Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 Essentials: David Gandy

The model, writer, and racecar driver shares the 10 secret weapons that make him one of Britain's most stylish men

by Jessica Glavin

Model. Writer for GQ UK. Driver of a vintage Jag in Italy's famous Mille Miglia race. Maybe you've seen pictures of David Gandy in an impeccably tailored three-piece doing one of these things. Those weren't ads. In real life, Gandy has a car and watch collection that would make James Bond grin, and an unshakeable loyalty to Savile Row, even when he's off-duty. In his free time, he's remodeling an 1860s Victorian townhouse in London. How the hell does he manage to get it all done? Gandy gave us the 10 things that keep him fueled as one of Great Britain's most stylish men.

1. Jaguar XKR-S
"I've said in the past that if I could have one car for the rest of my life, this would be it; I got one six months ago, and I was right. It's rare, beautiful, ridiculously fast, and, of course, British. I make excuses to go out and drive this car at every conceivable moment."

2. Thom Sweeney

"There are tailors, and then there is Thom Sweeney. Thom and Luke make suits for some of the most stylish men in London. Remember David Beckham's suit on the speed boat for the Olympic Closing Ceremony? That was them. I can comfortably say that they are the best tailors in London right now."

3. Omega

"I have two rather expensive habits: cars and watches. My grandfather built clocks, and that's where my love of timepieces comes from. I used to watch him build mantelpiece and grandfather clocks as a kid. I'm have a substantial timepiece collection, but I still go with my Omegas over anything else. James Bond can't be wrong, can he?"

4. Blackberry Q10

"I love Apple, but when it comes to phones, I need phone with a keyboard for my sausage fingers, and one that doesn't break or smash when you drop it. I've been a Blackberry advocate for many years, and the 10 series Blackberry now has everything other smartphones do. It's just brilliant."


5. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

"I once called Blue Label 'the Aston Martin of the whisky world'. I think it's the best blended whisky around. It makes the good times better and the bad times a little bit more bearable."

6. Whey Hey ice cream

"An ice cream that is completely natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, and contains very little saturated fat and high-quality protein that's great for building muscles? Sounds too good to be true, but when you're trying to stay healthy, brilliant ideas like this are what we need."

7. Lucky jeans


"When I'm not in suits, my go-to items are a T-shirt and jeans. There are so many jeans nowadays, it's daunting to shop for them. Luckys have everything you need and fit me perfectly. I think they are one of the most exciting American brands at the moment."

8. Nespresso machine

"You would think I thought coffee was going to be banned soon, given the amount I consume. And because I drink so much, it has to be good. Nespresso is brilliant! I have the machines, the capsules, and the syrups. If you are ever in London, don't go to Starbucks, come to my place; it's better coffee."

9. Elle Decor Magazine

"Another great passion of mine is interiors and design. If you see me on one of my very, very frequent plane journeys, I will have one of these magazines in my bag or in my hand (usually with a cup of coffee). I'm decorating my new townhouse with the help of Holland & Sherry on Savile Row. I've always been inspired by Savile Row and its patterns, and I wanted everything that I love about my favorite suits and clothes to be incorporated into the design. For instance, one of the walls is going to be Prince of Wales, and some of the chairs are going to be tweed and herringbone."


10. The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill

"When I need inspiration, be it for everyday life or for my writing, this book is it. If you buy just one book of quotations, this is the one."



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