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David Gandy Promotes Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue in Madrid

David Gandy was the guest of honor at the Dolce & Gabbana party held yesterday at the Hotel Santo Mauro in Madrid. The party was held to present the new campaign for their well known fragrance Light Blue. The famous British model, this time, is seduced by the beautiful Italian model Bianca Balti, in this new love story shot in Capri.

In this event which celebrates the beginning of summer, David Gandy attracted the interest of all the guests and none of resisted being seduced. Dark blue suite jacket, white shirt and tailored pants, true to "British Form" he gave several interviews to various media outlets, both editorial and audiovisual media (Corazón, corazón, Grazia Magazine or Telva Magazine). 

Later donning a three-piece suite with the image of the coast of Capri in the background it was time for the photo call in which he was photographed with Carmen Lomana, Bimba Bose, footballer Aitor Ocio, and actresses Natalia Verbeke and Rossi de Palma. During the rest of the Mediterranean Summer Cocktail there were many familiar faces who approached him to have their images with him immortalized through pictures. Not even the rain wanted to miss it's opportunity to be close to the handsome model. Even though the weather didn't cooperate, it's attempt failed at eclipsing the festive environment and at preventing David Gandy from being the center of attention.


David Gandy talks with Carmen Lomana during the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Launch in Madrid (Video)

During the promotional event for Dolce & Gabbana's new Light Blue campaign, David Gandy talked with Carmen Lomana for the spanish program 'Asi Nos Va' (LaSexta TV)

David Gandy talks with 'Corazón, corazón' during the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Launch in Madrid (Video)

The world wide promotional tour of D & G's Light Blue fragrance lands in Madrid and Corazon, Corazon was able to have a chat with the face of the fragrance, David Gandy.

Translation by

We have just been with the British model David Gandy yes, you may not know the name right off the bat, but when you see him you will recognize as the model of the moment.

Charming and with the most captivating smile, the British model David Gandy who has with the most intense blue eyes is in Madrid and we had the privilege to spend a few minutes with him. Considered one of the most handsome men in the world, he blushes when asked about it. "It's an honor for me, in this world there are some who think so and some who do not, in any case I feel the pressure. When someone says that I'm the handsomest man in the world, well it makes me think that the expectation that have of me have to be higher."

Although he never considered pursuing fashion, David enjoys his profession. The hardest part of his job is not being able to spend more time with his family and friends and also not being able to find a woman to share his life with. For now he is single, but he is certain on what it takes to win his heart. "A sense of humor, someone who makes me laugh, someone who like my jokes." "The first thing I notice is the eyes and that she maintains eye contact, I like the game of eye glances." "In this moment I don't know who it may be, but maybe sometime in the future."

Elegant, seductive and with a physique that does not go unnoticed, nor his simplicity or kindness. " I'm quite shy, I like to keep my private life private and without many intrusions, but it is true I don't have much time for it because I work a lot.

His sister and nephews live here in Spain, in Malaga. The camera loves David Gandy for reasons that are very obvious.

David Gandy talks with Grazia during the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Launch in Madrid

We met with the British model to talk about his latest campaign for Dolce & Gabbana, his modeling career, his body and his future expectations.

Considered one of the most handsome men in the world, David Gandy visits Madrid to present his latest campaign of Dolce & Gabbana's famous fragrance, Light Blue.

Accustomed to androgynous body types, not muscular ones, David has managed to not only carve a niche into the industry, but has also changed the trend on the catwalk. He also writes articles on fashion, loves to decorate and is a good businessman. His advice on how to be the perfect gentleman: " Always think of others."

The latest Dolce & Gabbana campaign is spectacular...

The truth is the finished product has been very good; the idea was a hit and it was a really experience. Yes, for great outdoor results you have to into account the factors and for us the weather was a bit of a problem. The weather became a bit complicated a few times but everything turned out well.

What does Dolce & Gabbana mean to you?

For starters, I would not be here if it weren't for D&G and their Light Blue fragrance. I can't explain it but it means the world to me. We have been working together for seven years straight, and I've known Domenico and Stefano since 2002, we understand each other very well. They are a myth and I'm delighted to be part of this project.

What do you like more the catwalk or posing?

I can't decide, they are two similar things yet very different. The catwalk is very quick and fleeting while on a photo shoot there are more opportunities to embody a role or a character. Your smiles, your varies from one photo to another so maybe yes, I'll stay with the campaigns.

Are there any campaigns that have been particularly difficult for you?

The truth is,no. As models we are accustomed to having our picture taken, even though a session can be very long and exhausting. For example, on the D&G ones we sometimes start at 4pm and finish at 8am the next day. The whole team requires a lot, you have to work hard to get the best results.

Later he tells us that he was once on a single shoot for 16 hours, there are those who don't believe him.

You take really good care of your body, what is your exercise routine?

Above all I watch what I eat. I always try and eat fresh and organic foods and not eat fast food. In regard to my physique, you have to work hard, the more you spend time in the gym the better the results. There is no other method than that of consistency and tenacity.

How long ago did you start taking care of your physique?

I was always aware that I had to care of myself, my parents instilled it on me. As I got older and because of professional commitments as a model I couldn't play sports as much as I did as when I was younger; it was in that moment that I took nutrition and exercise more seriously. This would be about ten years ago more or less.

Did you like that changes that came with being a model?

This industry is very chaotic. It changes your life either way, you're constantly traveling, you meet new people every day, you have an agent...I fly more than ninety times a year, every year it's different and every season is different. Me, personally, I don't like routines, so that's why I like my job so much. If I'm doing the dame thing for a few days I go go crazy, some people prefer routines and what it entails, in my case what I love is that I'm in Madrid right now, next week perhaps I'm in New York or maybe London...

What is the worst part?

It how depends on how one sees things. I feel very lucky and I don't see anything negative about it. Yes, it's true that walking down the street people may recognize you but that's all. But thanks to this I've been able to create my own mobil apps, meet amazing people and help people through my foundation. This would not be possible if it weren't for my job.

It been said that thanks to you the there was a change to what was the stereotypical male body, what sets you apart from other models?

First I will tell you that it was not me alone. It was the industry in a whole. Adding to it was Domenico and Stefano, the Light Blue perfume, the incredible photos of Mario Testino...there were many factors. We were all committed to changing the stereotype of the male model and today there is a trend in fashion that balances the skinny men with others of a different body type.

I suppose you have many followers, Can you tell us a funny story or something funny that has happened to you?

The truth is that I have many funny stories. But something that impressed and flattered me was a woman, who is a fan of my work, last year she tattooed my signature on her arm!! Incredible but true!

Finally, where do you see yourself in ten years?

I am unable to answer that. I don't even know where I'll be in six months. We all have a plan, of course, but nothing is certain and that's the beauty of it. Perhaps I'll change my profession, maybe I'll have a is more likely that I will not be in front of the camera, maybe behind it. I really the directing and creativity aspect and I think we have to leave an opening for new models to experience what I have (so that in turn I can experience new things).


David Gandy talks with Telva during the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Launch in Madrid (Video)

Last night, before the launch of D&G Light Blue in Madrid and The Mediterranean Summer Cocktail at the San Mauro Hotel, David Gandy sat down with and gave them his best trick for seduccion and what the key to his physique is.

David Gandy talks to GQ Spain (May 2013)

David Gandy, Hombre GQ de la Semana

Es la nueva versión del gentleman inglés o por lo menos, pese a que él lo niegue, aspira a ello. Eso se nota en detalles como el control de la escena que tiene David Gandy (Billericay, Essex, 1980). El modelo nos recibe en una de las suites más espectaculares del hotel AC Santo Mauro, en Madrid. No espera a que nadie nos presente, es él quien toma la iniciativa y extiende la mano: “Hola, soy David”.

Nos encontramos con él con motivo de la presentación del nuevo spot de Light Blue de Dolce & Gabbana, fragancia que le lanzó a la fama cuando, pertrechado con un mínimo bañador blanco, protagonizó en 2006 la subida a una barca más famosa de la historia de la publicidad. Ahora, siete años después, quien le espera es Bianca Balti, su nueva partenaire.

Gracias a aquel spot, por primera vez la gente se preguntaba quién era el chico y no la chica del anuncio. ¿Un éxito? “No creo que éxito sea la palabra para definir este hito en mi carrera. Lo que provocó fue mucho interés por mí, pero el éxito realmente ha sido estar siete años trabajando desde entonces”.

Sí, si algo le caracteriza, y eso nos damos cuenta en las primeras respuestas, es que es directo y parece que no está dispuesto a cortarse con nada. “No considero que sea un super modelo. Un super modelo es alguien que está en lo más alto de su carrera, que lo ha hecho todo, que ha trabajado para todo el mundo y yo todavía no estoy a ese nivel”. Vale, aceptaremos barco… pero entonces, ¿quiénes son los super tops? ¿Quizás Andrés Velencoso o Jon Kortajarena?: “No creo que un super modelo sea alguien que anuncie cocinas. Un top debe ser conocido fuera de la industria. Cuando dices Kate o Naomi todo el mundo sabe que hablas de Moss y Cambpell, no hace falta ponerles apellido. Y con los hombres no pasa eso. Tampoco me vale darte a conocer por tener una relación con una famosa”, afirma Gandy en un momento en que parece encenderse en clara alusión a Velencoso, novio de Kylie Minogue e imagen durante un tiempo de Silestone. “Me encantaría que lo fueran, pero no es así. El año pasado cuando salí en la inauguración de los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres yo era el único hombre entre un grupo de modelos”.

Relajemos el ambiente. Dejemos el tema de los super modelos y pasemos a otras facetas suyas. Además de pasearse por medio mundo como imagen de diferentes firmas, Gandy es también colaborador de la versión online de GQ UK. Escribe sobre coches: “Yo creo que conozco mejor el mundo de los coches que el de la moda. Me crié con una revista de motor en las manos y a este mundo llegué con 21 años”. De hecho, antes de aterrizar en Madrid pasó por la emblemática Migle Milla con el equipo de Jaguar y nos confiesa que está restaurando un Mercedes Benz de 1960.

Pero su pasión no es esa: “Lo que más me interesa es el diseño en general. Puede ser moda, coches, antigüedades…”. Quizás esto le haya hecho ser uno de los hombres más elegantes del mundo: “No creo que sea algo difícil. Intento cuidar mi aspecto. La gente cree que tengo un armario gigante pero no es así, tengo un número de trajes y de zapatos y todo es cuestión de saber combinarlos”, asegura. “A veces sólo tengo 15 minutos para decidir qué me pongo. El mayor problema de los hombres es que no quieren ser diferentes, les da miedo, y a mí me gusta llevar algo que me haga distinto, sea un perfume como Light Blue o The One, mis dos favoritos de Dolce & Gabbana, o un reloj”.

1. Imprescindibles en tu armario
Trajes, trajes y trajes. Tengo todo tipo de trajes de sastres de Savile Row.

2. Un accesorio
Relojes, tengo unos 12.

3. Sigues alguna rutina

4. Un icono de estilo
La antigua escuela: Steve McQueen, Paul Newman…

5. Un icono femenino
No tengo.

6. Un gadget sin el que no puedes vivir
Mi Blackberry (a la que llama cakcberry).

7. Usas redes sociales
Sí, aunque no Twitter porque no lo entiendo. De todas formas, tengo perfiles en todas las redes sociales porque no puedo exponerme a que se creen feaks. De hecho, en Facebook hay más de 1.000 perfiles falsos de David Gandy.

8. Una escapada de fin de semana
Buena pregunta, debería escaparme más. No sé… quizás visitar a mi hermana en el sur de España. Ella vive cerca de Málaga.

9. Tus mejores vacaciones

10. Una película
‘Dos hombres y un destino’, de George Roy Hill.

11. Un libro
No leo ficción…

12. ¿Qué estás leyendo actualmente?
‘The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill’, de Dominique Enright.

13. ¿Qué suena en tu iPod?
Tengo casi 4.000 canciones. Prefiero la vieja escuela.

14. Tu programa de televisión favorito
Me gustan las comedias.

15. Un bar de copas
Ni idea. No he ido a uno en años.

16. Un restaurante
Blue Ribbon, en Nueva York.

17. El mayor regalo que te has dado
Ahora mismo estoy renovando mi casa de Londres.

18. Una técnica de seducción
No tengo (ríe). Me encantaría conocerlas.

19. El momento GQ de tu vida
No ha llegado todavía.

20. Qué necesita un hombre GQ
Mmm… debería saberla, escribo para GQ. Creo que estilo, ser un gentleman…

21. Un hombre GQ
Dylan Jones, el editor de GQ UK, no hay nadie más GQ que él.


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David Gandy talks to Grazia Spain (May 2013)

The Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume's worlwide promotional tour arrives this afternoon in Madrid. The world renowned Italian brand along with the presence of David Gandy will present its new perfume campaign in an event that will take place in the center of the capital city and in which David will hold several interviews with major publications. We hope it's a success!
So before this event Grazia caught up with David in Milan a few weeks ago.

One on One with David Gandy

The model visits Spain this week to participate in a summer party. Grazia in Milan spoke to him before his arrival.

Madrid prepares for the visit of the world's most wanted man. The top model, David Gandy, arrives this week in the capital to present the new perfume campaign Light Blue byDolce & Gabbana, which he has been the face of since 2007. But also to participate in a summer welcome bash which promises to be one of the events of the season.

Invited by Italian designers, we find this model (33 years old) in the football stadium of Milan, a team that wears the fashion house's label since 2004. There, dressed in a team jersey created for him, Gandy shares a glass of wine and talks about his life and miracles. To begin, we discovered that he is more than a guy on a boat with the cliffs of Capri in the background ( an image that has made him a myth), where the model is most comfortable is in the dust and mud of the roads, driving sports car. Your perfect vacation? Going around the world in 4x4. "Cars are my passion it comes before fashion and women," he says. "The craziest experiences of my life have been driving a race car. Some have been destroyed by crashing into a tree. In fact, if I can square it away with my charity commitments, perhaps I can participate in the next Paris-Dakar ".

Muscles with a Heart.

Gandy refers to Blue Steel Appeal, the foundation that he has launched to help finance the organization Comic Relief, an English association that helps children in need. "It started with my trip to Uganda to see gorillas up close. We slept in a village and there I saw these children with no shoes, with nothing, and thought that working in fashion and living in luxury I could not, not do something. More than a choice, it was a way to give back everything that life gives me. " It is not the first time the top model commits to charity. For example,he is an ambassador for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, and at times fosters dogs for this association which defends animals. He also participates in charity auctions. In fact, their presence in the stadium in Milan was from one of those auctions where Dolce and Gabbana auctioned two tickets to their private box.

Film? There's no rush.

"I'm not just a model," he says, stating that "advertising campaigns and photo shoots do not take up more than 50% of my schedule. The rest of the time I write for the English editions of GQ and Vogue. I am also co-producer of films and I think soon I will be making my debut as an actor, but there is no hurry. The important thing is to choose the right script, because I do not want be the handsome muscular powerhouse, but a character that strays from the clichés and surprises ". Our conversation is interrupted by a group of girls surrounding Gandy looking to take a photo with him and, incidentally, openly grope. A smile of his is enough to render them speechless. "David, you have more groupies than a rock star," I tell him jokingly. He laughs and says, "You have no idea what they are capable of. There was one that left me speechless: she had my face tattooed on her back. " It is time to speak of love. "I'm single," he says. The heavy tone in his voice prompts me to ask if you would change anything in your life. "No," he says seriously. "Only a fool does not understand the importance of their errors. It's very easy when all goes well, but with mistakes you learn a lot. " In the end, besides Gandy being a sex symbol, he is a very intelligent guy.

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David Gandy attended the Chelsea Flower Show 2013

On Monday May 20, 2013, David Gandy attended the Chelsea Flower Show press and VIP preview day, hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society at the Royal Hospiral in London.

Video: ACHICA Living chats to supermodel David Gandy & stars at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013

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David Gandy's 'Corazon, Corazon' TV Report

The Spanish program Corazon, Corazon, once again delighted us this morning with a broadcast report on David Gandy for the launch of his latest editorial for the Spanish edition of Glamor (June 2013). Using beautiful images from the behind the scenes video of the shoot, along with clips from +Gente and Corazon, Corazon interview. The report mentions out takes from David's interview with the magazine.                                                                


Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Cocktail Party

Last night, David Gandy, as Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ambassador, attended the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve cocktail party aboard the luxurious John Walker & Sons Voyager yacht to celebrate the partnership between the leading Scotch Whisky brand with Vodafone Mercedes McLaren in Cap-d'Ail, France.                                             

David Gandy with Percy Parker


TAG Heuer Host 2013 Monaco Grand Prix Party

On Saturday May 25, 2013, David Gandy attended the TAG Heuer's 50 Years of Carrera event at the 2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco.

David Gandy with Samantha Barks

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Highlights of 2013 Mille Miglia with David Gandy & Yasmin Le Bon

After a few days and with the official classification of the Mille Miglia published, David Gandy and Yasmin Le Bon, driving the Jaguar XK 120 from 1950, finished the race at #169 of 320 cars that returned on Sunday to Brescia. But we did not want to close those intense days without giving you the opportunity to relive them once again. So we have decided to give you a best of moments from all 3 stages of the race. We hope you enjoy this collection of highlights we have gathered for this video. 

We would also like to give our sincerest thanks to Morena Tipitina ( from Italy for kindly allowing us to incorporate her excellent recording of the Teletense interview on the end of the first stage in Ferrara. Thank YOU so much!

Revisit the Mille Miglia experience:

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David Gandy covers ShortList Magazine (May 2013)

David Gandy graces the cover and spread inside of the latest issue of ShortList Magazine. He appears under the lens of photographer David Goldman  in a new set of black & white photos. Showing his personal and unique style, dressed in Dolce & Gabbana, he is the vision of sensuality plus the epitome of today's male beauty.

Go Big or Go Home

David Gandy is the working-class Essex boy who took over the fashion industry. ShortList’s Tom Bailey talks fast cars and spent whisky bottles with a model of manliness

“You, the viewer, have chosen ‘David’ to be the Male Face Of 2001,” announced erstwhile This Morning presenter Richard Madeley airily. Cue a ripple of studio applause, a corny fanfare sound effect and some half-hearted handshakes. “He’ll be taken on to the books of Select model agency and he’s gonna have a fantastic career ahead of him,” concluded Madeley blithely, without a shred of conviction. “Coming up later in the show...”

Twelve years on from that forgettable TV debut, ShortList is sitting opposite ‘David’, who is now the highest-paid male model in the world. When he isn’t serving as Dolce & Gabbana’s muse, the 33-year-old, 6ft 3in Essex boy, dubbed ‘Dagenham Dave’ by some, is jetting round the world, building on a global brand already worth millions and turning down offers from Hollywood.

Even if you don’t know his name, you’ll almost certainly recognise his seminal work: the now-iconographic 2007 advertising campaign for D&G’s bestselling, award-winning male fragrance, Light Blue. It saw him spread-eagled over a 50ft billboard in Times Square, wearing nothing but pair of white trunks, garner 11 million hits online, and gain a new moniker: ‘The White Pants Man.’

More recently he took centre stage at the Olympics closing ceremony with Kate Moss, signed contracts with Marks & Spencer and Jaguar, and found himself endorsing Johnnie Walker’s £180-a-bottle Blue Label whisky. As for his effect on women, check his Facebook wall.

Up close, he is perfectly stubbled, well-chiselled and radiating health; Clark Gable with a touch of the Count from Sesame Street. The reason for our meeting? To talk about the launch of the third campaign for Light Blue, which – we later glean – involved flying to Capri to have bikini-clad Italian model Bianca Balti wrapped around his waist for a morning.

Gentlemen, meet David Gandy. The man we’d all (not so) secretly like to be…

You’re the world’s biggest male model today, but what did you look like at 16?

I was nothing to write home about. I was a bit chubby and had no idea about fashion. I was playing every sport under the sun, so I just dressed in a utilitarian way. Cricket gear, football gear or a tracksuit; there was no time for fashion.

In other words, you shopped at Mad House...

[A smile creeps over Gandy’s face] No... I was very shy as a 16-year-old. I still am. Puberty is a horrid time. I was slightly bigger because I had puppy fat, then I shot up to 6ft 3 and got skinny, then I got broad. It was a weird development.

You didn’t have much luck with girls, then?

When I was 17 I had a Ford Fiesta 1.1 Ghia. ‘The Beast’, as we called it. The guy who owned it before me put aftermarket electric windows in, so you had to press the button and bang the door to get the window to fall down. I was on a date once and the passenger door was broken, so my date had to climb across me to get out, but then the other door broke. She climbed out of the window. I thought, “This isn’t happening.” I told my dad he was ruining my chances of ever getting laid.

Were you a boy racer, then?

After that I had a Peugeot 106 GTi. I crashed it. It’s never good when you have to push a car back on to four wheels.

And now Jaguar pays you to drive its cars.

Hey, you learn from your mistakes. If everything went right you’d never learn anything. And, yes, I have an XKR-S, and it’s my favourite car in the world.

So in your youth, becoming a world-famous model wasn’t on the cards…

No. I had just graduated with a degree in marketing when I won the modelling competition on This Morning. My friends said they’d sent my pictures in – I thought they were joking. Modelling wasn’t seen as an aspirational thing back then. It wasn’t a manly job. Fashion is kept very elitist – most people’s only tangible link to male modelling is Zoolander.

Which reinforces certain preconceptions...

Exactly – the preconception that it’s all up its own arse. There are plenty of those people, but my motto has always been work hard and be persistent. Nowadays, people don’t seem to want to work from the bottom up. I came from university and did five or six years of catalogues.

Is catalogue modelling as cheesy as it sounds?

It’s awful, cheesy clothing most of the time. You’re seen as ‘Male Model A’.

Did you ever walk out?

I’ve walked off shoots. Sometimes they talk about you in the third person while you are standing there. Other times they start doing your hair without even saying hello. I’d speak up for myself and they’d be like, “Oh, sh*t. This guy talks.” That’s why I wanted more respect for guys in this industry.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but isn’t modelling simply a matter of good genes?

Modelling is like acting. The photographer knows what they want, and you have to portray that. But you can’t use voices like an actor can – you have to do it with a look. One look.

You’re back in your underwear for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue adverts. Does that image of you get annoying?

I didn’t want to be known as ‘The White Pants Guy’ forever, because that would drive me round the bend, so I started thinking about how I could make my name outside of it. But I’m hugely grateful to Dolce & Gabbana because, before the Light Blue campaign, male models were skinny and androgynous. I adopted a ‘go big or go home’ mentality and decided to bring back a sense of masculinity.

Who are your male style icons?

I love Paul Newman. There is an element of me that thinks, “What has happened to men?” Someone emailed me this great thing the other day: a picture of a young kid from a boy band: 16 years old, hair flipped over. And beneath that a picture of Sean Connery as Bond, cigarette hanging out of his mouth. And it said in big letters, ‘Men: what happened?’ When I look at Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, James Dean and Sean Connery, it’s a question I ask myself.

You missed Harry Styles off that list…

I’m not going to knock Harry. One Direction were incredibly generous and supported my charity, Blue Steel Appeal.

Why call it Blue Steel Appeal?

I can’t change it, so why not embrace it? It puts a smile on people’s faces. There’s not enough fun in fashion.

Do your parents ‘get’ the fashion world?

Mum and Dad are retired, but they’re still the hardest working people I know. Everyone in my family is self-employed, which probably says something about the family mentality; that control thing.

How do they feel about their son being on billboards?

They’re proud, but in a subdued way. I’m in the only industry where women are more powerful than men – and earn about five times as much. My dad still finds that hilarious.

Do your friends rib you?

My friends from back home don’t know about the industry and they don’t want to talk about it. We just rip the p*ss out of each other and reminisce about our teenage years; nights out in Billericay and the fact that nobody died.

Care to elaborate?

I can feel my PR manager going, “No.” A typical night out was in Billericay – when I wasn’t old enough to drink – then walking home across a field.

Do you get a kick out of fame?

People presume you’re going to be up your own arse. I was in Sainsbury’s the other day and a guy came up to me and went, “David Gandy?” “Er, yeah.” “What are you doing shopping?” “I dunno, I’m hungry.” “Oh, you don’t have someone to do that for you?” It’s amazing what people think. He ended up walking round with me and we had a chat.

Has a fan ever crossed the line?

A girl superimposed my head on to her family portrait and came to my agency saying I was her long-lost brother. It was during Men’s Fashion Week, so she could get the timetable and know where I was going to be. Luckily my driver was ex-Scotland Yard and dealt with it.

And do you get trolled?

Yes. Trolling is disgusting and I’ve had cases where I’ve had to get the police involved.

That explains why you don’t have a personal Twitter.

I don’t understand that world of ‘Look at the restaurant I’m in’, ‘look at my car’, ‘look at the beach I’m on.’ And why do high-profile people complain about press intrusion, then tweet where they are and complain about being papped? But then, the biggest stars often don’t tweet. Daniel Radcliffe said, “Why would anyone want me to tweet? I haven’t got anything interesting to say.” Straight away, I liked him.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I love cars. I’m having a classic Mercedes 190SL restored and fitted with a bespoke, five-piece leather luggage set. I also ski. But these days I look at a double black run that I flew down at 24 and think, “Nah, I’ll have a bit of lunch.” Self-preservation kicks in at 27 and you realise you’re going to hurt yourself. It just hasn’t happened with my driving yet.

You’ve just got a racing licence – how’s that working out?

I did a Jaguar driving day recently and spun off in an LP1 [Le Mans] racing car, but just kept the accelerator pinned. We carried on across a field – I really wanted that lap time. I came in and the guy said: “You did good – but I think you broke the car.” I’m better at rallying.

You also endorse Johnnie Walker whisky. Is every corner of your house filled with stacked bottles?

Ha! No, but a friend I hadn’t seen for a while came round recently and we polished off a bottle of whisky between us.

Finally, when was the last time you had a Big Mac?

I had a burger on Saturday – but not a Big Mac. We didn’t hold back. I think we were recovering from the whisky...

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David Gandy's editorial for Glamour Spain (June 2013)

David Gandy is decked out from head to toe in Dolce & Gabbana for 'Glamour' Spain latest editorial on the model. Shot in Milan by photographer Sergi Pons, he recreates a scene typical to the region of Sicily. Styled by Miriam Arruaga, Make-up and Hair by Noemí Corral

Screencaps courtesy of Dreamysim

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By Carol López

David Gandy is the major model of the world and in this report we discover why.


He is the best model in the world. The top British model stars in the new water movie for Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue fragrance....Dive In!

Malpensa Airport (Milan) The city welcomes us with its usually gray sky. Walking past the duty free shop, a succession of giant Dolce and Gabbana pictures instantly transports us to Summer in Sicily. Light, heat, wind, salty air, the scent of lemon, the touch of the uncomfortable Tyrrhenian beach pebbles.....The cold sensation dissipates. It is as if in just those few seconds we traveled the thousand kilometers that separates a stern and sophisticated Italy of an Alpine paradise from the regions of the south. Monica Belluci and Bianca Balti watch us from a 10 x 10 instant snap shot, ones in which Dominica Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have managed to capture the essence of Summer in the South.

But in Milan we have to meet David Gandy, the model that best represents the energy of the Mediterranean so often imagined by designers. The man puts a face ( and what a body!) to the advert that is forever etched in our minds thanks to a tiny white pant.

The vital and anarchic atmosphere of the kitchen of an arty flat in the heart of Milan takes us back to Sicily. The Glamour styling and photography team have a arrived from market with artichokes, basil, tomatoes, speck(ham), parmesan, red wine and a fish that weighs more than five kilos. A pot of al dente spaghetti rages on the fire. As if moved by a spring, the prop master removes from the scene the watch that the best model in the world has just taken off his wrist before getting to work. "Can we leave it there? It was a gift from Stefano," asks David Gandy.

Frying pan in hand, the man who spent his youth lamenting because he could not get into a pair of Heidi Slimac pants confesses that he loves to eat. "But I have to take of what I eat, so I follow a Mediterranean diet with lots of white fish, grilled vegetables and organic food."

He is fond of luxury cars ( he has a classic jewel in his garage and he writes a column for GQ magazine about cars), he has launched a style app ( and a fitness app (, writes a blog for and has his own foundation aimed at raising funds for charity called Blue Steel Appeal. With this initiative he has managed to involve his collegues in the fashion world such as Kate Moss and designers such as Stella McCartney and House of Holland. There were Ebay auctions to meet Naomi Campbell, VIP passes to go backstage for a Victoria Beckham fashion show and a spend a day with Gandy on one of his photo shoots, these are some of the things done to raise money for underprivileged children. The name he chose for his foundation was taken from the movie Zoolander, it is a statement of intent regarding his vision of the fashion business: The fashion world is a bit too serious. the industry needs more of a sense of humor.

He summarizes his beauty routine in four simple words: Moisturizing cream and gym." Born in Essex, east of London 33 years ago, he has worked for brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Carolina Herrera and Massimo Dutti. the White Pants Guy has no time to complain about is overwhelming genetics.

His potent and viril image traces the archetypal Mediterranean man of the collective imagination. Maybe that's why, upon seeing him for the first time in 2006, Domenico and Stefano knew that David Gandy was the guy they were looking for. There was no casting, a chance encounter in London, one in which the model didn't even think to go to. But his agent persisted and convinced him that he could not return home without meeting the Italian designers in person. "When we were introduced, Stefano and Domenico eclaimed: WOW! David Gandy, Dolce and Gabbana... We share initials, DG!" It's been seven years that have resulted in three Light Blue campaigns, directed by Mario Testino, in the idyllic waters of Capri.

"Measurements", "girlfriend" and "hot" are the most typed searches when you enter his name into Google. On the first one he says " There are no tricks or magic wands. It's only possible with daily training." He does an hour a day, six days a week. On the second we found out he broke up with British model Sara Ann Macklin (current Topshop image) after being together over a year. About his blazing looks, Gandy downplays it with such poise, that one comes to think he is right and that he's not that attractive. This perverse thought barely holds for a split second, the time it takes to blink. You open your eyes and you are faced with reality: Gandy is physically impressive. But the model insists: "It's an honor to have become the sexy prototype of a Mediterranean lover, but I am only like that when I pose in front of the camera."
 Our conversation is interrupted by someone offering  us something to drink. " Cappuccino, espresso..?" Gandy opts for tea, an unexpected choice for an Italian production team. There is no tea in catering, there was no tea on the list for the prop team...In the kitchen that served as the backdrop for the photo shoot we find a can of Earl Grey. "Seeing me for the first time, most people think I'm Italian- laughs- but I'm actually very British." The tea is nothing more than just one anecdote, but his sleek menswear vision clears all doubts. Gandy has what the English call charm. He tells us that his wardrobe is traditional with contemporary touches. And your style? "Very old school. My icons are McQueen and Newman." He admits he's scrupulous about shoes. 'Everyday I see guys with horrible shoes, and I think that is essential: You need to buy good footwear and take care of them. A good pair of shoes is an investment."

He realizes as a male model his greatest challenge is to be as good as his female counterparts ( before him, top models such as Claudia Shiffer, Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bundshen or occasional models such as actress Scarlett Johansson have been the face of brands that have subsequently signed Gandy.) "Men do not have as many possibilities as they do. Jeans, pants and suits." he says. "That's why I blindly trust classic tailoring. We bet on a good tailor made suite without hesitation."