Wednesday, July 17, 2013

David Gandy Stars in Bionda Castana's Autumn Winter 2013 Fashion Film

 Mr David Gandy is many things to many women. Heartthrob, imaginary boyfriend, pin-up - whichever way you envisage Britain’s premier male supermodel, it’s certainly blush-inducing. However, until last night, July 11, 2013 we were unaware that our fashion hero had a serious penchant for luxury Italian-made shoes.

David with Bionda Castana Co-Founder Natalia Barbieri

Starring in hot footwear brand, Bionda Castana’s short film which was screened on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at London’s Hospital Club, Gandy was in rare form. Shot by David Schwimmer’s (of Ross & Rachel fame) production company in New York’s Soho House, the film entitled David Gandy’s Good Night follows the young stallion on a series of short-lived romances. From the first moment Gandy cautches the camera’s eye, we know that each and every lady he comes into contact with will be powerless to resist his charms. While the dalliances may be inevitable, the ending of the film was less so, with the final scenes showing Gandy’s gorgeous conquests awaking to find not only their man has fled, but he’s also filched their shoes. As the credits roll, Gandy walks through downtown Manhattan with his swag swung over his shoulder and a seriously smug look on his face though to be honest, if we’d managed to procure that stack of new season Biondas, we’d be pretty thrilled too!


Natalia Barbieri, co-founder of the brand told Grazia last night that the guiding concept behind the film is that, “footwear is an aphrodisiac.” When it came to casting the male lead Barbieri admitted there was only one name on her radar: “I practically stalked David. In all seriousness we are so honoured that he agreed to be part of this film. I think we both represent British luxury so it was so great to have him involved.” Mr Gandy himself explained the film was, “about the emotional connection women have to shoes,” and admitted he’d, “learnt a lot about women’s obsession with footwear.” He also revealed that he was a big fan of the filming process telling Grazia that, “the whole thing was an incredible experience, being on set was such an education. From the incredible lighting to the girls who did so well, it was definitely memorable.

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