Monday, April 29, 2013

David Gandy at Vogue Fest 2013's Body Image Panel Discussion (Video)

This past weekend was the highly anticipated Vogue Festival 2013, at London Southbank Center - Purcell Room in association with Vertu. And as we all knew David Gandy participated in the panel "Too Fat, Too Thin....Will We Ever Be Content?" Also joining David on the panel was Christa D'Souza, Patsy Kensit and Daisy Lowe led by Vogue editor Alexandra Sulman. A candid discussion took place about body issues and how we and the panel view our own body image, without focusing on topics from the modeling world.

And today, a day later, thanks to the generosity and kindness of our dear friend Gabi Goncalves (London) we will be able to remember it all, at least a little, as if we had the chance to get a ticket for this great opportunity to see David Gandy in person ourselves. THANK YOU one more time Gabi!, for donating your photos and video to in exclusive, to get some pictures with excellent quality and a HD video and, of course... Congratulations!! Why did one of your dreams come true and here is the proof to confirm: In Gabi's words:
"The whole experience has been overwhelming. He is an absolute doll, sweet, a gentleman, beautiful inside and out....and I'm short of adjectives for him. But mostly he is an absolute pleasure to talk with. He is so attentive, looks at you when you talk and mostly you can tell he pays attention of what you are telling him. I am gonna defend this man ALWAYS!!! Cause he is accessible and has no ego whatsoever.So this is what happened when we left the panel (which was less than 45 minutes and not an hour as they said, aw well). We were waiting at the guests entrance for almost 2 hours in the freezing cold London spring weather :/ He came out once thinking his car was there waiting for him, went back again inside and then after a while he finally came out for good. He was smiling walking towards us. When my turn arrived we got the photo taken and he made me feel such at ease next to him that we started talking."
"He was so amazing and I touched his arm and he touches mine while we were talking.Nathan took some photos while we were chatting. I didn't notice he was taking photos of us talking...he told me when we were in the train coming back home. My man rocks and what a lovely memory of this meeting with David besides my photo with him :) has been such an emotional exhausting day and I am still thinking it was a dream...a dream come true ♥"

Patsy Kensit, David Gandy & Daisy Lowe


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