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David Gandy & Bianca Balti for 'Amica' Magazine (May 2013)

Two of Dolce&Gabbana's faves, supermodels Bianca Balti & David Gandy, grace the cover of the latest italian magazine's cover: Amica May 2013. Beautifully captured by the fashion photographer Giovanni Gastel, with hair by Gabriele Trezzi and makeup by Andrea Costa. The shoot transports us to the idyllic environment of a timeless land paradise, to the confident and private atmosphere of the Garden of the Eden where the pictures, mainly in black and white, appears to us like an unforgettable memories.

We want to give our very special thanks to our dear friend Chiara D'Ambrosio, from La Bella Italia, for joining us one more time, translating this interview into english with all her love and also many Thanks for sharing this lovely behind the scenes video of the Amica Magazine shoot!. We hope you all enjoy it!



Original Text: Daniele Bresciani
Translation: Chiara D'Ambrosio - Style Revision: DjG.com

"The Bible is not clear on this, of Adam and Eve we only know that they were the first man and woman created by God in the Garden of Eden...they were naked at first but because of that wicked serpent they realized and dressed … but if him, Adam had pecs and sculpted abs and if Eva was some kind of supermodel, we can not say it certainty: too much time has passed and we have only discovered some iconographic sources - some frescoes, paintings, including something resembling a photo, that is not enough.

As a prototype of Adam and Eve, David Gandy and Bianca Balti, protagonists of the new Dolce&Gabbana’s Light Blue Fragance Campaign, not bad at all. And in common with our current ancestors besides the look that you see in these photos, also have a small defect: at least one of them does as you will discover, which took place at different times, has a slight tendency to lie. Another certainty that we checked in this encounter with the pair of models is that in times of crisis, the beauty seems to have remained one of the few things that work.

Bianca Balti is one of the most courted women in recent years. The list of her campaigns for various brands, cosmetics or home phone companies is only growing. "When I started in 2004, models weren't conventional now it's the beauty that's able to attract", she says. "The aesthetic rules have changed and it is no coincidence that Monica Belluci is still loved by the public and the designers. I guess this is my lucky Italian charm."

The one that doesn't want to talk about luck is David Gandy:" Luck?? sure I'm born with this face, agree, but the rest, I’ve worked hard to build my career step by step, with hard work and determination. In any case, we can consider luck, among men, that their modeling career is moderately long. For example an actor like George Clooney or Sean Connery are even more appreciated when their hair has turned grey."

Gandy is very busy with charitable activities, in addition to cultivating the passion for racing cars, with the job he has, it means he takes about 80-90 flights from one part of the planet to the other every year. In fact, not long ago, he was elected an honorary member of First Class British Airways: "I recently found myself sitting in front of Brad Pitt, I immediately text my best-friend to tell him and my friend responded that maybe Brad was writing a message to George Clooney saying 'you won't believe who's sitting in front of me David Gandy.'

Morever, Bianca has a wardrobe that would be the envy of any woman, "I don't buy clothes, they give them to me. Because in my job I change clothes every 5 minutes in front of the camera, what sense would I have to invest in clothes and shoes?. In fact, I do not expect the designers to give them to me. I know exactly what I will get. And every month I clean out my closet, it makes my friends happy. I have good taste for beautiful things with quality. I know when I'm no longer a model I won't be able to afford these norms. It will be difficult to reacquaint myself with my previous life," she says laughing, without arrogance and great simplicity. "The last purchase I made was the Barbi Malibu Beach House for my daughter Matilda, she has wanted it for a very long time," says Bianca. Matlida was born in 2007 from a relationship with photographer Christian Lucidi. I talk so much with her, I tell her everything as a story."
Recently she asked how babies were made, I said that when two people make love it can happen. Then she confused me by asking a question, "So why don't you and Francisco (Bianca boyfriend since 2011) make love and give me a baby brother?" Motherhood is related to a great fear in Bianca's life, "I've always wanted kids. I was pregnant before Matilda and lost the baby" saddened by the memory. I was terrified, I remember crying and asking my mother if I can not have children?". Fortunately it was not so.

More serious is Gandy's response when we talk about fears: "a few years ago, only months apart, I lost my grandfather and my uncle to cancer. I asked myself many questions and I set my priorities straight. Sometimes we attach importance to trivial things and forget what really matters. I'm shy and not self-confident, what happened has changed me deeply."

David is very far from the stereotypical model of male beauty, he is not just all muscle and no brains. Although there is no doubt that he owes his success to the white pants between the Faraglioni de Capri. And there is a funny episode related to that spot in Capri that David tells miming gestures and voices: "We where filming the second spot of Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue, for the 2010 campaign, and we rented some apartments stuck in the rocks not far from the set. At a certain point I had moved away and then return home in a hurry, I entered the apartment running and I saw some cosmetic products in the shower and the sink. I thought how strange, but I gave it no importance. The surprise - not only mine - was when I left the room. I was in the wrong apartment and found myself in front of a whole family, dad, mom and two children. Everyone looked amazed that the guy of the spot with the white pants was coming out of their bathroom…". But for David this is the third campaign spot, shot in Capri for Dolce & Gabbana and Bianca's debut.

And we get to the point where one of the two is not telling the truth. We start with Bianca, "It was so nice to work with David, he is an extraordinary professional and a true gentleman, which is not easy to find in a model, they have fun playing the supermacho. And then David did not feel good, poor guy, on the little boat, with the rough sea." "Is that true Mr.Gandy, did you have sea sickness?". "Me? Nothing, fortunately I did not suffer from it. Some members of the crew felt sick, maybe Bianca too. The real difficulty for me was diving in between two boats slamming into each other and often going back and hoisting myself with my arms that was really exhausting."

Without going so fast as to expel from the sky for so little sin, what do you think?

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David Gandy at Vogue Fest 2013's Body Image Panel Discussion (Video)

This past weekend was the highly anticipated Vogue Festival 2013, at London Southbank Center - Purcell Room in association with Vertu. And as we all knew David Gandy participated in the panel "Too Fat, Too Thin....Will We Ever Be Content?" Also joining David on the panel was Christa D'Souza, Patsy Kensit and Daisy Lowe led by Vogue editor Alexandra Sulman. A candid discussion took place about body issues and how we and the panel view our own body image, without focusing on topics from the modeling world.

And today, a day later, thanks to the generosity and kindness of our dear friend Gabi Goncalves (London) we will be able to remember it all, at least a little, as if we had the chance to get a ticket for this great opportunity to see David Gandy in person ourselves. THANK YOU one more time Gabi!, for donating your photos and video to DjG.com in exclusive, to get some pictures with excellent quality and a HD video and, of course... Congratulations!! Why did one of your dreams come true and here is the proof to confirm: In Gabi's words:
"The whole experience has been overwhelming. He is an absolute doll, sweet, a gentleman, beautiful inside and out....and I'm short of adjectives for him. But mostly he is an absolute pleasure to talk with. He is so attentive, looks at you when you talk and mostly you can tell he pays attention of what you are telling him. I am gonna defend this man ALWAYS!!! Cause he is accessible and has no ego whatsoever.So this is what happened when we left the panel (which was less than 45 minutes and not an hour as they said, aw well). We were waiting at the guests entrance for almost 2 hours in the freezing cold London spring weather :/ He came out once thinking his car was there waiting for him, went back again inside and then after a while he finally came out for good. He was smiling walking towards us. When my turn arrived we got the photo taken and he made me feel such at ease next to him that we started talking."
"He was so amazing and I touched his arm and he touches mine while we were talking.Nathan took some photos while we were chatting. I didn't notice he was taking photos of us talking...he told me when we were in the train coming back home. My man rocks and what a lovely memory of this meeting with David besides my photo with him :) ...it has been such an emotional exhausting day and I am still thinking it was a dream...a dream come true ♥"

Patsy Kensit, David Gandy & Daisy Lowe

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David Gandy Attends the Launch of Goodwood Sports & Racing Collection by Belstaff

On April 25, 2013 David Gandy attended the launch event of Goodwood Sports & Racing menswear collection by Belstaff. Hosted by Harrods’ managing director Michael Ward and Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, Earl of March and Kinrara.

Belstaff and Goodwood, two of the most iconic British luxury brands, have joined forces to create menswear Goodwood Sports & Racing Collection by Belstaff. Bringing together their shared ardour for adrenaline-fueled sport, courage and exhilaration, the catalyst for this union is a passion for British machines of speed, power and beauty, together with the heroes that mastered and adored them. 

The Goodwood Sports & Racing Collection by Belstaff focuses on reviving and re-interpreting luxury classics from the annals of the Goodwood racing archive. Goodwood was the spiritual home of British motor racing between 1948 and 1966 and today is the home of the largest annual motor-culture events in the world. The GSR by Belstaff collection takes its lead from Goodwood’s living history and is centered on the iconic outerwear jackets, for which Belstaff became famous at Goodwood in the 1950s and 60’s.

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David Gandy Attends Vogue Dinner in Honor of Michael Kors

Yesterday evening, April 25, 2013, David Gandy, looking dapper in a dark blue pin stripped suite, attended a dinner in honor of American fashion designer Micheal Kors. The event was hosted by Vogue magazine editor Alexandra Shulman and was held at Cafe Royal in London.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

David Gandy Attends Roger Vivier Book Launch

Last night, April 24th, 2013, David Gandy attended the, iconic luxury accessories brand, Roger Vivier Book Launch held at London's Saatchi Gallery. The book, published by Rizzoli New York, maps the evolution of Roger Vivier from a legendary shoe brand to the contemporary but sophisticated Parisian accessories house.

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David Gandy Covers GQ Romania Style

David Gandy appears on the cover of GQ Romania magazine's supplement: GQ Top 50 Men of Style (March/May issue), photographed by the turkey-born professional fashion photographer Arcin Sagdic, styled by Ovidiu Buta and Sylvester Yiu.

Interview by Editor-in-Chief of Fashion and Beauty - GQ Romania: Ovidiu Buta
Translation & revision done by DjG staff

The Great Gandy

Who is David Gandy and why it has become an idol?
David Gandy is one of those normal kids, born into a modest family and who has come to be an International star after his appearance on TV in Britain. Nothing spectacular until now. Granted unless he has something more, he is not only considered a star, but as the new example of a modern gentleman: working as a model with the best known designers, writes reviews cars for GQ UK and is involved in charity with charitable organizations. But, in reality, who is Gandy?

David, now you're not only known as The Supermodel but also as a blogger and style expert. However, what do you think, in your opinion, is the role that defines you?
One thing should never define a person and no one should be judged by the profession they are in. Being a model I have been able to explore different directions: Vogue (where David writes a blog ) allows me to bridge the gap between men and women on the street and help them understand the very elitist fashion industry. I hope this blog helps people see that fashion can appear more affordable and that readers have access to it.

For GQ I write about one of my greatest passions: cars but, again, this is not an easy task, when you have to get cars and articles to reach a performance to please everyone, not just the experts. So I preferred to think of a column that is not very technical and also has some humor. However, if I have to be defined by something, I'll choose the charities I am a part of. I firmly believe that if you find yourself in the public eye you have a responsibility to help others who are less fortunate. For example, two years ago I participated in the London marathon for Oxfam and last year I was appointed Ambassador for The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. This year I am the Ambassador for “Comic Relief” and began a series of events related to the fashion industry designed to raise funds specifically for this initiative.

What is the difference between David the model and David, on the day to day?
David Gandy is primarily a brand and it is something I decided to create from the beginning. This is the Gandy people perceive as the Supermodel, The Style Expert, or the famous Mediterranean from the of Dolce & Gabbana 'Light Blue' advert…. a man who plays a role, like any other actor. But all that doesn’t change me, Gandy in everyday life. For example, the first day off after fashion week I spent free time at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. It relaxes me driving around town or on a race track. This year I got my professional racing license. I wish with all my soul that when people meet me they see me as a simple man, with his feet on the ground with whom they can have fun with.

Do you consider yourself a role model for men? Do you have a role model?
Yes, Paul Newman, and not just because he's a fantastic actor, but because he used his fame to help others through works of charity. He created his own racing team alongside his wife and daughters. A remarkable man.

When you started in modeling, the market was monopolized by androgynous-looking young with a size that looked more like aliens. Now is when we really see men as models, do you think you played an important role in this change?
Light Blue was an icon in its own right. But the rest of campaigns I did have contributed to the change of the male fashion industry. The industry has a natural tendency to follow that which has proven successful and after adverts like Light Blue, Armani, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren began using larger models with muscle mass for both men and women. I can not take credit for this. Rather it is the intelligent combination of Dolce & Gabbana and Mario Testino.

You have been called Supermodel, Top, Amazing, Star, Celebrity ... but is has not always been so but quite the opposite.
In this industry we do not start being supermodel from the beginning, it requires hard work, determination and sacrifice ... I know many feel that everything has fallen from the sky for me, but it was not like that at all. I had a difficult time in a profession in which we are constantly being judged.
There are many clichés that are used when talking about the world of modeling. Most of them are wrong. I have to constantly strive to change this negative perception. But, with all these unpleasant issues, I would not change a thing of the last 11 years it has taken me to get here. It was a wonderful experience, a road to discovery that is not nearly finished.

It appears you personify the definition of moderation. Have you ever committed excesses?
Of course! For example, drink until everyone falls exhausted under the table or not being able to sleep for days because of a trip and when I finally get it, sleeping only 4 to 5 hours. I love eating, driving at ridiculous speed, skiing, hiking ... I'm probably addicted to adrenaline. But actually, life is always in moderation.

You seem to very comfortable with your body and, naturally, everyone wonders what are your fitness and nutrition routines. Is there still something that you want to change?
I never said that I am very confident with my body. I am very critical of everything I do, especially with my body, and you can always improve. And for those who are curious about what I do in the gym, last year we launched a iTunes and Android app: David Gandy Fitness, which I explain how I did it with me, but I also have to say that it was all due to many years of exercise.

Define perfection.
Impossible. The idea of what perfection is, is different from person to person and from one subject to another.

As we live in a world ruled by the press & tabloids. How do you manage to protect your private life?
I do not talk to anybody about my personal life. If you ask me, I just do not respond. I'm not on Twitter and although each week either one part of the world or another I don’t feel the need to announce where I am. . I find it very strange when celebrities are constantly upgrading their profiles on where they are, what they are doing, what they are eating and then complain about invasion of privacy.

What has been the most incredible thing that has happened since you got this job?
The most amazing thing in the last 11 years working in the fashion industry is where I am today, speaking at the University of Oxford or writing for Vogue.

What sacrifices have you made and think now that they weren’t worth it?
There will always be sacrifices. But I think they deserve to be done.

Have you thought about quitting modeling and focusing more on the journalism?
Do I have to give up one thing for another? I can focus more on certain projects than others, but that's what I like my life, this variety. Every day is different.

Where do you see yourself in 2, 5, 10 and 20 years?
It’s difficult to say. The world and my life are constantly changing and you never know what will happen. If someone had asked me the same thing two years ago, It never would have crossed my mind to say that I wanted to participate in the closing ceremony of the Olympics to support British fashion industry.

If not modeling, what do you think you would be doing?
Again, it is impossible to say. Maybe it would be a car journalist.

Has being a fashion model influenced your personal style?
When working as a model, you are unconsciously interested in fashion. Work with the best of the best, no? And through photo shoots and campaigns have access to the latest fashion.

What is a GQ man? Can you comment from the point of view of a style expert?
I think the GQ man is intelligent, has style and is interested in all aspects of your life and how you can improve. Interested in the past but also with what the world has to offer.

Is fashion an obsession?
Not to me. Rather, watches and cars.

Who’s style do you admire?
Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and Cary Grant. Men want to look like them, it's funny but they did not want to be style icons.

What have you learned from them?
You have to create trends, never follow them.

Do you only collect watches?
I started with one of my grandfather's watches, a vintage Omega, then I bought on eBay an Omega Speedmaster and I haven’t stopped. Today I have several models: Omega, Breitlings and Tag Monaco. However, I also collect antiques, furniture and cars.

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David Gandy's Interview on Punkt 6 (RTL)

A very special Thank You to Sanne Leetz from the David Gandy Fans Germany  facebook page for providing us with the translation of the video.

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[March 15, 2013] Right Man: RM / Middle man:MM / Hostess:H / David Gandy: DG /Julia Ebeling:JE

H: Das ist David Gandy, das best bezahlte Männermodel der Welt
This is David Gandy, the highest paid Male Model in the world.

MM: Hmhmm, aber wie lebt so ein Supermodel eigentlich Privat? Unsere Reporterin Julia Ebeling dürfte diesen Mann in London besuchen und hat natürlich auch mal nachgefragt ob der 33 Jährige noch zu haben ist.
But how does the private life of a Supermodel look? Our reporter Julia Ebeling had the opportunity to visit the man in London and to ask whether the 33 yr old is still available

W: Ich bin gespannt.
I am curious.

JE:Die letzten Stufen. David Gandy wohnt ganz oben, wie passend.Ich bin gespannt.
The final steps. David Gandy lives on the top floor. How appropriate. I am curious

Zu Hause beim heissesten Typen der Welt.
At home with the hottest guy in the world.

JE: "Hi David schön dich kennen zu lernen!"
"Hi David, nice to meet you".

DG: "Hallo, find ich auch, komm rein."
"Hello, nice to meet you too, come in."

JE: "Danke."
"Thank you."

In der Küche wartet er schon, überlebensgroß. In echt wirkt David aber gar nicht überheblich sondern im Gegenteil sehr Bodenständig.Überraschend.
In the kitchen he waits already, life-sized. Surprisingly, David is actually very down to earth and not at all arrogant.

"David ich hab dir deutsches Frühstück mit gebracht."
"David I brought you a German breakfast."

DG: "Ey toll."
" Oh, great."

JE: "Ich hoffe du magst es".
" I hope you like it."

Puuhh, steht einem entspannten Frühstück also Nichts im Wege. Um den Kaffee kümmert sich David höchstpersönlich, das kommt angeblich selten vor.
Puuhh, nothing beats a relaxed breakfast. David makes his own coffee. Allegedly a rare thing.

DG: "Ich bin ja ständig unterwegs. Reisen ist mein Leben!"
" I am constantly on the go. Traveling is my life!"

JE:" Und magst du das?"
"Do you enjoy it?"

DG:" Ja, ich liebe es!"
" Yes, I love it!"

JE: Und das sieht man. David bei der Arbeit. DIeses Werbeshooting 2010 brachte ihm endgültig den Durchbruch. Kein Wunder und so verdient er heute sein Geld: immer im Mittelpunkt , umgeben von schönen Frauen. Doch das heisst rein gar Nichts sagt er.
And you can tell. David at work. This 2010 shoot gave him his breakthrough. No wonder at all and this is how he today makes a living : always in the Center, surrounded by beautiful women. But it means nothing, he says.

DG: " Ich bin schüchtern, ich bin wirklich sehr schüchtern"
"I'm shy, I'm really very shy."
JE: " Ja klar, wirklich?"
" Yeah, really?"

DG: "Ja wirklich, das glaubt mir kaum Einer aber es ist so."
"Yes, unbelievable but true"

JE: Fällt mir tatsächlich schwer zu Glauben, auch das dieser ausgeschlafende Typ eigentlich ein Morgenmuffel sein soll.
Just as hard to believe, as this well rested Guy being a morning grouch.

DG:" Ich bin Morgens nicht sehr gesprächig. Bevor ich nicht mindestens 4 Tassen Kaffee hatte bin ich nicht ansprechbar."
"I'm am not very talkative in the morning. I am non-responsive until I've had four cups of coffee in the morning."

JE: Hab ich ein Glück. Richtig Gesprächig wird David beim Thema, klar, Männermode.
I am lucky. David is really talkative on the subject of, of course, Male Fashion.

DG:" Gute Schuhe sind wichtig, weil Frauen erkennen das sofort."
"Nice shoes are important because women recognize that immediately."

JE: "Wieviele Schuhe hast du?"
"How many pairs of shoes do you have ?"

DG:" Ich hab gar nicht so viele. Ich glaub es sind so 10 Paar, mehr nicht."
"I really don't have that many.Perhaps ten pairs no more."

JE: Ein Supermodel und nur 10 Paar Schuh, ich werde das noch überprüfen. Leider komme ich beim Frühstück nicht in den Genuss Davids kulinarische Künste zu testen, denn er kocht gerne.
A supermodel with only ten pairs of shoes, I'll have to check that. Although David enjoys to cook, I unfortunately do not get to enjoy David's culinary talents.

DG:" Keine meiner Exfreundinnen hat gekocht, keine Einzige. Und das ist gut so, weil wenn man zwei Chefs in der Küche hat ..."
"Not a single one of my ex-girlfriends cooked. And that is a good thing because when you have two chefs in the kitchen..."

JE: " Nein, dann wirds kompliziert."
No, then it becomes complicated."

DG:" Ja, dann gibs Krieg. Keiner traut dem Anderen, nach dem Motto: mach es so, nein, mach es lieber so."
"Yes, then you'll have war.. No trust according to the motto: make it this way, no, better do it that way."

JE: In der Küche hat der 33 Jährige also gern die Hosen an. Im Bad allerdings läßt er sich gern was von Frauen sagen.
The 33-year-old wears the pants in the kitchen. He however gladly listens to the woman when it comes to the bathroom."

DG:" Ich glaube Männer pflegen sich mehr wenn sie eine FReundin haben."
"I believe that men take better care of their body when they have a girlfriend."

JE:" Ja mit ihren Sachen!"
"Yes, with her stuff!"

DG:" Wenn ich eine Freundin habe benutze ich ihr Zeugs immer mit und merke: ohh das ist toll für die Haare zB."
"When I have a girlfriend I always use her stuff and realize: ohh this is great for the hair for example."

JE:" Und dann noch was für die Augen."
"And something for the eyes."

DG:" Ja, ganz genau!"
" Yes exactly!"

JE:" Aber ich habe gehört momentan hast du keine Freundin, stimmt das?"
" But I have heard that you currently don't have a girlfriend, is it true?"

DG:" Ja, das stimmt schon, ich habe momentan keine feste Freundin."
" Yes, that's true, I don't have a girlfriend currently."

JE:" Also keine Gesichtscreme grade?"
"So, No Face cream available?

DG:" lach* Nein, genau."
*laughter* " No, exactly."

JE: Ach Gesichtspflege wird doch auch völlig überbewertet, bei den Augen! Und apropos Frauen: ist er ein Gentleman?
Oh, facial care is completely overrated, with those eye!. Speaking of women: are you a gentleman?

DG:" Ja. Ich bin total altmodisch!"
"Yes. I am totally old fashioned!"

JE:" Das ist doch gut!"
"That's good!"

DG:" Nein, manche Frauen mögen das, manche nicht."
"No, some women like it, some don't."

JE: Ich würde gerne noch weiterplauschen, aber David muss zum Flughafen, das nächste Shooting wartet. Bevor ich gehe kann ich mir aber das nicht verkneifen: ein kurzer Blick auf den Schuhschrank. Und tatsächlich, ich staune, sehr übersichtlich.
I would like to chat more, but David needs to leave to the airport, the next photo shoot awaits. Before leaving I couldn't deny myself a quick glance at the shoe cabinet. In fact, I us quite amazed.

DG:" Ich ziehe bald um und deshalb ist es nicht so aufgeräumt."
"I am moving soon and that's why it's not tidy."

JE: Aufgeräumt hin oder her, er ist ja auch nur ein Mensch und ich bin froh das er mir genau das sehr offen gezeigt hat.
Tidy or not, he's simply human and I was happy to see his openness.

H: "Ein schöner Mann!"
"A beautiful man!"