Saturday, August 3, 2013

David Gandy speaks at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

For their second anniversary as The Industry the fashion business networking club invited the only male supermodel, David Gandy, to speak at Vogue's new Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design (July 24, 2013) . David sat down with Hilary Alexander to discuss how he came into modeling and how he's changed the view of male models in the fashion industry.

Below you will find that we gathered some comments from David Gandy that were posted on twitter from the event while we wait for The Industry to publish the video from this interview.

Ph. Sam Atkinson - Facebook/The Industry London

‘If you see a great suit on TV its most likely Thom Sweeney.’ ‘If you ask most men what they’re wearing - Zara’ @wearetheco
 'Thom Sweeney is one of the best tailors of the moment - if you see a great suit on tv it's probably a Thom Sweeney!' @wgsn
A member asks @DGandyOfficial about personal styling, he says he has never had one. @INDLondon
'Fashion can fuel passion elsewhere' @INDLondon
'I'm not sure I know about fashion but I know about cars' @INDLondon
‘fashion can relate to men through other industries - sport and cars’ @INDLondon
'The best thing about my job is the other opportunities its allowed me to do - like pursue my love of cars' ‏@wgsn
'I would love to be a creative director of a clothing brand.' @styliststuff
'I haven't as yet trademarked my name but it's a very clever idea' @wgsn
‘The only way I did well at school was by cheating' @ClaireEtchell
'I"m finding myself not buying magazines and going on line" @styliststuff
'Id love to be behind the camera or a Creative Director in the future' @wgsn
'I would like to create a company where models own a percentage of the company' @INDLondon
'All the brands I work with work together with my team which always creates great results, like with M&S' @wgsn
'II hate having my picture taken its not a natural thing' @styliststuff
'When I came into the industry it was about skinny Dior guys & I wasn't one of those' @wgsn
'Modelling is the only industry in the world where the women get paid more than the men - my dad finds this hilarious' @wgsn
Modelling is the only industry in the world where men get paid less than women ‏@INDLondon
'The most important thing is what you say no to not what you say yes to' @INDLondon
'What I try to do with all my brands which I don't think models do enough, is show loyalty - I stuck with @dolcegabbana' ‏@INDLondon
'I hope I've paved the way for a group of male models to do this same as Cindy Crawford' @INDLondon
'I didn't have many girlfriends at university - I'm not sure what happened there' ‏@wgsn
'I'm very fortunate to be in the industry at a time when men's fashion is ever expanding' @wgsn
What would @DGandyOfficial have done if he hasn't become a model? Answer: 'I have no idea - my multi media degree was like geek central!' @wgsn
A successful model must build a brand - how did @DGandyOfficial do it? 'Female models have been my inspiration, Cindy and Kate'. ‏@INDLondon
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