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Boujis Party at Audi International Polo 2013

David Gandy attends the Boujis tent at the Audi International Polo day at Guards Polo Club on July 28, 2013 in Egham, England.

David Gandy with Marissa Hermer and Matt Hermer

Laura Whitmore (L) and David Gandy

Courtesy of Whey Hey

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David Gandy talks to Cosmopolitan México (August 2013)

English translation by

A Dolce & Gabbana woman celebrates her power and femininity to get what she wants in life. At Cosmo we love being daring, how about you?

DG: I like people who go after what they want in life, especially in terms of their career. You have to be consistent and determined because no one will do things for you. With regard to relationships, I think fate plays a very important role, it is better to be open and let things happen naturally.

What makes a woman irresistible?

DG: Your laughter. Any woman who is fun and does not take themselves too seriously is incredibly irresistible.

There seems to be a debate among men about how women look better: little black dress and heels or jeans and a t-shirt. What do you think?

DG: Good question. The truthis you can not fail with any of these two looks. Girls, take it as a tip: men we love a woman in jeans and t-shirt, they are super comfy and natural. But for a night out, put on a black dress by Dolce & Gabbana with a pair of heels: simply irresistible.

Where can we find on your free time? Partyng in Ibiza or relaxing at home?

DG: Partying all night in Ibiza is my version of a nightmare! I would never do that. I hardly take vacations ... Last year, I went skiing and also went to Africa. But nothing of phones and the Internet, somewhere where no one can find me. I like to disconnect completely.

Tell us about your favorites:

DG: Food: "I love sweets, especially cookies! I could eat a whole box. "

Exercise: "Abs. I hate them but I love the results. "

Gifts: "It is impossible to buy me a gift. I would love someone to cook dinner. These are the little things that I really appreciate. In fact, I am a very good cook, so I'm sure you can return the favor ... I would also love for someone to give me more hours in a day ".

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David Gandy talks with ¡Hola! Fashion during the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Launch in Madrid

David Gandy conversed with the Spanish magazine '¡Hola!' at the Meditteranean Summer Cocktail event in the San Mauro Hotel (Madrid) during the D&G's latest Light Blue fragrance campaign in May 29, 2013. The full interview, for editorial reasons, is divided into two complementary versions, one published in the supplement of the magazine 'Hello Fashion' (July 2013, #3598 issue), and the last published online on July 15, 2013.

1. ¡Hola! Fashion Magazine (July 2013) #3598 issue

Ph: Richard Ramos
Text: Susana Molina

Spanish Version

English translation by
The World's Most Expensive Model

"A woman does not have to do anything to seduce me, just come and talk to me and make me laugh. That is what's most important." He was the only male model to strut the catwalk with top female models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell during the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games.

In an industry dominated by women, David Gandy is the first male model to reach the category of top and even out the salary made by the female Top Models. Perhaps that is why, this Englishman born in the same region as Victoria Beckham (Essex) was the only male model to accompany Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss during the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games. Desired by women and envied by men he became famous for sailing in white pants and for drops of Light Blue perfume by Dolce and Gabbana in the Tyrrhenian Sea. But Gandy does not want to only be known as the handsome man in the ad, he combines his work as a model creating his own brand, creating apps for mobil phones, a blog and his own charity... Almost nothing for a person who participates in car races and is a self defined adrenaline junkie. A very risky hobby that has nothing to do with the discipline he showed during our photo session, repeating the same poses many times as asked by our photographer. At the end of the, Gandy is a true gentleman.

- You are best known for being the white pants guy, more so than your own name. Does that bother you?

DG: I hated it, it is the reason I wanted to build the brand David Gandy. Now everybody knows my name, it is an extension of me.

- Filming on that boat must make for good stories.

DG: I have one from two seasons ago, I almost drowned!! The weather was awful and I was trying to get on the boat again and again. I was able to get my arm on the boat. I have no idea what I was holding to. They would tell me: "Come on, come one." The boat shot out and they had to jump in the water to save me.

- If you were lost on that boat, in the middle of nowhere, what would miss the most?

DG: I would probably love to get lost. My father used to take us to the Mediterranean Sea as a child. We went with my sister on a small boat and I always fell asleep . This is how my father shushed me. Now I would love to be lost on a boat with no one around.I would be without my Blackberry, no emails, no photographers, without anything. Just me, sunbathing. And later I would see where I would end up.

- Who would you like to be lost with on that boat?

DG: I don't know. I'm not sure anyone could be with me for so long. Maybe the best thing would be for me to be alone.

- Who would you throw off the boat?

DG: There are many people who I would want to throw in the water. But I can't think of anyone in particular right now.

- Have you ever done anything crazy for love?

DG: I have done many. I think everyone has done something crazy for love. When you look back, you think: "Why did I do that?".

- What does a woman have do to seduce David Gandy?

DG: No need to do anything, just come talk to me and make me laugh. That's whats most important.

- In your blog you write quotes Voltaire, Churchill ... Is there one that summarizes this point in your life?

DG: No. My life changes every week. If it were the same it would be boring to write about it. That is the reason I choose a different column, and a different quote for every post I write. This column is a summary of what I want to say and write about dreams. People should always have a dream.

- What is your dream?

DG: One of my dreams was to do the Mille Miglia, the race of a thousand miles that runs in Italy, and I did it with Yasmin le Bon a few weeks ago. It was a dream come true. If ten years ago someone would have said to me you are doing the Mille Miglia with one of the world's most beautiful women in a 1950's Jaguar I would have never believed it.

- In addition to racing, do you need speed in your life?

DG: Constantly. The Mille Miglia, skiing ... I'm constantly looking for speed. I'm kind of addicted to adrenaline. That's why I'm always doing fun things that people hate, like getting on a plane with ridiculous turbines.

- I guess it's a hobby too risky for your work. Do you have insurance for your body?

DG: I had insurance, but if you die, I guess it doesn't count. You can't be too worried about things like that.

- You must be tired of hearing jokes about the character from the movie Zoolander. Do you have to prove that a model can be smart as well?

DG: Constantly. That's all I do. That's the reason why I created everything that I have. I had to create the brand David Gandy because everyone had that preconceived notion. I've also created my own charity and I called Blue Steel Appeal.

- Because of the movie?

DG: Yes Blue Steel is from Zoolander. Everyone knows Zoolander, and I thought if I could not beat them why not join them. It has a comic element. I think it works well.

- You have said on different occasions that you do not like or your hair or your nose. How is it possible that one of the world's sexiest men finds he has faults?

DG: I'm sure everyone has little things they do not like about themselves. And I'm exactly the same as anyone else. Probably a little worse. I have to see constantly look at my photos, go figure. I am perhaps more aware of this than any other, but, of course, I have the same insecurities as everyone else.

- Besides being a supermodel, you're are famous. Do you ever feel harassed on the street?

DG: I don't like the word famous. It is horrible. People aspire to be famous and they do nothing. I'm known for being a model, for my charity, for being television and what I write. I love it when people approach me and I also talk to them on social networks.

- You're are considered one of the most elegant men around. How do you become a gentleman?

DG: It's something that comes from you, not your clothes. You can do it with a shirt and jeans. Probably, people think a gentleman is someone dressed in suit and tie, but if that person does not behave as such, it is not.

2. ¡Hola! Fashion Online (July 15, 2013) New!

Interview with model David Gandy: "We should consider ourselves privileged to be doing what we do in this business"

Want to learn more about the "hot" British model? Do not miss what he told us on his recent visit to Madrid.

Just by saying 'Capri', 'white bathing suit' and 'Dolce & Gabbana' you know perfectly well that we are talking about one of the most attractive and desirable models of the world, David Gandy. From his body, which resembles a Greek God to his seductive blue eyes are what have made him one of the men of the moment, whose picture we now see all over the city for the new fragrance ad campaign 'Light Blue' from the Italian fashion house, which on this occasion, is accompanied by the 'top model' Bianca Balti.
In fact, during the presentation of this new visual work of renowned photographer Mario Testino, David Gandy travelled to Madrid last May and, in a marathon day of work, met us at the Santo Mauro Hotel so we could get to know him a little better. This was what he told us in our interview:

- What does the color light blue mean to you?

DG: Blue, for some reason, is always present in my life. It's in my eyes, in my charity, in the campaign 'Light Blue' ... In alll! In fact, today we meet to promote new images of the campaign for the fragrance 'Light Blue' by Dolce & Gabbana.

- Personally and professionally, what does Dolce & Gabbana mean to you?

DG: With them, I have not only done the campaign for 'Light Blue', but also a calendar, a book of photographs ... and all the campaigns, the glasses, the sunglasses, the watches, and so on. This collaboration was used more in the decades of the 80's and 90's, but today, it is rare for a model and a fashion company to work so closely. It gives me a sense of pride. And besides, it works very well and we respect each other greatly. I hope that it remains that way for a long time.

- Moreover, you should be very happy because, for example, have you been the image of 'Light Blue' for several years, although your companions always change. Is it impossible to find replacement for you?

DG: Of course not, nothing is impossible. One day, that will change. We do not know when, but that is fashion. Limits are established and things must constantly be renewed to rejuvenate ideas. For example, 'Light Blue' will always go on. It is an iconic fragrance. And, someday, I will be replaced by another man. It will be good. And in any case, I would like to be part of the selection of that person and be part of the team that has been entrusted with the creative direction. That would be fun.

- In this new ad, you are paired up with Italian model Bianca Balti, how does she seem to you?

DG: This is the third girl I've worked with on this campaign. She defines how the woman of this fragrance should be: an Italian woman, Latina and very passionate. Naturally she is Italian and is very passionate. Therefore, it is the perfect choice.

- What was your first job with the company?

DG: My first job was a fashion show in 2002. At that the time, I was doing my first jobs on the catwalk.

- However, before all this, you leap into fashion came after winning a modelling contest, although it took years until Dolce & Gabbana turned you into their image. How were these years prior to your signing to the Italian house?

DG: It was very boring, honestly. I did a lot of catalog work, but I found it boring and did not earn much money. Moreover, just doing that I knew I would never work with best designers in the world, which is what I wanted. I call that 'the philosophy of the larger goal." What's more, I also wanted to get that iconic ad. Honestly, if I had not won this contract, I would have not continued.

- On the other hand, the catwalk is not something he is passionate about. In fact, it is more usual to see you posing in front of the camera. Do you prefer that more?

DG: Without a doubt, I prefer to be in front of a camera. I do not enjoy the fashion shows. A fashion show is a lot of work to only be on a catwalk for 20 seconds.

- But, is there a certain aspect of a fashion show that is difficult?

DG: In reality, nothing is too hard. We should consider ourselves privileged to be doing what we do in this business. Nothing should be hard. I always try to apply that philosophy to everything, to the fashion shows, photo shoots ... I wish we had a more pleasant environment, one in which we can really enjoy what we do. Many people in this sector take fashion too seriously. It is a serious business, but it is no more than that, a business. We should try to make it as fun as possible.

- Did something in your life change when you decided to be a model?

DG: I can not say that the life I led before would have been difficult to maintain once I became a model. I finished college and became a model straight after. I did not have to leave anything. I had nothing, no money, no home, nothing. Being a model has given me more things than it has taken away.

- Let's talk about summer. With so much work, will you have time to vacation?

DG: No, I will not have many holidays because I have a lot work this summer.

- However, when you have days off, do you prefer to travel or stay at home resting?

DG: I never stay at home. If I stay at home it is because I have work to do. So, it's okay to leave. In any case, I travel about 90 times a year. Sometimes, it's nice to be home for a week and do mundane things like shopping or fill the fridge with something, instead of throwing away everything when I return from a trip. It's fun.

- And if you plan a trip for pleasure, not work, where is your favourite place to go?

DG: I often go to Africa. Last year I went to Botswana, the previous year, Uganda to trek with the gorillas ... I’ll opt for pretty remote places.

- Equally as remote is your ideal place to live?

DG: I live in London, where I just bought a house. It is an old building dating back to the eighteenth century. It has a large basement that I am restoring. Some say I'm building a 'shelter'. I always wanted to restore a house in London and I'm getting to do that now.

- Africa, London, I'm sure being a model has led to many other places ... However, is there any place that you haven't been to and would like to visit?

DG: I've been to many places and I do not know where to go, although you can always find a new destination. For example, I have never been to Australia or New Zealand. I've heard good things about New Zealand. That might be a place I would visit. Although, it is far. However, there are still many places that I have yet to explore in Africa, such as Namibia and the desert elephants. I will probably go someday. And, come to think, I have not been to Antarctica. Look, finally, there is still something to do!

- In Spain, apart from this occasion, have you've been at any other time?

DG: Many times! My sister lives in southern Spain. I've probably been here more than anywhere else.

- And in Spain, where is your favourite place to go?

DG: I love Barcelona. I have many friends there.

- What do you like about our country?

DG: The people are fantastic. My brother-in-law is Spanish. So it is better to say that I like the Spaniards (laughs). But really, I do. The people I know in Barcelona are some of my closest friends. Although we do not see other for years, we are back to being good friends once we reunite.

- With so much traveling, what is it that you always carry in your hand luggage before getting on a plane?

DG: I always carry a car magazine, an interior design magazine and my Blackberry. But I have to adapt from one trip to another, whether it is short or a long one. For example, I have a bag full of chargers because, nowadays, you have to charge everything for some reason! My iPod charger, the Blackberry charger and shaver charger. It's ridiculous (laughs).

- And, regarding your style, how you like to dress for summer?

DG: Overall, my wardrobe does not normally change with the seasons. My suit does change. I have them made for my size and, for example, wool for winter and linen in summer.

- Do you opt for a white 'slip' (underwear) as advertised in 'Light Blue'?

DG: No (laughs). I wear normal shorts. Nothing too extravagant.

- How do you define yourself as a model?

DG: I do not like to define myself as a model, because I never considered myself as such.

- However, you've much success in this profession. What makes you different from other models?

DG: Hard to say. I may have taken fashion seriously and in being a model. And in doing that I created a business.

- However, something that defines you is your body, which is much more muscular than the other models. Is that a result of a lot of sports?

DG: I wish it was not true, but I go to the gym a lot. The results are based on gym, gym, gym ... and more gym.

- How many hours a day?

DG: About 45 minutes to an hour.

- Without a doubt you've carved a niche in the privileged fashion world. In fact, almost a year ago, you participated in the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. How do you remember that time?

DG: It was a time when I felt very proud. I was the only guy in a group of girls, although I would have liked there to have been another guy. It would have been difficult to elect another. Also, my parents came to see me and were in the audience.

- However, even though your body can be your letter of presentation, how you define yourself as a person?

DG: How do I define myself? I'm different. I protect my personal life. In fact, my personality is very different from that shown in 'Light Blue', which is the Mediterranean Man. In that I play a character.

- Is there a particular model, whether man or woman, which you admire?

DG: There is no male model that I admire because I can not name any today. But I love the supermodels of the 90s, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. They have done great.

- In the month of May, you met with one of these mythical 'top' nineties model, Yasmin Le Bon, to participate in the car race Mille Miglia. How was that experience?

DG: Probably was, if not, the best experience, one of the best experiences of my life. The Mille Miglia is a fantastic race. Furthermore, we drove a race car. It was one of the only times after sleeping only three hours that I did not want to go to sleep, I just wanted to drive and drive. And besides, Yasmin is my friend. We both go crazy for cars. In general, we lived an amazing moment, although it was hard because we had an accident and one day we were driving for 16 hours straight. However, we enjoyed every moment.

- And speaking of activities outside the fashion world ... Tell me more about your other professional facets. For example, your mobile applications, you write for magazines...

DG: Yes, I write for magazines and I have developed a mobile application for 'fitness' and another for men’s style. On the other hand, I help three or four charities and I have my own called Blue Steel Appeal. Also, I'm doing several things that excite me right now and, with any luck, I will do more. And you will see them very soon.


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David Gandy visits Scotland and the JW Whiskey Distillery

At the end of last year, 2012, David Gandy became the new Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ambassador and began his alliance with the long beloved brand of Scotch Whisky owned by Diageo. The british model, based in London, had several opportunities to visit the birthplace of the brand and the renowned photographer Chris Watt has immortalized him with 415 breathtaking snapshots of two of those visits in early 2013. With the spectacular background of the Drummuir Castle, Diageo's unique home in Speyside, and the Cardhu distillery (Feb 18, 2013), both in Banffshire.

Thank You Very Much to our dear friend Candyce Neil from David Gandy Fans US who was kind enough to share the link to these incredible pictures with us.

Pictures by Chris Watt

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David Gandy hosts Johnnie Walker and Sons Voyager's events in London

The Johnnie Walker and Sons Voyager, a 1920s-styled yacht, which set sail in Shanghai in September, travelled around Asia for six months before starting its European leg in May from Portofino, Italy. Its final stop will be Edinburgh, the birthplace of the brand almost two centuries ago, but before, it will be in London for a few days. The yacht, finally docked on Monday July 15th at Butler’s Wharf, near Tower Bridge. And David Gandy, as its Johnnie Walker Blue Label ambassador, alongside Diageo, will be hosting events on board, from brand experiences to mentoring sessions aimed at "celebrating Europe's place as the home of progress and innovation".

Pic Source:  Facebook/OfficialDavidGandy

David Gandy's busy schedule for this event started on Monday morning, July 15, when he granted several interviews on board.

On Tuesday he hosted a drinks reception and a summer party on the enormous yacht, inviting friends from the fashion world including the wonderful Charlotte Tilbury and Jonathan Saunders as he has mentioned on his Official Facebook.
David Gandy and Olivia Cole host a dinner on board (L) and Mr. Gandy with Musician Ben Hudson (R)
 David Gandy with Charlotte Tilbury (L) and with Joanna Renwick (R)
  David Gandy with Richard Sadler and Nick Jeffries of Nubuilds   
David Gandy with Natalia Barbieri (Bionda Castana)     
The next morning, July 17, the events continued with a breakfast on board and scheduled for that evening The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Party Celebration.

------------- David Gandy Interviewed by ----------------
Sharp Notes: David Gandy 

David Gandy has come a long way since that Dolce & Gabbana ad. Cathy Adams chats to him about BlackBerry dependence, racing cars and top tailors…

David Gandy is aboard the John Walker & Sons Voyager, a luxury 1920s yacht moored in Butler’s Wharf on the Thames. He is a brand ambassador for Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky, and is currently feeling the after-effects of a particularly boozy party the night before on the same yacht. He is talking about epic journeys and game-changing experiences, something the 33-year-old supermodel has had a lot of since his rise to fame cavorting about on the Mediterranean in a dingy in a shoot promoting the Dolce & Gabbana ‘Light Blue’ fragrance.
Since that assignment with D&G, Gandy has been a staple in the London style world, working with Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera and Massimo Dutti among others.
But he’s not just a pretty face. Gandy also blogs for Vogue, and writes car reviews for GQ. This year he took part in the Mille Miglia car race in Italy with fellow supermodel Yasmin Le Bon. He and Le Bon came 158th out of 418 cars in the three-day event that passes through almost 200 Italian towns including Rome and Brescia.
As well as being a global ambassador for Johnnie Walker, he’s on the panel for London Collections: Men, selling the look of the most beautiful man in the world to the masses. We chat to him about his personal style and what he has his sights on at the moment.

On my wrist
Right now it’s a Chopard from the Mille Miglia race I took part in around Italy this summer. When you complete the 1,000-mile race, Chopard gives you a watch engraved with your competition number. I have quite an extensive watch collection now – but cars and watches is a very expensive habit!

In my hand
There are so many things. People joke that in every picture of me there’s a BlackBerry, but that’s it. It’s the new Q10, and everything I do is run from that. I simply couldn’t do without it. I don’t really take any pictures with my phone. I should really document more, but when you do, it’s just of everyday life – so I do forget to take a lot of pictures.

On my radar
Suit makers Thom Sweeney. It’s a couple of young guys based in Mayfair, and they’ve just done their ready-to-wear range, which I think will be sold exclusively via Mr Porter. They’re impeccable, and I would honestly say they are the best tailors in the world.

In my sights
All of my energy at the moment is going into refurbishing an old Victorian house. It’s two floors at the moment, and we’re building it up to four floors. I am also restoring a 1960s Mercedes-Benz. There is no new technology involved at all – I’m doing it totally originally. They are both quite big projects and I really don’t know why I’ve decided to take them on at the same time in my life!

In my wardrobe
Can I say Thom Sweeney again? I’ve worn one suit to death – it was made for London Collections: Men. But my other favourite item of clothing is a Dolce & Gabbana driving jacket – that I almost said no to. I wore it for an interview, and I just haven’t been out of it. Everybody always asks if I worked for D&G, and I would reply: “No, I do Dolce & Gabbana,” as they used to be two completely separate entities. But now they’ve got rid of D&G and it’s just Dolce & Gabbana. It’s still the same label, but it means I don’t have to explain it every time. 

On my travelsLuggage-wise, I have a selection of bags as it depends how much I travel and how long I’m away for. I have bags that start very small and get bigger and bigger. Coach is usually my choice of luggage, and they do some astounding bags for men. You have to be quite careful because you don’t want it to look like a man bag, so it’s got to be a good, masculine brown. Coach are my people for this at the moment.

In my dreamsI’d love a car to race in the Mille Miglia. I’d probably go for a Jaguar and keep the Britishness. Jaguar is known for its development in the Mille Miglia, including pioneering the disc-brake. Owning a pre-1960 Jaguar is my dream at the moment – a proper racing model. I was looking at them just the other day, but I think I’ll leave it for at least a couple of years!
In my pastMy Omega Speedmaster is broken at the moment and I need to get it fixed. It’s small and quite rare, and I found it on eBay when I had a little bit of money and thought I’d treat myself. But when I was on a job once I took it off and put it in my trouser pocket. The stylist was tidying everything up later, and I just saw it flying through the air before it smashed on the floor. It hasn’t been quite right since. I miss it, so I should really take it off and get it fixed. Of all the watches I own it’s probably the cheapest one – it was on eBay for goodness sake – but at the same time it’s the one that always reminds me of what I worked for.

On my agendaI have a go-to list of restaurants in London: Eight Over Eight on the King’s Road, and I have an Italian I like near to my new house. That’s why I’ve decided to stay in Fulham, as it’s where all my favourite restaurants are. I’d also love to take my niece and nephews to see a London show. They live in Spain, but they’re at that age where they would love to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

On my bucket listI’d love to break a land speed record, which I’m looking to do next year with Morgan in one of its three-wheelers. The record is around 150-200mph, and I’ve driven around 120mph in a three-wheeler before. There’s an ice-speed record too – so breaking a record is on my bucket list for the moment.
----------- David Gandy Interviewed by The Luxury Channel --------------
Being the world’s only male supermodel with film star looks must surely make one just a little self-assured! However, when The Luxury Channel meets David Gandy, aboard the John Walker & Sons Voyager, he couldn’t have been more down to earth. He even laughs at my unfunny jokes (and trust me, that’s going way beyond the call of duty!). We’re on board the Voyager yacht because Gandy’s role as an ambassador for Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky means he just so happens to be co-hosting a party to celebrate all that is good about the amber nectar. “Johnnie Walker is a very high-end brand and I’m quite an advocate for anything British,” he tells me, as we sit sipping Johnnie Walker cocktails, looking over the panorama of Tower Bridge. “We went to the Cardhu distillery, and then we went to the Diageo castle, which was a lot of fun, as you can imagine, so it was good. The lovely thing is, the master blender is called Jim Beveridge – I’m absolutely not making this up! When I met him, I was like, really? But when you learn all about the whisky, you have a different appreciation for it. You can suddenly taste it. They’ve got [the whisky] downstairs [on the Voyager], and they have all the different flavours and they go, what does this taste like? You go, I have no idea! But downstairs, there’s figs and dates and pineapple, and then suddenly you smell them and you can taste them in the whisky, and it makes you appreciate it so much more.” Gandy may now be sitting pretty as the co-host of an exclusive celebrity party, but his rise to super stardom was probably a little less conventional than many people realise, after he was unknowingly entered into a nationwide modeling competition. Despite winning, his career didn’t take off overnight, but he freely admits that may have been a good thing. “For the first five years, even though I was doing a lot of commercial work, it was very observational for me,” he reflects. “It was probably a great learning curve.” Even the advert for which he is probably best known (yes ladies, that 2006 Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue ad), came about due to a bit of good old-fashioned blagging and orchestration on his part. “It hasn’t been easy,” he says of his career trajectory, “but it’s been an adventure. But anything that’s easy isn’t very exciting.” Although becoming successful has brought its own unexpected rewards. “Guys are always coming up to me and saying, how do you get to where you are and do you have any advice? It’s really, really nice,” he smiles. “But I never know where to start because it’s been a thirteen year progression, so there’s no magic formula!” Today, Gandy is a firm favourite on the fashion circuit, and his place in history was cemented when he took part in the London Olympics closing ceremony as the only male model. “The Olympics were just phenomenal,” he enthuses. “Being typical Brits, we were all a bit skeptical about the Olympics and not very excited, but they turned out to be brilliant.” As well as the day job, he writes and edits for various publications, and is an ambassador for several organisations, including, as you might expect, for London Collections: Menswear. As LC:M grows in stature and popularity, is image something men should be more aware of? “The British have never been the best,” he confesses. “If you look at Europe – the Italian men and the Parisian men – they’re very aware of their image, and they’re very high-end. British men have probably been a bit behind them. It’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong; I don’t think it’s great to take everything so seriously in fashion. I think that’s proved now with LC:M, it’s just getting more and more powerful. We have McQueen, we have Burberry, we have Tom Ford and it’s going from strength to strength. But you can see it in the street. There’s guys walking around in very colourful trousers and T-shirts, and there’s this individuality, which London always started off. I really think we’ll be the number one male fashion capital in the world in a few years.” He laughs and then adds, “Milan and Paris are getting a little bit worried!” One of the other organisations Gandy is an ambassador for is Battersea Dogs And Cats Home. “I was there today,” he says. Interestingly, despite being a lover of dogs, Gandy isn’t a dog owner, so where then does his love of dogs come from? “I don’t know,” he admits. “I think you either have a love of dogs, or you don’t – you just have a love of animals. I got a kennel sponsored for me as a birthday present a few years ago. I walked into Battersea and said, can I help out in any other way? So I went on to become an ambassador. That’s why I was there today, because we have the Coats & Collars Ball in November so we were thinking of how to raise money.” The idea that looks like a winner may be familiar to those who keep a close eye on Gandy’s charity work. “Something we did for my charity, the Blue Steel Appeal, was a celebrity dog walk. We did one-off prizes and events, and Simon and Yasmin Le Bon very kindly did a dog walk in Richmond Park, which raised a hell of a lot of money. So I said to Battersea, why not do the same thing? So I think that’s the way we’re going to go with that, so you can have a dog walk with a very famous celebrity or a sportsman and their dog. So yeah, hugely involved with it. People think it’s strange I don’t have a dog, but what I’m trying to push is responsible ownership. I take ninety flights a year, and even when I’m in London I’m working, so I would not be a responsible dog owner.” So how about when he gives up the modeling? “Yeah, one day, of course, absolutely!” he smiles. “I’ll have five dogs, believe me, I really will!” Philanthropy, it would seem, is something very close to Gandy’s heart. As well as the Blue Steel Appeal and his work for Battersea, he is also an ambassador for Style For Soldiers, a charity that supplies luxury goods to injured military personnel founded by Jermyn Street shirt-maker Emma Willis. “I think it’s a necessity,” he muses when I ask him about his charity work. “If you’re in the public eye and you can raise money in that way, then you should do it – it’s not an option. There’s people who don’t and that’s up to them, I suppose, but we try to encourage those people. But sometimes, you need a platform and then once you build that platform, people will join in.” Flying all over the world to work with the biggest names in the fashion industry must surely have exposed him to some of the most extraordinary luxuries in the world, so I’m curious to know what his favourite luxury is. “My favourite luxury?” he considers, thinking. “Right okay, I’ll try not to disappoint. I don’t know what my favourite luxury is. This could be something stupid! I have two very expensive habits – watches and cars. I’m renovating a 1960s Mercedes Benz at the moment. That is a luxury. It’s a very expensive luxury that I’m regretting!” he laughs. “The only other thing is my watches – I’ve got quite a good watch selection.” I tell him I’ve had watches before when I’ve asked other people this question. “But not a Mercedes? Go with that one, then. I don’t want to disappoint with something unoriginal!” As the world’s only male supermodel, being unoriginal is surely something Gandy doesn’t need to worry about. His crown as undisputed king of the catwalk doesn’t show any sign of slipping just yet.

David Gandy Stars in Bionda Castana's Autumn Winter 2013 Fashion Film

 Mr David Gandy is many things to many women. Heartthrob, imaginary boyfriend, pin-up - whichever way you envisage Britain’s premier male supermodel, it’s certainly blush-inducing. However, until last night, July 11, 2013 we were unaware that our fashion hero had a serious penchant for luxury Italian-made shoes.

David with Bionda Castana Co-Founder Natalia Barbieri

Starring in hot footwear brand, Bionda Castana’s short film which was screened on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at London’s Hospital Club, Gandy was in rare form. Shot by David Schwimmer’s (of Ross & Rachel fame) production company in New York’s Soho House, the film entitled David Gandy’s Good Night follows the young stallion on a series of short-lived romances. From the first moment Gandy cautches the camera’s eye, we know that each and every lady he comes into contact with will be powerless to resist his charms. While the dalliances may be inevitable, the ending of the film was less so, with the final scenes showing Gandy’s gorgeous conquests awaking to find not only their man has fled, but he’s also filched their shoes. As the credits roll, Gandy walks through downtown Manhattan with his swag swung over his shoulder and a seriously smug look on his face though to be honest, if we’d managed to procure that stack of new season Biondas, we’d be pretty thrilled too!


Natalia Barbieri, co-founder of the brand told Grazia last night that the guiding concept behind the film is that, “footwear is an aphrodisiac.” When it came to casting the male lead Barbieri admitted there was only one name on her radar: “I practically stalked David. In all seriousness we are so honoured that he agreed to be part of this film. I think we both represent British luxury so it was so great to have him involved.” Mr Gandy himself explained the film was, “about the emotional connection women have to shoes,” and admitted he’d, “learnt a lot about women’s obsession with footwear.” He also revealed that he was a big fan of the filming process telling Grazia that, “the whole thing was an incredible experience, being on set was such an education. From the incredible lighting to the girls who did so well, it was definitely memorable.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bionda Castana A/W 2013 Fashion Film

David Gandy stars in this highly anticipated short film for Bionda Castana A/W 2013 Shoe Campaign: “David Gandy’s Good Night”. The working title ‘David Gandy is a Naughty Boy’ created a lot of anticipation in April  because it was mentioned whilst it was been filming in NYC.

Following Gandy as he seduces a series of beautiful women - first in a hotel bar, then upstairs in their room - the film highlights the sensual relationship between a woman and her shoes, before revealing a very naughty twist at the end.

"I've known the Bionda Castana designers for quite a while and I don't have one female friend who hasn't fallen in love with their designs," Gandy told us. "When we sat down to talk through the creative concept for the short film, I learnt more about a woman's relationship with her shoes than I ever knew existed, it was an education!"

For Bionda Castana designers Jennifer Portman and Natalia Barbieri, Gandy was the natural choice. "It wasn't really a question of how we would work together, more a question of when," Barbieri said. "We're both British brands, we're both luxury brands and when the conversation came up to use the most beautiful man as the lead of our autumn/winter 2013-14 short film, there was no question that it would be David."

And Gandy wasn't the only famous friend they called upon: David Schwimmer produced the short, the well known American actor and director of television, film, and theatre: "Working with David and his team was an honour as I've been such a huge fan of his for many years," Gandy revealed.

The Cut spoke to Gandy about his interest in acting, the process of shooting bedroom scenes, and what he first notices in women. (Hint: Little things, like toe cleavages.) Read the interview below, or just ogle at his beauty (and acting skills) in the film above. Hands down, he's the hottest shoe thief the world has ever seen.

How did you get into character?
I imagined the character very much to be the "Light Blue guy" but how he would be in the evening, styled and sophisticated. I tried to portray a confidence, a self-belief and assertiveness that once he'd seen the shoes [it] would help him get the girl with just a walk and a look. At the same time I wanted to leave the knowing part for the end so that the character changes a little bit with the story.

In the video, you clearly have a love for shoes. In real life, do you tend to notice shoes on a woman? What do you notice first about a woman?
The first thing I notice about a woman is her eyes and her hair. I think you can look into someone's eyes and tell so much. Of course, I always notice women's shoes. I think all men subconsciously do. It is so important. Women can become instantly confident and dominant by adding height, and the designers behind Bionda Castana have taught me a huge amount about a woman's emotional relationship and connection with her shoes. It's amazing! Sophia Neophitou taught me about toe cleavages, too — I suppose that also suggests why they are appealing to a man.

You’re romancing multiple women in this shoot — was there a scene in particular that was most difficult to shoot?
Obviously the bedroom scenes were. I was only on set for eight hours, so I didn't have a chance to get to know the girls. The actual bedroom scenes were not difficult, as we both know that we needed to convey a passionate scene. The harder scenes were before that when we had to project an eagerness, a lightheartedness, and to switch this on and get it right in a very short space of time — within minutes of meeting each other. There really wasn't time for mistakes.

Are you wearing your own clothes in this film? How have you cultivated your own personal style?
I'm wearing one of my favourite Dolce & Gabbana tuxedos. I think my own style has come from studying what has inspired me from what I consider the true style icons — Paul Newman, Cary Grant, James Dean. That said, I've worked with great creatives such as Dolce & Gabbana and have learned what works and what doesn't. You also learn not to be afraid of being an individual and to wear what suits you.  My style is based around a lot of very traditional sartorial and British tailoring. When I'm not in suits, I'm still in knits made from British wools or tailored trousers from British tweeds or linens. I've also learned the importance of accessories. I have a large watch collection now and will match the color watch straps to my shoes or ties or pocket squares. Little things like that, I believe, make a difference, and that's where I try to differentiate myself from others.

Are you thinking of heading more into film in the future?
Yes, I do enjoy acting. It does still scare me and is alien to me in many ways, as I've never been a confident, center-of-attention person. However, the thought of playing different roles and characters and training and preparing for that aspect is something that excites me.

The prospect of more Gandy excites the rest of us, too.

The British shoe brand, known for its detail-orientated and elegant style, recreates in this video Ad campaign a collection of exquisite moments in which the shoes, each and every one of them, unique and with their own personality, are the main characters that maximize a woman's femininity. If the perfect shoe existed for each and every woman, which one would you choose?


A Dark Harbor Stories & ELK Studios production, a Red Square Picture

David Gandy, Dre Dawis, Maggie Geha, Nianga Niang, Patty Ratermann, Polina Sikorska & Anna Wong

Writer, Editor & Director: Benjamin Cox
Producers: Erica Leone, Benjamin Cox & Zoe Buckman
Executive Producer: Natalia Barbieri
Co-producer: Erin Kornfeld