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David Gandy & Bianca Balti for 'Amica' Magazine (May 2013)

Two of Dolce&Gabbana's faves, supermodels Bianca Balti & David Gandy, grace the cover of the latest italian magazine's cover: Amica May 2013. Beautifully captured by the fashion photographer Giovanni Gastel, with hair by Gabriele Trezzi and makeup by Andrea Costa. The shoot transports us to the idyllic environment of a timeless land paradise, to the confident and private atmosphere of the Garden of the Eden where the pictures, mainly in black and white, appears to us like an unforgettable memories.

We want to give our very special thanks to our dear friend Chiara D'Ambrosio, from La Bella Italia, for joining us one more time, translating this interview into english with all her love and also many Thanks for sharing this lovely behind the scenes video of the Amica Magazine shoot!. We hope you all enjoy it!



Original Text: Daniele Bresciani
Translation: Chiara D'Ambrosio - Style Revision: DjG.com

"The Bible is not clear on this, of Adam and Eve we only know that they were the first man and woman created by God in the Garden of Eden...they were naked at first but because of that wicked serpent they realized and dressed … but if him, Adam had pecs and sculpted abs and if Eva was some kind of supermodel, we can not say it certainty: too much time has passed and we have only discovered some iconographic sources - some frescoes, paintings, including something resembling a photo, that is not enough.

As a prototype of Adam and Eve, David Gandy and Bianca Balti, protagonists of the new Dolce&Gabbana’s Light Blue Fragance Campaign, not bad at all. And in common with our current ancestors besides the look that you see in these photos, also have a small defect: at least one of them does as you will discover, which took place at different times, has a slight tendency to lie. Another certainty that we checked in this encounter with the pair of models is that in times of crisis, the beauty seems to have remained one of the few things that work.

Bianca Balti is one of the most courted women in recent years. The list of her campaigns for various brands, cosmetics or home phone companies is only growing. "When I started in 2004, models weren't conventional now it's the beauty that's able to attract", she says. "The aesthetic rules have changed and it is no coincidence that Monica Belluci is still loved by the public and the designers. I guess this is my lucky Italian charm."

The one that doesn't want to talk about luck is David Gandy:" Luck?? sure I'm born with this face, agree, but the rest, I’ve worked hard to build my career step by step, with hard work and determination. In any case, we can consider luck, among men, that their modeling career is moderately long. For example an actor like George Clooney or Sean Connery are even more appreciated when their hair has turned grey."

Gandy is very busy with charitable activities, in addition to cultivating the passion for racing cars, with the job he has, it means he takes about 80-90 flights from one part of the planet to the other every year. In fact, not long ago, he was elected an honorary member of First Class British Airways: "I recently found myself sitting in front of Brad Pitt, I immediately text my best-friend to tell him and my friend responded that maybe Brad was writing a message to George Clooney saying 'you won't believe who's sitting in front of me David Gandy.'

Morever, Bianca has a wardrobe that would be the envy of any woman, "I don't buy clothes, they give them to me. Because in my job I change clothes every 5 minutes in front of the camera, what sense would I have to invest in clothes and shoes?. In fact, I do not expect the designers to give them to me. I know exactly what I will get. And every month I clean out my closet, it makes my friends happy. I have good taste for beautiful things with quality. I know when I'm no longer a model I won't be able to afford these norms. It will be difficult to reacquaint myself with my previous life," she says laughing, without arrogance and great simplicity. "The last purchase I made was the Barbi Malibu Beach House for my daughter Matilda, she has wanted it for a very long time," says Bianca. Matlida was born in 2007 from a relationship with photographer Christian Lucidi. I talk so much with her, I tell her everything as a story."
Recently she asked how babies were made, I said that when two people make love it can happen. Then she confused me by asking a question, "So why don't you and Francisco (Bianca boyfriend since 2011) make love and give me a baby brother?" Motherhood is related to a great fear in Bianca's life, "I've always wanted kids. I was pregnant before Matilda and lost the baby" saddened by the memory. I was terrified, I remember crying and asking my mother if I can not have children?". Fortunately it was not so.

More serious is Gandy's response when we talk about fears: "a few years ago, only months apart, I lost my grandfather and my uncle to cancer. I asked myself many questions and I set my priorities straight. Sometimes we attach importance to trivial things and forget what really matters. I'm shy and not self-confident, what happened has changed me deeply."

David is very far from the stereotypical model of male beauty, he is not just all muscle and no brains. Although there is no doubt that he owes his success to the white pants between the Faraglioni de Capri. And there is a funny episode related to that spot in Capri that David tells miming gestures and voices: "We where filming the second spot of Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue, for the 2010 campaign, and we rented some apartments stuck in the rocks not far from the set. At a certain point I had moved away and then return home in a hurry, I entered the apartment running and I saw some cosmetic products in the shower and the sink. I thought how strange, but I gave it no importance. The surprise - not only mine - was when I left the room. I was in the wrong apartment and found myself in front of a whole family, dad, mom and two children. Everyone looked amazed that the guy of the spot with the white pants was coming out of their bathroom…". But for David this is the third campaign spot, shot in Capri for Dolce & Gabbana and Bianca's debut.

And we get to the point where one of the two is not telling the truth. We start with Bianca, "It was so nice to work with David, he is an extraordinary professional and a true gentleman, which is not easy to find in a model, they have fun playing the supermacho. And then David did not feel good, poor guy, on the little boat, with the rough sea." "Is that true Mr.Gandy, did you have sea sickness?". "Me? Nothing, fortunately I did not suffer from it. Some members of the crew felt sick, maybe Bianca too. The real difficulty for me was diving in between two boats slamming into each other and often going back and hoisting myself with my arms that was really exhausting."

Without going so fast as to expel from the sky for so little sin, what do you think?


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