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David Gandy talks with ¡Hola! Fashion during the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Launch in Madrid

David Gandy conversed with the Spanish magazine '¡Hola!' at the Meditteranean Summer Cocktail event in the San Mauro Hotel (Madrid) during the D&G's latest Light Blue fragrance campaign in May 29, 2013. The full interview, for editorial reasons, is divided into two complementary versions, one published in the supplement of the magazine 'Hello Fashion' (July 2013, #3598 issue), and the last published online on July 15, 2013.

1. ¡Hola! Fashion Magazine (July 2013) #3598 issue

Ph: Richard Ramos
Text: Susana Molina

Spanish Version

English translation by DjG.com
The World's Most Expensive Model

"A woman does not have to do anything to seduce me, just come and talk to me and make me laugh. That is what's most important." He was the only male model to strut the catwalk with top female models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell during the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games.

In an industry dominated by women, David Gandy is the first male model to reach the category of top and even out the salary made by the female Top Models. Perhaps that is why, this Englishman born in the same region as Victoria Beckham (Essex) was the only male model to accompany Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss during the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games. Desired by women and envied by men he became famous for sailing in white pants and for drops of Light Blue perfume by Dolce and Gabbana in the Tyrrhenian Sea. But Gandy does not want to only be known as the handsome man in the ad, he combines his work as a model creating his own brand, creating apps for mobil phones, a blog and his own charity... Almost nothing for a person who participates in car races and is a self defined adrenaline junkie. A very risky hobby that has nothing to do with the discipline he showed during our photo session, repeating the same poses many times as asked by our photographer. At the end of the, Gandy is a true gentleman.

- You are best known for being the white pants guy, more so than your own name. Does that bother you?

DG: I hated it, it is the reason I wanted to build the brand David Gandy. Now everybody knows my name, it is an extension of me.

- Filming on that boat must make for good stories.

DG: I have one from two seasons ago, I almost drowned!! The weather was awful and I was trying to get on the boat again and again. I was able to get my arm on the boat. I have no idea what I was holding to. They would tell me: "Come on, come one." The boat shot out and they had to jump in the water to save me.

- If you were lost on that boat, in the middle of nowhere, what would miss the most?

DG: I would probably love to get lost. My father used to take us to the Mediterranean Sea as a child. We went with my sister on a small boat and I always fell asleep . This is how my father shushed me. Now I would love to be lost on a boat with no one around.I would be without my Blackberry, no emails, no photographers, without anything. Just me, sunbathing. And later I would see where I would end up.

- Who would you like to be lost with on that boat?

DG: I don't know. I'm not sure anyone could be with me for so long. Maybe the best thing would be for me to be alone.

- Who would you throw off the boat?

DG: There are many people who I would want to throw in the water. But I can't think of anyone in particular right now.

- Have you ever done anything crazy for love?

DG: I have done many. I think everyone has done something crazy for love. When you look back, you think: "Why did I do that?".

- What does a woman have do to seduce David Gandy?

DG: No need to do anything, just come talk to me and make me laugh. That's whats most important.

- In your blog you write quotes Voltaire, Churchill ... Is there one that summarizes this point in your life?

DG: No. My life changes every week. If it were the same it would be boring to write about it. That is the reason I choose a different column, and a different quote for every post I write. This column is a summary of what I want to say and write about dreams. People should always have a dream.

- What is your dream?

DG: One of my dreams was to do the Mille Miglia, the race of a thousand miles that runs in Italy, and I did it with Yasmin le Bon a few weeks ago. It was a dream come true. If ten years ago someone would have said to me you are doing the Mille Miglia with one of the world's most beautiful women in a 1950's Jaguar I would have never believed it.

- In addition to racing, do you need speed in your life?

DG: Constantly. The Mille Miglia, skiing ... I'm constantly looking for speed. I'm kind of addicted to adrenaline. That's why I'm always doing fun things that people hate, like getting on a plane with ridiculous turbines.

- I guess it's a hobby too risky for your work. Do you have insurance for your body?

DG: I had insurance, but if you die, I guess it doesn't count. You can't be too worried about things like that.

- You must be tired of hearing jokes about the character from the movie Zoolander. Do you have to prove that a model can be smart as well?

DG: Constantly. That's all I do. That's the reason why I created everything that I have. I had to create the brand David Gandy because everyone had that preconceived notion. I've also created my own charity and I called Blue Steel Appeal.

- Because of the movie?

DG: Yes Blue Steel is from Zoolander. Everyone knows Zoolander, and I thought if I could not beat them why not join them. It has a comic element. I think it works well.

- You have said on different occasions that you do not like or your hair or your nose. How is it possible that one of the world's sexiest men finds he has faults?

DG: I'm sure everyone has little things they do not like about themselves. And I'm exactly the same as anyone else. Probably a little worse. I have to see constantly look at my photos, go figure. I am perhaps more aware of this than any other, but, of course, I have the same insecurities as everyone else.

- Besides being a supermodel, you're are famous. Do you ever feel harassed on the street?

DG: I don't like the word famous. It is horrible. People aspire to be famous and they do nothing. I'm known for being a model, for my charity, for being television and what I write. I love it when people approach me and I also talk to them on social networks.

- You're are considered one of the most elegant men around. How do you become a gentleman?

DG: It's something that comes from you, not your clothes. You can do it with a shirt and jeans. Probably, people think a gentleman is someone dressed in suit and tie, but if that person does not behave as such, it is not.

2. ¡Hola! Fashion Online (July 15, 2013) New!

Interview with model David Gandy: "We should consider ourselves privileged to be doing what we do in this business"

Want to learn more about the "hot" British model? Do not miss what he told us on his recent visit to Madrid.

Just by saying 'Capri', 'white bathing suit' and 'Dolce & Gabbana' you know perfectly well that we are talking about one of the most attractive and desirable models of the world, David Gandy. From his body, which resembles a Greek God to his seductive blue eyes are what have made him one of the men of the moment, whose picture we now see all over the city for the new fragrance ad campaign 'Light Blue' from the Italian fashion house, which on this occasion, is accompanied by the 'top model' Bianca Balti.
In fact, during the presentation of this new visual work of renowned photographer Mario Testino, David Gandy travelled to Madrid last May and, in a marathon day of work, met us at the Santo Mauro Hotel so we could get to know him a little better. This was what he told us in our interview:

- What does the color light blue mean to you?

DG: Blue, for some reason, is always present in my life. It's in my eyes, in my charity, in the campaign 'Light Blue' ... In alll! In fact, today we meet to promote new images of the campaign for the fragrance 'Light Blue' by Dolce & Gabbana.

- Personally and professionally, what does Dolce & Gabbana mean to you?

DG: With them, I have not only done the campaign for 'Light Blue', but also a calendar, a book of photographs ... and all the campaigns, the glasses, the sunglasses, the watches, and so on. This collaboration was used more in the decades of the 80's and 90's, but today, it is rare for a model and a fashion company to work so closely. It gives me a sense of pride. And besides, it works very well and we respect each other greatly. I hope that it remains that way for a long time.

- Moreover, you should be very happy because, for example, have you been the image of 'Light Blue' for several years, although your companions always change. Is it impossible to find replacement for you?

DG: Of course not, nothing is impossible. One day, that will change. We do not know when, but that is fashion. Limits are established and things must constantly be renewed to rejuvenate ideas. For example, 'Light Blue' will always go on. It is an iconic fragrance. And, someday, I will be replaced by another man. It will be good. And in any case, I would like to be part of the selection of that person and be part of the team that has been entrusted with the creative direction. That would be fun.

- In this new ad, you are paired up with Italian model Bianca Balti, how does she seem to you?

DG: This is the third girl I've worked with on this campaign. She defines how the woman of this fragrance should be: an Italian woman, Latina and very passionate. Naturally she is Italian and is very passionate. Therefore, it is the perfect choice.

- What was your first job with the company?

DG: My first job was a fashion show in 2002. At that the time, I was doing my first jobs on the catwalk.

- However, before all this, you leap into fashion came after winning a modelling contest, although it took years until Dolce & Gabbana turned you into their image. How were these years prior to your signing to the Italian house?

DG: It was very boring, honestly. I did a lot of catalog work, but I found it boring and did not earn much money. Moreover, just doing that I knew I would never work with best designers in the world, which is what I wanted. I call that 'the philosophy of the larger goal." What's more, I also wanted to get that iconic ad. Honestly, if I had not won this contract, I would have not continued.

- On the other hand, the catwalk is not something he is passionate about. In fact, it is more usual to see you posing in front of the camera. Do you prefer that more?

DG: Without a doubt, I prefer to be in front of a camera. I do not enjoy the fashion shows. A fashion show is a lot of work to only be on a catwalk for 20 seconds.

- But, is there a certain aspect of a fashion show that is difficult?

DG: In reality, nothing is too hard. We should consider ourselves privileged to be doing what we do in this business. Nothing should be hard. I always try to apply that philosophy to everything, to the fashion shows, photo shoots ... I wish we had a more pleasant environment, one in which we can really enjoy what we do. Many people in this sector take fashion too seriously. It is a serious business, but it is no more than that, a business. We should try to make it as fun as possible.

- Did something in your life change when you decided to be a model?

DG: I can not say that the life I led before would have been difficult to maintain once I became a model. I finished college and became a model straight after. I did not have to leave anything. I had nothing, no money, no home, nothing. Being a model has given me more things than it has taken away.

- Let's talk about summer. With so much work, will you have time to vacation?

DG: No, I will not have many holidays because I have a lot work this summer.

- However, when you have days off, do you prefer to travel or stay at home resting?

DG: I never stay at home. If I stay at home it is because I have work to do. So, it's okay to leave. In any case, I travel about 90 times a year. Sometimes, it's nice to be home for a week and do mundane things like shopping or fill the fridge with something, instead of throwing away everything when I return from a trip. It's fun.

- And if you plan a trip for pleasure, not work, where is your favourite place to go?

DG: I often go to Africa. Last year I went to Botswana, the previous year, Uganda to trek with the gorillas ... I’ll opt for pretty remote places.

- Equally as remote is your ideal place to live?

DG: I live in London, where I just bought a house. It is an old building dating back to the eighteenth century. It has a large basement that I am restoring. Some say I'm building a 'shelter'. I always wanted to restore a house in London and I'm getting to do that now.

- Africa, London, I'm sure being a model has led to many other places ... However, is there any place that you haven't been to and would like to visit?

DG: I've been to many places and I do not know where to go, although you can always find a new destination. For example, I have never been to Australia or New Zealand. I've heard good things about New Zealand. That might be a place I would visit. Although, it is far. However, there are still many places that I have yet to explore in Africa, such as Namibia and the desert elephants. I will probably go someday. And, come to think, I have not been to Antarctica. Look, finally, there is still something to do!

- In Spain, apart from this occasion, have you've been at any other time?

DG: Many times! My sister lives in southern Spain. I've probably been here more than anywhere else.

- And in Spain, where is your favourite place to go?

DG: I love Barcelona. I have many friends there.

- What do you like about our country?

DG: The people are fantastic. My brother-in-law is Spanish. So it is better to say that I like the Spaniards (laughs). But really, I do. The people I know in Barcelona are some of my closest friends. Although we do not see other for years, we are back to being good friends once we reunite.

- With so much traveling, what is it that you always carry in your hand luggage before getting on a plane?

DG: I always carry a car magazine, an interior design magazine and my Blackberry. But I have to adapt from one trip to another, whether it is short or a long one. For example, I have a bag full of chargers because, nowadays, you have to charge everything for some reason! My iPod charger, the Blackberry charger and shaver charger. It's ridiculous (laughs).

- And, regarding your style, how you like to dress for summer?

DG: Overall, my wardrobe does not normally change with the seasons. My suit does change. I have them made for my size and, for example, wool for winter and linen in summer.

- Do you opt for a white 'slip' (underwear) as advertised in 'Light Blue'?

DG: No (laughs). I wear normal shorts. Nothing too extravagant.

- How do you define yourself as a model?

DG: I do not like to define myself as a model, because I never considered myself as such.

- However, you've much success in this profession. What makes you different from other models?

DG: Hard to say. I may have taken fashion seriously and in being a model. And in doing that I created a business.

- However, something that defines you is your body, which is much more muscular than the other models. Is that a result of a lot of sports?

DG: I wish it was not true, but I go to the gym a lot. The results are based on gym, gym, gym ... and more gym.

- How many hours a day?

DG: About 45 minutes to an hour.

- Without a doubt you've carved a niche in the privileged fashion world. In fact, almost a year ago, you participated in the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. How do you remember that time?

DG: It was a time when I felt very proud. I was the only guy in a group of girls, although I would have liked there to have been another guy. It would have been difficult to elect another. Also, my parents came to see me and were in the audience.

- However, even though your body can be your letter of presentation, how you define yourself as a person?

DG: How do I define myself? I'm different. I protect my personal life. In fact, my personality is very different from that shown in 'Light Blue', which is the Mediterranean Man. In that I play a character.

- Is there a particular model, whether man or woman, which you admire?

DG: There is no male model that I admire because I can not name any today. But I love the supermodels of the 90s, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. They have done great.

- In the month of May, you met with one of these mythical 'top' nineties model, Yasmin Le Bon, to participate in the car race Mille Miglia. How was that experience?

DG: Probably was, if not, the best experience, one of the best experiences of my life. The Mille Miglia is a fantastic race. Furthermore, we drove a race car. It was one of the only times after sleeping only three hours that I did not want to go to sleep, I just wanted to drive and drive. And besides, Yasmin is my friend. We both go crazy for cars. In general, we lived an amazing moment, although it was hard because we had an accident and one day we were driving for 16 hours straight. However, we enjoyed every moment.

- And speaking of activities outside the fashion world ... Tell me more about your other professional facets. For example, your mobile applications, you write for magazines...

DG: Yes, I write for magazines and I have developed a mobile application for 'fitness' and another for men’s style. On the other hand, I help three or four charities and I have my own called Blue Steel Appeal. Also, I'm doing several things that excite me right now and, with any luck, I will do more. And you will see them very soon.

Source: Hola.com/moda

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