Friday, July 26, 2013

David Gandy talks to Cosmopolitan México (August 2013)

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A Dolce & Gabbana woman celebrates her power and femininity to get what she wants in life. At Cosmo we love being daring, how about you?

DG: I like people who go after what they want in life, especially in terms of their career. You have to be consistent and determined because no one will do things for you. With regard to relationships, I think fate plays a very important role, it is better to be open and let things happen naturally.

What makes a woman irresistible?

DG: Your laughter. Any woman who is fun and does not take themselves too seriously is incredibly irresistible.

There seems to be a debate among men about how women look better: little black dress and heels or jeans and a t-shirt. What do you think?

DG: Good question. The truthis you can not fail with any of these two looks. Girls, take it as a tip: men we love a woman in jeans and t-shirt, they are super comfy and natural. But for a night out, put on a black dress by Dolce & Gabbana with a pair of heels: simply irresistible.

Where can we find on your free time? Partyng in Ibiza or relaxing at home?

DG: Partying all night in Ibiza is my version of a nightmare! I would never do that. I hardly take vacations ... Last year, I went skiing and also went to Africa. But nothing of phones and the Internet, somewhere where no one can find me. I like to disconnect completely.

Tell us about your favorites:

DG: Food: "I love sweets, especially cookies! I could eat a whole box. "

Exercise: "Abs. I hate them but I love the results. "

Gifts: "It is impossible to buy me a gift. I would love someone to cook dinner. These are the little things that I really appreciate. In fact, I am a very good cook, so I'm sure you can return the favor ... I would also love for someone to give me more hours in a day ".


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