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My Beauty Rules - Marie Claire UK (Sept 2013)

My Beauty Rules

We all fell in love with him in those teeny White pants. Here, our fave male model reveals his grooming tips.

Interview by Cassie Steer, Ph. Yuri Shardenberg for Dolce & Gabbana.

David Beckham made metrosexual cool. Male grooming is more acceptable now, although there’s still a huge gap between the man on the street and the fashion world. Hopefully I’ve made it more acceptable too. You girls have so much advice available to you, but us men need things simplified.

I’m not the best when it comes to looking after my skin. As I’ve got older, though, it’s become more important to wear an SPF every day. I use Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery, as it works for my sensitive skin and has an SPF 30. Other than that I just use a nice shower gel like Kiehl’s Coriander Liquid Body Cleanser. 

Rose oil is literally the best thing for dry skin. I take 90-odd flights a year so my skin is constantly dehydrated, but an Australian make-up artist gave me her rose oil and it just seemed to do wonders.

I don’t worry about going grey. Men are lucky as I think they grow into their looks. If you look at George Clooney and Sean Connery, for example, they’ve aged but it suits them – that salt – and – pepper thing can make men look quite distinguished, so we don’t feel the same pressure to cover it up.

I feel a bit naked without fragrance. If I’m not wearing any, it’s a bit like not wearing a watch. I really like Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue, as I gravitate towards fresh, citrusy scents, and for the evening I’ll go for something a bit darker, such as The One by Dolce & Gabbana. Scent is definitely important in attraction, too: you can meet the most stunning girl, but if you don’t like her scent it’s a big turn-off.

Being able to laugh at herself makes a woman beautiful. Obviously it’s the physical side you’re first attracted to, but then it’s about being able to have fun. If you can’t make each other laugh you may as well give up. I’m very lucky to have worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world, but being grounded is the most important thing to me.

Girls should go easy on the fake tan. I can’t start to look a bit wrong. I’ve never used it myself as I can’t stand the smell, but an ex-girlfriend did – I still have the fake tan on my sheets to prove it.

My hair has a life of its own. I have very thick, curly hair, so it has to be controlled. I like Kiehl’s products and its shops are man-friendly, too. But at the end of the day you can’t beat a good hairdresser – I go to Larry King at Herhesons.

I don’t try to fit into sample sizes. I push quite heavy weights as I like being bulkier, but despite doing the marathon for Oxfam last year I’m probably not that fit. I’m 6ft 3in and 15 stones, so you can hear me coming I sound like Donkey Kong!

I wouldn’t know what to do with men’s make-up. But I don’t see anything wrong with making yourself look and feel better.


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