Friday, July 5, 2013

A Question for David Gandy

Questions formulated by followers

  • Vanessa Ryan Langton
Which famous men would you consider to be modern style icons for the man of today to reference? Or icons for the man of the future to look back on?

This is quite a difficult question to answer Vanessa. The style icons I admire and look up to are Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, James Dean, etc. None of these men ever set out to be style icons and they all dreamed in a very utilitarian way in that they wore items that suited their life-styles. They were all petrol heads so favored Barbour or Belstaff Jackets, Rolexes, Petrol Sunglasses and Converse. These items have become sought after really because of the initial association with these films stars.

Icons are a lot more savvy when it comes to styling. There is obviously a lot more choice of brands and clothing, many are dreamed by stylish and can sometimes almost be overly styled. I look for that little bit of individual, utilitarian way of dreaming and admire men who make pieces of clothing a trend or a ‘must have’ ítem in a non clinical way. I think Jude Law and Ryan Gosling will be seen as future style icons, as their style is look effortless yet cool. David Beckham is very styled, but still probably looks better than anyone in jeans, a T-shirt and sunglasses. This may sound strange but someone who gets it correct every time is Prince Charles. In suiting ad Double Breasted suits, he can’t be beaten. He knows what he looks best in and what suits him and that is impeccable tailoring.
  • Norma Benavidez:
If you had the opportunity to speak to yourself as a teenager, what would you say to him?

I’m not sure I would say very much to him Norma. I don’t really believe in living in the past and I’ve always looked to the future and I did this as a teenager too. I have to say that everything has so far turned out pretty well. I’m lucky, I’ve enjoyed every part of it – even the hard times and the mistakes, but these are the times in life you learn the most.

I suppose if I said anything, it would have to be ‘make sure you enjoy those moments’. Life is so rushed now and sometimes you just need to appreciate the present, the people and savour those wonderful moments.
  • Piotr Poznañski:
For a man caring about his elegance what would be your one lesson you learned in life that you would want to pass to other men?

It would be to get to know what looks best on you and learn to be confident in whatever you do. Whatever it is, fro clothes, to cars, to your beliefs. There is nothing wrong with being different and individual. People won’t always like it as people like to follow and to do the name as others but I feel if you stick to your principles, they will end up respecting you, even if they don’t agree with you.
  • Maja Stubxjær Flak:
In your blog ‘Question Time’ November 3, 2011 ( You answer in regards to the question about acting: “I have said o to a few projects that were not right, so I guess I have to be patient and if/when the right opportunity comes my way, make sure I am well prepared.”

Acting is an intimidating art, Maja. Sometimes I think yes it is definitely something that I would love to do. Then, I see great actors or great entertainers. It’s almost un-nerving how good they are. I would want to be seen as a good actor and not to disrespect acting by talking it flippantly. There are so many truly wonderful actors and many of Young, brilliant English actors who have trained hard to enjoy their success. There is so much competition that it would be very difficult for me to ever get a part in something I would really like to. However, I would like top lay a part that people wouldn’t necessarily think I would play – maybe an evil part, or a character where I would have to loose a lot of weight – something that challenges perceptions. What appeals to me about acting is the preparation and training and the opportunity to play a character.
  • Christine Babao:
What does it mean for supermodels like you to establish longevity partnerships with refutable brands like Massimo Dutti? How important is it to grow with, and grow old with the Brand?

To me its hugely important Christine. I have read interviews or articles about me that say I have been the face of every Brand around the world which I haven’t and one the reason why, is my loyalty to and genuine affiliations with the wonderful brands that I have worked with for so many years. Massimo Dutti and Dolce and Gabbana are like family to me and we work on projects TOGETHER. I have never had exclusive contracts with either Massimo Dutti or Dolce and Gabbana, but out of respect and loyalty to them I would not immediately work with any direct rival. This takes foresight, awareness and trust by the brands which is something I’m proud of and I hope that the relationship between me and Massimo Dutti (now lasting 9 years) has proved this approach has worked. Many fashion houses and brands move on to a new face or the new trend each season which may work for them but I really enjoy building long term relationships and developing and improving what we create each year.

Source:  Facebook/Massimo Dutti


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