Thursday, June 6, 2013

David Gandy at the Graduate Fashion Week Show 2013

On Wednesday June 5, 2013, David Gandy attended the Graduate Fashion Week's Gala Awards Show at Earls Court 2 in London. As model and Menswear fashion committee member David Gandy presented the Menswear Award to Shauni Douglas & Accessories & designer Olivia Creber of Edinburgh University for their collaboration in a collection that had depth in its use of techniques and themes.

David Gandy with Henry Holland

Courtesy of @DGFansGermany

 Interview by

Which collection particular stood out to you today?

There was a guy whose work (Adnan Ebo) had a traditional feel; a very tailored theme to the collection with Napoleonic prints. It was an interesting take on the military theme, so he stood out for me.

It is different when you actually get to meet them as well, it’s the explanations and the concepts that take the clothing to a whole different stratosphere; when someone has followed that concept through from start to finish. So it’s very important to meet them, in some cases it was make or break.

Why do you think Graduate Fashion Week is so important?

For Britain, I am an advocate for everything British, and I’m also a Menswear committee member. I think finally we have a platform, talking not just for menswear designers, we now have somewhere to shout about it, to show everything we can do in the UK and I think we do it very well. I think we’re the best in the world at it. This is the future; this is where it is all going to come from. For all of the graduate designers, this is the first step so it is hugely important.

Finally, do you have any advice for current and future graduates?

No I don’t, I mean we have chosen one winner here, we narrowed it down to four or five and chose from there, so all I advise is perseverance, perseverance, so keep on going. If there is a dream that you have and you know that you’re good enough then you should just keep going.

Written by Melissa Smith (@m_js)/ ph: Asia Werbel 


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