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David Gandy Invests in Wheyhey Ice Cream

David Gandy: the model ice cream man

He loved it so much he he bought shares: supermodel David Gandy puts his money where is mouth and invests in Wheyhey Ice Cream.

By Katy Young / Fashion.telegraph.co.uk

Dream man turned ice cream man David Gandy has just secured his sweetest contract yet by becoming the face of Wheyhey Ice Cream .

In fact, rumour has it that he liked the taste of the British-born, protein-rich ice-cream so much that he's not just become their cool new face, but also their investor.

And even though these tubs of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream may be the latest fashionable food on the block, it's not Wheyhey's impressive celebrity credentials (Harry Styles is a fellow fan) that has won over Gandy's taste buds and wallet - it's the health credentials. Low fat, sugar-, gluten- and artificial flavouring-free WheyHey 'supports all exercise routines and aids recovery.' Phew, because we love nothing more than a post-workout cornetto too, David.

Ice cream that can help you lose weight sounds like some cruel oxymoron dreamed up by a fictional email spammer, but a new low fat, gluten-free, no sugar, 'protein' ice cream promises to do just that. In other words, if you want a treat but your diet doesn't allow it, this whey protein ice cream fits the bill nicely. The 22g of protein means you'll feel fuller for longer, and because it doesn't have any sugar in it, you won't be feeling the imminent sugar crash that comes with most sweet things. Xylitol, which is a natural sweetener, is used to flavour it.

Each tub is 165 in calories, and other health enthusiasts such as David Haye and the Six Nations rugby team have given it the thumbs up. Wheyhey launched at the start of the year and has just become available on Ocado.

"When I first heard of Wheyhey, the idea of a sugar free, high protein ice cream obviously caught my attention, but as a very health conscience person, sounded almost too good to be true. After tasting all the flavours and asking a lot of questions about the product, I was hooked," said the male supermodel.

An ice cream with a conscience? Sounds a little oxy-moronic to me. But then again for 165 calories a pot, and a muscle building 22 grams of protein (the same as a 70 gram chicken breast), Gandy does have a 'my-body-is-my-temple' point.

                                         WheyHey's trio of lean muscle building ice-cream flavours.

"The health food market is booming at the moment and this is something I pay a lot of attention to. I'm constantly asked about what I eat and I have written and talked (at Vogue Festival and Oxford University) about body image and the importance of nutrition. Wheyhey is a revolutionary product and of course it's British. I'm really excited to be joining the Wheyhey team and know that the next year is going to be a really exciting time for the brand," says Gandy.

HuffPost UK Lifestyle caught up with David to find out what he thought about it.
By Poorna Bell

It sounds too good to be true - is it? 

I have done talks before at Oxford on body image, and it usually diverts into how I work out and how I achieve what I do. Someone always wants the magic pill, they don't want to be told that actually, it's just blood, sweat and tears, four times a week in the gym.

Nutrition is such a huge part of being healthy and staying in shape and we fall behind on a lot of other countries in nutrition. When you say something is protein – people say, 'Oh no, am I going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger' which is just impossible, and it highlights the lack of awareness about nutrition. It's no coincidence we are the most obese country in Europe.

There is no quick solution, but when I saw Wheyhey, I thought, well that IS a solution. This is a guilt-free way of eating ice cream and it is totally natural. When I heard about it I almost thought it was too good to be true and a lot of personal trainers and people I’ve introduced it to have said they couldn't believe it was sugar and gluten free. But they've loved it.

Do you end up compromising on the taste though? 

If you just gave it to people without telling them what it actually is, they would love it. People say 'it actually tastes like ice cream my grandmother used to give me'. Plus, it's a natural product. People look at fat as being bad, but really when you look at things that are fat-free they are actually full of sugar. This isn't."

It was always going to come down to this - what are your fitness tips?

There are some key points – everyone has a different metabolism and you do have to adapt your workout to your eating habits. think about weight loss as mathematics – whatever you put in, you subtract with exercise. We aren’t saying you have to be completely cold turkey and go on a strict diet – I do indulge - but the things I do eat are organic and natural.

If you have nutritional awareness, people an achieve results a lot quicker. Be aware of what your putting in your body and protein is such an important part of the body and a fuel provider.


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