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David Gandy talks to Der Standard/Rondo Austria Magazine (August 2013)

Very special thanks to our good friends from 'David Gandy Fans Germany' (Facebook / Twitter) for being so kind and translating the original interview into english for all of us. Thank you so much ladies! Always a pleasure to work with you.

David Gandy: " I don't take my clothes off for everyone"

Der Standard - Rondo | Interview by Stefan Hilpold | Ph: Jason Webber

German Version

English Version
Translated by DGFansGermany / Revised by

Models like David Gandy will be called in the industry "money boys". If they promote a product the success is inevitable. Stefan Hipold talked with him about exclusive customers, pumped muscles and about the reason why underwear jobs are often the beginning of a great career.

Standard: Did you always know that you were good looking?

Gandy: Quite the contrary. As I began with the modeling I looked completely different to the other models. The other boys were skinny and they had an androgynous physique.

Standard: That was 13 years ago.

Gandy: Yes, the classical good looking guys, the kind of men you know from the Levi's commercials, weren't in demand at that time, those Bruce Webber guys. 

Standard: At that time were you very muscular? Was it a handicap?

Gandy: At that time I wasn't so big as today. But I did a lot of sports, played Rugby at the university. I never fit in those small suits. I was shot for many catalogues, made a lot of money, but I didn't work with the best. 

Standard: Shooting for catalogues is not so prestigious in the industry. Did it bother you?

Gandy: There you earn the money. A lot of people think, if you are being shot for a great magazine or for an advertising campaign you will earn the big money. But this is not true anymore. Catalogue jobs bring the money. After a few years It became clear, if I must do this furthermore I had to quite the catalogue job. I wanted to work with the best not with the second best.

Standard: Did you make this decision on your own?

Gandy: You must make this decision. My agency thought I was crazy but they supported me. I declined all my customers from day to day, that was not an easy situation. You started with prestigious but unpaid jobs and try to build up a name. 

Standard: But it worked for you. As you were shot in 2006 for your first Light Blue Campaign you had your breakthrough.

Gandy: From today’s point of view it is correct. But if I hadn't made some shots at this time with Lawrence James Thomas I wouldn't have attracted attention to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana at a party.

"White pants guy"

Ph: Luca Bruno / Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2012 Menswear Collection Show

Standard: In the beginning nobody knew your name, only known as the "white pants guy". Did this sexualisation bother you?

Gandy: Let me say: I was not fussed about that. As a male model you shouldn't be shrinking, otherwise you are in the wrong job. A lot of advertisement pictures are sexualized. If you are modelling for Calvin Klein it is part of the job to pose in knickers. Even these underwear jobs are sometimes the beginning of a big career. Think of the famous picture with the Levis Guy in knickers in a laundrette, Nick Kamen. I'm still proud of the White Blue Campaign, it was revolutionary. But it's true: it was not easy to get shot of the attribution "white pans guy".

Standard: How did you make it?

Gandy: I don't do underwear jobs, and except the Light Blue Campaign I rarely let myself get photographed in a sexualized context. This is not easy sometimes by the way. If you once get photographed in knickers or put of your top and it worked then they want to see you like that again and again. The fantasy of the industry is unfortunately constricted. I don't take my clothes off for everyone. Otherwise it would be quite boring.

Ph: Mario Testino / Making-of Dolce & Gabbana 'Light Blue' Ad 2006

Standard: You said the campaign from 2006 was revolutionary. What is revolutionary about a man who lies in a boat with legs spread? 

Gandy: The fact that a man appeared in a commercial again not a boy. The success change the whole industry, first Dolce & Gabbana showed me in a perfume commercial and then David Beckham came who was shot for Armani in knickers. All these campaigns were really successful.

Standard: You are one of the few male supermodels who earns a considerable amount of money. What is the reason, why do you think male models make less in contrast to the female models?

Gandy: The wage gap between the female supermodels and the male supermodels is getting smaller but it is still huge. The problem is that not many men tried to get to the top in the industry. As I always say: it is more important to what you say no to as it is to what you say yes to. In my case, I don't work one day for this brand and the other day for another brand. I work exclusive for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Lucky Jeans or Jaguar.

"The male market is very limited"

Standard: However: why is there hardly for a male model established in the public?

Gandy: Because the fashion market for women is much bigger than the market for men and there is much more money to gain. It gives so many products which you can make commercials with: Lipstick, Make up, Anti-Aging Cremes. The male market is much limited but currently some things have changed. For example, I am one of the official ambassadors for the LC:M. I hope that I can be a role model for other models and they say: if David Gandy has made it why can't I make it too?

Standard: For many men modelling it is not a job rather a hobby. Is that a problem?

Gandy: They don't believe that they can earn enough money with that. They see it more like an intermediate stage, apply then to the acting or something different. But we have to say that modelling is a stepping stone. Me, for example, have a column for GQ, write in Vogue, for the Telegraph and have three charities. All this would not be possible if I were not present as a model. Last year I was seen on 23 covers.

Standard: Do you get more encouragement from men or from women?

Gandy: The good news is that both genders react positively on me. From grandmothers to young women, straight or gay men it seems that I work for a lot of people as a commercial face.

Standard: Also your manager could have given this reply.

Gandy: I don't have a manager. I am my own boss, owner of three firms. The product is always me. We feed the social networks every day, hundreds of thousands of fans follow my activities around the globe. I am asked to sign autographs and photos. 

Standard: Last question: the career of a model is usually limited. How long will yours continue? 

Gandy: Is the career of Kate Moss over? Naomi Campbell? Christy Turlington? No, it isn't. I'm only 33; if you are smart and adjust your strategy to the market you can be successful far beyond the age. And I'll try that too.

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David Gandy Invests in Wheyhey Ice Cream

David Gandy: the model ice cream man

He loved it so much he he bought shares: supermodel David Gandy puts his money where is mouth and invests in Wheyhey Ice Cream.

By Katy Young /

Dream man turned ice cream man David Gandy has just secured his sweetest contract yet by becoming the face of Wheyhey Ice Cream .

In fact, rumour has it that he liked the taste of the British-born, protein-rich ice-cream so much that he's not just become their cool new face, but also their investor.

And even though these tubs of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream may be the latest fashionable food on the block, it's not Wheyhey's impressive celebrity credentials (Harry Styles is a fellow fan) that has won over Gandy's taste buds and wallet - it's the health credentials. Low fat, sugar-, gluten- and artificial flavouring-free WheyHey 'supports all exercise routines and aids recovery.' Phew, because we love nothing more than a post-workout cornetto too, David.

Ice cream that can help you lose weight sounds like some cruel oxymoron dreamed up by a fictional email spammer, but a new low fat, gluten-free, no sugar, 'protein' ice cream promises to do just that. In other words, if you want a treat but your diet doesn't allow it, this whey protein ice cream fits the bill nicely. The 22g of protein means you'll feel fuller for longer, and because it doesn't have any sugar in it, you won't be feeling the imminent sugar crash that comes with most sweet things. Xylitol, which is a natural sweetener, is used to flavour it.

Each tub is 165 in calories, and other health enthusiasts such as David Haye and the Six Nations rugby team have given it the thumbs up. Wheyhey launched at the start of the year and has just become available on Ocado.

"When I first heard of Wheyhey, the idea of a sugar free, high protein ice cream obviously caught my attention, but as a very health conscience person, sounded almost too good to be true. After tasting all the flavours and asking a lot of questions about the product, I was hooked," said the male supermodel.

An ice cream with a conscience? Sounds a little oxy-moronic to me. But then again for 165 calories a pot, and a muscle building 22 grams of protein (the same as a 70 gram chicken breast), Gandy does have a 'my-body-is-my-temple' point.

                                         WheyHey's trio of lean muscle building ice-cream flavours.

"The health food market is booming at the moment and this is something I pay a lot of attention to. I'm constantly asked about what I eat and I have written and talked (at Vogue Festival and Oxford University) about body image and the importance of nutrition. Wheyhey is a revolutionary product and of course it's British. I'm really excited to be joining the Wheyhey team and know that the next year is going to be a really exciting time for the brand," says Gandy.

HuffPost UK Lifestyle caught up with David to find out what he thought about it.
By Poorna Bell

It sounds too good to be true - is it? 

I have done talks before at Oxford on body image, and it usually diverts into how I work out and how I achieve what I do. Someone always wants the magic pill, they don't want to be told that actually, it's just blood, sweat and tears, four times a week in the gym.

Nutrition is such a huge part of being healthy and staying in shape and we fall behind on a lot of other countries in nutrition. When you say something is protein – people say, 'Oh no, am I going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger' which is just impossible, and it highlights the lack of awareness about nutrition. It's no coincidence we are the most obese country in Europe.

There is no quick solution, but when I saw Wheyhey, I thought, well that IS a solution. This is a guilt-free way of eating ice cream and it is totally natural. When I heard about it I almost thought it was too good to be true and a lot of personal trainers and people I’ve introduced it to have said they couldn't believe it was sugar and gluten free. But they've loved it.

Do you end up compromising on the taste though? 

If you just gave it to people without telling them what it actually is, they would love it. People say 'it actually tastes like ice cream my grandmother used to give me'. Plus, it's a natural product. People look at fat as being bad, but really when you look at things that are fat-free they are actually full of sugar. This isn't."

It was always going to come down to this - what are your fitness tips?

There are some key points – everyone has a different metabolism and you do have to adapt your workout to your eating habits. think about weight loss as mathematics – whatever you put in, you subtract with exercise. We aren’t saying you have to be completely cold turkey and go on a strict diet – I do indulge - but the things I do eat are organic and natural.

If you have nutritional awareness, people an achieve results a lot quicker. Be aware of what your putting in your body and protein is such an important part of the body and a fuel provider.

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10 Essentials: David Gandy

The model, writer, and racecar driver shares the 10 secret weapons that make him one of Britain's most stylish men

by Jessica Glavin

Model. Writer for GQ UK. Driver of a vintage Jag in Italy's famous Mille Miglia race. Maybe you've seen pictures of David Gandy in an impeccably tailored three-piece doing one of these things. Those weren't ads. In real life, Gandy has a car and watch collection that would make James Bond grin, and an unshakeable loyalty to Savile Row, even when he's off-duty. In his free time, he's remodeling an 1860s Victorian townhouse in London. How the hell does he manage to get it all done? Gandy gave us the 10 things that keep him fueled as one of Great Britain's most stylish men.

1. Jaguar XKR-S
"I've said in the past that if I could have one car for the rest of my life, this would be it; I got one six months ago, and I was right. It's rare, beautiful, ridiculously fast, and, of course, British. I make excuses to go out and drive this car at every conceivable moment."

2. Thom Sweeney

"There are tailors, and then there is Thom Sweeney. Thom and Luke make suits for some of the most stylish men in London. Remember David Beckham's suit on the speed boat for the Olympic Closing Ceremony? That was them. I can comfortably say that they are the best tailors in London right now."

3. Omega

"I have two rather expensive habits: cars and watches. My grandfather built clocks, and that's where my love of timepieces comes from. I used to watch him build mantelpiece and grandfather clocks as a kid. I'm have a substantial timepiece collection, but I still go with my Omegas over anything else. James Bond can't be wrong, can he?"

4. Blackberry Q10

"I love Apple, but when it comes to phones, I need phone with a keyboard for my sausage fingers, and one that doesn't break or smash when you drop it. I've been a Blackberry advocate for many years, and the 10 series Blackberry now has everything other smartphones do. It's just brilliant."


5. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

"I once called Blue Label 'the Aston Martin of the whisky world'. I think it's the best blended whisky around. It makes the good times better and the bad times a little bit more bearable."

6. Whey Hey ice cream

"An ice cream that is completely natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, and contains very little saturated fat and high-quality protein that's great for building muscles? Sounds too good to be true, but when you're trying to stay healthy, brilliant ideas like this are what we need."

7. Lucky jeans


"When I'm not in suits, my go-to items are a T-shirt and jeans. There are so many jeans nowadays, it's daunting to shop for them. Luckys have everything you need and fit me perfectly. I think they are one of the most exciting American brands at the moment."

8. Nespresso machine

"You would think I thought coffee was going to be banned soon, given the amount I consume. And because I drink so much, it has to be good. Nespresso is brilliant! I have the machines, the capsules, and the syrups. If you are ever in London, don't go to Starbucks, come to my place; it's better coffee."

9. Elle Decor Magazine

"Another great passion of mine is interiors and design. If you see me on one of my very, very frequent plane journeys, I will have one of these magazines in my bag or in my hand (usually with a cup of coffee). I'm decorating my new townhouse with the help of Holland & Sherry on Savile Row. I've always been inspired by Savile Row and its patterns, and I wanted everything that I love about my favorite suits and clothes to be incorporated into the design. For instance, one of the walls is going to be Prince of Wales, and some of the chairs are going to be tweed and herringbone."


10. The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill

"When I need inspiration, be it for everyday life or for my writing, this book is it. If you buy just one book of quotations, this is the one."


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Massimo Dutti F/W 2013/14 'The Equestrian Collection'

David Gandy and Carolyn Murphy take us into the world of an equestrian for the new Massimo Dutti F/W 2013 campaign. They take us into a side of fashion dominated by rich blues, soft khakis and buttery soft leathers.
 Photographed by Hunter & Gatti, fashion advertising and branding agency.

Lucky Brand 'Made in the U.S. of A.' Campaign (BTS Video)

David Gandy and Missy Rayder star in the new Behind The Scenes video for Lucky Brand 'Made in the U.S. of A.' campaign, directed by Mario Sorrenti.

Creative Directors: Patrick Wade and Matt Berman
Photographer: Mario Sorrenti 
Stylist: Melanie Ward

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David Gandy speaks at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

For their second anniversary as The Industry the fashion business networking club invited the only male supermodel, David Gandy, to speak at Vogue's new Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design (July 24, 2013) . David sat down with Hilary Alexander to discuss how he came into modeling and how he's changed the view of male models in the fashion industry.

Below you will find that we gathered some comments from David Gandy that were posted on twitter from the event while we wait for The Industry to publish the video from this interview.

Ph. Sam Atkinson - Facebook/The Industry London

‘If you see a great suit on TV its most likely Thom Sweeney.’ ‘If you ask most men what they’re wearing - Zara’ @wearetheco
 'Thom Sweeney is one of the best tailors of the moment - if you see a great suit on tv it's probably a Thom Sweeney!' @wgsn
A member asks @DGandyOfficial about personal styling, he says he has never had one. @INDLondon
'Fashion can fuel passion elsewhere' @INDLondon
'I'm not sure I know about fashion but I know about cars' @INDLondon
‘fashion can relate to men through other industries - sport and cars’ @INDLondon
'The best thing about my job is the other opportunities its allowed me to do - like pursue my love of cars' ‏@wgsn
'I would love to be a creative director of a clothing brand.' @styliststuff
'I haven't as yet trademarked my name but it's a very clever idea' @wgsn
‘The only way I did well at school was by cheating' @ClaireEtchell
'I"m finding myself not buying magazines and going on line" @styliststuff
'Id love to be behind the camera or a Creative Director in the future' @wgsn
'I would like to create a company where models own a percentage of the company' @INDLondon
'All the brands I work with work together with my team which always creates great results, like with M&S' @wgsn
'II hate having my picture taken its not a natural thing' @styliststuff
'When I came into the industry it was about skinny Dior guys & I wasn't one of those' @wgsn
'Modelling is the only industry in the world where the women get paid more than the men - my dad finds this hilarious' @wgsn
Modelling is the only industry in the world where men get paid less than women ‏@INDLondon
'The most important thing is what you say no to not what you say yes to' @INDLondon
'What I try to do with all my brands which I don't think models do enough, is show loyalty - I stuck with @dolcegabbana' ‏@INDLondon
'I hope I've paved the way for a group of male models to do this same as Cindy Crawford' @INDLondon
'I didn't have many girlfriends at university - I'm not sure what happened there' ‏@wgsn
'I'm very fortunate to be in the industry at a time when men's fashion is ever expanding' @wgsn
What would @DGandyOfficial have done if he hasn't become a model? Answer: 'I have no idea - my multi media degree was like geek central!' @wgsn
A successful model must build a brand - how did @DGandyOfficial do it? 'Female models have been my inspiration, Cindy and Kate'. ‏@INDLondon
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My Beauty Rules - Marie Claire UK (Sept 2013)

My Beauty Rules

We all fell in love with him in those teeny White pants. Here, our fave male model reveals his grooming tips.

Interview by Cassie Steer, Ph. Yuri Shardenberg for Dolce & Gabbana.

David Beckham made metrosexual cool. Male grooming is more acceptable now, although there’s still a huge gap between the man on the street and the fashion world. Hopefully I’ve made it more acceptable too. You girls have so much advice available to you, but us men need things simplified.

I’m not the best when it comes to looking after my skin. As I’ve got older, though, it’s become more important to wear an SPF every day. I use Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery, as it works for my sensitive skin and has an SPF 30. Other than that I just use a nice shower gel like Kiehl’s Coriander Liquid Body Cleanser. 

Rose oil is literally the best thing for dry skin. I take 90-odd flights a year so my skin is constantly dehydrated, but an Australian make-up artist gave me her rose oil and it just seemed to do wonders.

I don’t worry about going grey. Men are lucky as I think they grow into their looks. If you look at George Clooney and Sean Connery, for example, they’ve aged but it suits them – that salt – and – pepper thing can make men look quite distinguished, so we don’t feel the same pressure to cover it up.

I feel a bit naked without fragrance. If I’m not wearing any, it’s a bit like not wearing a watch. I really like Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue, as I gravitate towards fresh, citrusy scents, and for the evening I’ll go for something a bit darker, such as The One by Dolce & Gabbana. Scent is definitely important in attraction, too: you can meet the most stunning girl, but if you don’t like her scent it’s a big turn-off.

Being able to laugh at herself makes a woman beautiful. Obviously it’s the physical side you’re first attracted to, but then it’s about being able to have fun. If you can’t make each other laugh you may as well give up. I’m very lucky to have worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world, but being grounded is the most important thing to me.

Girls should go easy on the fake tan. I can’t start to look a bit wrong. I’ve never used it myself as I can’t stand the smell, but an ex-girlfriend did – I still have the fake tan on my sheets to prove it.

My hair has a life of its own. I have very thick, curly hair, so it has to be controlled. I like Kiehl’s products and its shops are man-friendly, too. But at the end of the day you can’t beat a good hairdresser – I go to Larry King at Herhesons.

I don’t try to fit into sample sizes. I push quite heavy weights as I like being bulkier, but despite doing the marathon for Oxfam last year I’m probably not that fit. I’m 6ft 3in and 15 stones, so you can hear me coming I sound like Donkey Kong!

I wouldn’t know what to do with men’s make-up. But I don’t see anything wrong with making yourself look and feel better.