Sunday, April 7, 2013

David Gandy on 'Playing with Fire' (E! Channel)

Friday night April 5th, David Gandy appeared on E! Channel's (US) new reality show ‘Playing with Fire’ with his friends Louis Dowler and his girlfriend, Jennifer Esposito. This was a nice chance to catch a glimpse of David away from work and enjoying a visit with two of his very good friends. Jennifer is a regular on this TV show and with her boyfriend opened the 'Jennifer's Way' a gluten free Bakery in NYC.

Video courtesy of Melissa Feijoo-Viro


Great cause but someone's clearly into themselves .

Have a friend who has celiac and made me aware how pervasive the ingredient (gluten) is; difficult row to hoe, and it requires a lot of creativity in cooking. That aside, it was nice to get a glimpse at 'David Unplugged'; thank you for that!

thanks for sharing this video. I would love a taste of those cookies.

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