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David Gandy for Madame Figaro 'Spécial Hommes' (April 2013)

David Gandy begins April fronting the cover of the french magazine Madame Figaro "Spécial Hommes" (April 2013). The British top model, the gentleman, under the lens of the photographer Lionel Guyou (pln management) in London last February, shows us his most elegant facet and sensual magnetism wearing leading menswear clothes and complements from different renowed brands in the shoot (Tom Ford, Brioni, Cerruti, Giorgio Armani, Dior, Ralph Lauren Black Label Michael Kors, Hermés...).
Styling by Jean-Michel Clerc & Grooming by Larry King.

We want to give our very special thanks to April Hubbel from Oklahoma (US) - with assistance by Helene Meynard -, who were so kind to translate the original french editorial text into english
(*) Small changes has been added by DjG to fit the April's version with the Official David Gandy's Faceebook's translated version to offer you the appropiate words where is needed in order to reflect the real meaning of David Gandy's words in this interview.

David Gandy, the Gentleman

England’s most famous model, muse of Dolce & Gabbana, turning heads in fashion. For us, this gloomy Apollo, to the incomparable physique, assumes a dressing in his image, refined and perfect, lending itself to confidence.

London is in awe. David Gandy, the most popular, sexiest, most bewitching of the top men of his generation is, just recently single. The Englishwomen are crazy, and the most hyped of celebrities, Pippa Middleton, should perhaps give him a look. What does he think? “Uh, I would have preferred her sister.” David Gandy is more than a body. He’s a gentleman who drives a Jaguar, dreams of James Dean and Steve McQueen, loves Bordeaux, just bought a Georgian-style house in southwest London, reads and rereads quotes of Winston Churchill that he knows by heart. “Very old school that”, he says, while removing his shirt to slip on a skin-tight leather polo revealing a build of Apollo and a torso of 007 muscles, on which we would like to put out our cigarette like Barbara Bach in “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Shirtless, in his white DG boxer shorts with his navy blue Dior socks running the length of his firm and hairy calves, he is proof that God exists, and that a healthy mind can only fit in a healthy body. David Gandy is pure malt whisky. Scottish ancestors and a name very common in England that means “landowner”. “My parents have always worked in business. And I studied computer science at the University of Gloucester. When I left there, I got involved with a garage where I showed cars to clients. One day one of my friends suggested that I audition for a TV show for aspiring models. I gave it a go. I won. There you go.”

Gandy had some lean years stringing together catalog photos until he was chosen as the face of the Light Blue fragrance of Dolce & Gabbana. The man in the white swimsuit floating in a small boat between the Faraglioni of Capri, that’s him. From there, Gandy positioned his star with the aim of establishing equality between a top supermodel like Kate Moss and that of a top male model. “It’s not right: Men are less respected and paid less than women in the world of fashion. You know why?  Because most male models are androgynous. For me, a man is a strong type with the charisma of Paul Newman of yesterday.”

Like Beckham, Gandy is a brand. For this, he has iPhone applications offering a range of strength training exercises, diets to follow, clothing trends. “I try to teach the young generation to get dressed, to eat, to stay in shape, but I’ve run into a generation who don’t really like effort, who passively watch TV and spend their days tweeting.” In addition, our man writes a column for British GQ (on cars), writes editorials in British Vogue and has published an album of lavish photos soberly titled David Gandy, a copy of which just sold for 1500 euros on eBay. Finally, this very manly gentleman created The Blue Steel Appeal, a foundation sponsored by fashion personalities like Naomi Campbell and photographer Peter Rankin, which raises funds for underprivileged children and Africa and England. Gandy believes in destiny.

For starters, he has the same initials as Dolce & Gabbana, which opened for him the gates of paradise. In addition, he has a spiritual history with the number 7. “My room number at university was 007. You see where I’m coming from?” And if he becomes the next Bond? James Bond?




He looks great but I wonder if he was clean shaven he would look much younger :)

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