenagers here, I'm talking about grown men. As I sit here writing this in a coffee shop in west London (oh God, I'm not turning into Carrie Bradshaw, am I?), there’s a guy wearing a pink T-shirt with Star Wars Storm Troopers on the front of it, and I'm just thinking, “Why?”

Presumably, he thinks it’s cool, and that other people will think the same, and will share his nostalgia for old sci-fi films, plus his sense of fun. He possibly thinks a pink Star Wars T-shirt is pretty witty.

The British sense of humour is, to me, the best in the world - however, almost any attempt at humour on the front of a T-shirt falls flat on its face. It's lost on me. It seems it’s also lost on my nine-year old nephew who has grown out of funny, cartoon T-shirts in favour of something more simple and sharp. In that respect his grasp of style is more evolved than many grown men I’ve encountered. Maybe it's something to do with his Spanish blood?

What isn't lost on me, though, is the versatility of the classic T-shirt.

Simply put, it should be the main staple in any man's wardrobe. I'm a huge advocate of men's tailoring and bespoke suits, and I always say that men's wardrobes should be based around tailoring, because compared to women we have a rather limited selection of items to choose from.

The items I wear the most, however, are T-shirts. During this hot summer, I have primarily been seen in a pair of tailored trousers and a T-shirt. Alone, this combination doesn't necessarily work, but with the right shoes, watch and sunglasses, it makes for a simple, effective, smart and stylish ensemble.

T-shirts are adaptable to any outfit. I wear one under my double-breasted suit jackets so they look a lot less formal. If you want to show off a leather or driving jacket, a simple T-shirt cannot be beaten.

For such a humble garment, the T-shirt has been sported by many of the biggest male style icons and fashion influencers in history. Think Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, or Paul Newman in Eve Arnold’s famous photo of him at the Actors Studio in the mid 50s, or James Dean at the wheel of his Porsche Spyder (all of them looking effortlessly stylish in a plain white tee). Google images of Giorgio Armani, one of the great men's fashion designers, and I promise you that half of them will show him in a plain black T-shirt.

Today’s style icons like a simple T-shirt too. David Beckham wears a plain tee and jeans arguably better than anybody. Ryan Gosling, in his latest films - "The Place Beyond the Pines" and "Only God Forgives" - looks great in loose crew T-shirts, adapted either with the sleeves cut off or slightly rolled.

T-shirts can be used to great styling effect, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. There isn't just one style: there are loose crew necks, regular crew necks, normal V necks, deep V necks, slim fitting T-shirts, wide bodied T-shirts, long sleeved, short sleeved, mid length sleeved. This is where the buyer has to choose the correct fit and style for their body type.

I personally never buy a regular neck T-shirt - they will always be loose or deeper cut and I'll usually go for a slightly longer sleeve. And they are always from American Apparel, which stocks every type of T-shirt you could ever need - every cut, every style and every colour.

Choose the one that’s right for you. But remember just one thing, gentlemen. Before you head out to re-stock, there's one common factor that makes a T-shirt a classic. No logos, no writing, no jokes, no images. As my nephew knows full well, it has to be PLAIN.

The world’s only international male supermodel, David Gandy, rose to fame as Dolce and Gabbana’s muse and face of their Light Blue fragrance. He was the only male model to take part in the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony and is an official ambassador for London Collections:Men. A regular, global magazine cover star and brand ambassador, he also writes for and reviews cars for

David Gandy is represented by Select Model Management

David Gandy attends Jaguar Event

On September 9, 2013 David Gandy attended the Jaguar world premier of it's new crossover concept car the C-X 17 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Always fabulous in blue, David wore a blue linen suit with one of his signature black v-necks.

 (min 0:21 & 0:45+)

With Marie Nasemann

Harper’s Bazaar London Fashion Week Closing Party

David Gandy attended the Harpers Bazaar London Fashion Week closing party at Annabel's club in Mayfair hosted by Harper’s Bazaar’s editor-in-chief Justine Picardie and her U.S. counterpart Glenda Bailey on September 17, 2013 in London.
Video: (min 0:00,0:39, 2:04+, 3:22)


                                    Pic courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK's IG

 David Gandy with Samantha Barks

 David Gandy with Alice Temperley (L) and Portia Freeman (R)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

V Festival 2013

David Gandy attended the Mahiki Coconut Backstage Bar in the Virgin Media Louder Lounge during day 1 and 2 of V Festival at Hylands Park. This renowned festival is an annual event, first held in 1996, which is sponsored by the Virgin Group over two twinned sites this year: Weston Park (Staffordshire) and Hylands Park (Essex).

The first day, August 17, The Virgin Media main stage was headlined by Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce following with The Script, Jessie J, Steve Angello, Two Door Cinema Club, Ocean Colour Scene and Paloma Faith.

The British model was accompanied by the 22-year-old actress and singer Samantha Barks who enjoyed the party and relaxed atmosphere. David Gandy was spotted with the WheyHey girls, supporting his last investment movement into the Ice Cream Company and he was also seen interviewed by Lucie Cave for Heat Magazine.

David Gandy with the WheyHey Girls (L) and with Charlotte Holmes (R)

David Gandy & Samantha Barks

David Gandy & WheyHey co-founder Greg Duggan

Day 2 (August 18, 2013)