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David Gandy and Bianca Balti for Vogue Mexico Hombre (June 2013)

David Gandy and Bianca Balti grace the cover and  pages of  the latest Vogue Mexico Hombre supplement magazine. David and Bianca are beautifully styled in Dolce & Gabbana, accessories by famous jewelry makers Fred Leighton, Van Cleef and Arpels and Chopard and on David an appearance of Brook Brothers, the oldest mens clothier chain in the U.S..This beautiful editorial was captured by photographer Stephanie Pfriender Stylander.

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Two number ones, David Gandy and Bianca Balti, explain the game of seduction. Who is the stronger one?

Perfect cocktail high, David and Bianca are the ideal combination, although there are those who would point out there is a repeat of the muscular guy versus fragile girl, because in the fashion industry it is the women who have a position of strength. To succeed as a model, besides having what's on the exterior, you need a chameleon type ability to adapt to the different roles that need to be played. A model needs to become an actor or actress to be able to develop a role. Gandy as much as Balti are chameleons in their right, although the first one can not get away from his role as the tanned, muscular, blue eyed guy with an air of Latin. Blue are also the eye color of the Italian beauty, more Latin than him but less in her physical traits. In reality, their first professional meeting for both is an Italian ground, or better said in the waters off the coast of Capri, for they are both the face of Dolce & Gabbana's latest campaign for their Light Blue fragrance, a brand they have both been working for years.

Milan is not Capri, but it does have the advantage of being the center of Italian fashion. There in one of Dolce & Gabbana's moderate boutiques, we meet exclusively with Bianca and David. "It was an extraordinary experience. It was my first time on the island and I was intrigued," says Bianca. The photographs for this campaign are the work of Mario Testino. The two agree that posing for the famous Peruvian photographer is always an extraordinary experience. "I'm a fan of his work and he is my favorite," Gandy confesses. As for her "he is the funniest person, like a curious child, positive..." At first the weather was no cooperating, the sun wasn't shining, they entailed several trips to and from Capri. But that didn't matter, because of the intimate atmosphere created by Mario.

In this case we are we are confronted with a campaign that tells us a love story, with the Mediterranean as the backdrop. "I really like colognes and I am very loyal to my favorites." Among them is Light Blue, says David whom Bianca describes as "a complete gentleman." And he is, at 33 born in Essex, when he was a little over 20 years old he won a contest that would open the doors to the world of fashion. Appearing on the covers of magazines, this man with an extremely masculine vibe is also known for his love of cars and has been seen posing with actresses like Scarlett Johansson and top models like Naomi Campbell.

David can boast, but he doesn't like to, he has been the subject of a voluminous 300 page book titled David Gandy by Dolce & Gabbana, the brand where he has been the essential face of for over five years. He stands out for his elegance, not only now that we have him in front of us, dressed in a shirt and trousers, excellently made by the most famous Italian pair in the fashion industry, but also in his daily life. So much so that he has appeared as one of the best dressed British men.

Young, but with extensive experience, from his blog for British Vogue, Gandy not only writes about his experiences in the fashion world but about his hobbies. But most noteworthy his charitable acts and his work with Red Nose day but also raising funds for the Comic Relief organization. Even though she is younger, four years younger than him, Bianca has also appeared on various magazine covers, including Vogue Mexico and Latin America. Like her colleague and fellow countryman Mariacarla Boscano, Bianca has also made a foray into film, Go to Tales a film by Abel Ferrara." Bianca has been featured in many of our campaigns, but next to David she brings a tranquil and renewed energy to Light Blue" the duo point out.

She has worked with 40 brands and has a special fondness for this latest one, which, like David, she is loyal to the fragrance: "I return to it because it immediately transports me to Capri." Another duo, like David and Bianca and the designers are the fragrances that they lend their image to. They have their own personalities but compliment each other. The eau de toilette, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is an ode to Sicilian cedar with the freshness of bamboo and the sobriety of white roses, while the pour homme version emphasizes bergamot, Sicilian mandarins and frankincense among other ingredients. Two dreams come true.

Outside of reality one can afford to imagine a thousand and one stories. The mind is free to shape the many thoughts that arise, free to unite with each other, moved as if by magic to a paradise, with company that is seemingly impossible...Dreaming is not only for when we sleep. They can also become reality while we are awake. For example, we are awake while we delve into this article, where the role is captured by a man who we observe at different times on any given day. A handsome man, impeccably dressed, found in a bar, with only the company of his whiskey and a newspaper, with his classic Jaguar E-Type or in the company of his beloved. A muscular gentleman, who is delicate to his woman for whom he feels an homage to, but who somehow has him caught up.

She has her character to play as well, she is loved but she knows she has a control over her vigorous lover. It is the power of feelings, the one of a woman in love confronted by physical power of her lover. As with any dream that is worth something, in ours, there is no room for reason. Behind this impeccable gentleman, there is a woman, his muse, she goes for a ride in his convertible on a sunny day, he is vulnerable to the slightest form of affection from her. She is not a woman who gives her affections freely, she is more the likes of a Joan Collins from Dynasty than a Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. In this case, female sensuality is more on the forefront than male dominance. She sets the pace....and he follows.

A classic and therefore repeated story of a man who protects his woman, it would not be entirely true in our particular or subjective story. It is quite the contrary, she is who protects him from himself the instant she is in front of him (and herself). In his day to day, in the office, at the bar down the street or in his convertible he shows complete self-confidence but as soon as he's with his delicate lady, the roles become reversed. And once again outward appearances seem to fool us again. How many times has that happened upon waking up?! It is rather in dreams, the ones that develop while we sleep where there is no room for deception.

A great lover, and therefore dependent on the love of a woman, was the poet Robert Desnos, who, for the storyteller, had the great habit of transcribing his dreams. He was known to be more vulnerable in the real world. Not that Desnos stands out for his strength, rather it was the other way around "I dreamed of you so much that you have lost your reality" when we read between his lines in To The Mysterious Woman. Because love, like any drug creates dependency, submission, it provokes a sensation when security begins to evaporate, of anguish. All problems stem from the same root, fear that disappears thank to love, but sometimes that love is what causes our fear.

Inviting, attractive but also vulnerable is the new seducer of the twenty first century. That is how we see him through Pfriender's snapshots, revealing fearfulness to us....even though that feeling can throb within him. His attitude in front of his lover can be translated as he does whatever she commands while staying by her side. Like a modern day Eve with control over him, her wishes become a given order in a contemporary reformulation of the rules of medieval chivalry. These snapshots provoke sensations within us, that make us dream while awake. A visual history in which, while embracing his beloved he finds the assurance that she will never leave his side.

But who are the real characters of this story? Nothing more and nothing less than two of the most successful models of the moment, the English David Gandy and the Italian Bianca Balti. Two Europeans that, when it comes to their jobs, have not felt the economic crisis, thanks to the power they give off in front of the camera. Somehow they are able to play any given character but the one thing they can not hide or pretend to have is the beauty of them both. But there is something that goes beyond beauty: it is magnetism and attraction.


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