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GQ Interview's London Collections:Men Board Member David Gandy

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As preparations for the second London Collections: Men from 7-9 January get underway, GQ brings you an exclusive preview of the shows with a series of designer and industry insider Q&As. Next up, we speak to LC:M board member David Gandy... 

By: Nick Carvell

 Which show are you most looking forward to this season and why? 
Alexander McQueen is showing for the first time at LC:M and it's great that a brand of such high calibre is showing it's support. At the last LC:M, I thought Hackett was the best show, so it will be interesting to see if they can keep up their high standard. 

 Can you tell us one item that you're sure to be sporting at the shows come January? 
As it's January and in London, then it's bound to be either cold or wet (or both), so I may be sporting a few hats and of course the usual tailored suits.

 What was most memorable moment at the previous LC:M? 
Lack of sleep I think. I tried to go to as many shows and presentations as possible. I think it is important to be involved if you are on the committee. Along with that there were so many dinners, events and parties to attend (including Tinie Tempah's until 5am), so after three days I was exhausted.

 What sets LC:M apart from the other men's fashion weeks around the world? 
Prince Charles opened LC:M last year. No other city have a Royal Family to show support at fashion week, nor the tailoring history of menswear or the heritage that we have with designers like Vivienne Westwood. Of course other fashion weeks also don't have the wonderful backdrop of London, arguably the best capital of the world.

 Which new designer or label would you like to see show at LC:M next season?
 It would be great to see Burberry showing [a full catwalk show] as it's such a prolific British brand. I would also like to see M&S and Reiss flying the flag for the British high street. 

 What is London's most stylish street for people spotting and why? 
Some people may say east London, but I still think Savile Row and Mayfair, including Bond street and New Bond Street, are the most stylish areas. 

 What's your favourite place for lunch during London Collections and what do you order? 
Breakfast or brunch meetings are always at the Wolseley (for a sausage sandwich) or Little House. I do love Automat as well, for a soft shell crab sandwich. 

 What's your go-to eau de cologne? 
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue of course! 

What's your most unexpectedly stylish movie and why? 
I think Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is so stylish - English tailoring meets cowboy chic. Another film that should have more recognition for it's style is Inception. Obviously the special effects and the film were hugely impressive but I sat there thinking, "I wonder who did the suits and styling?" 

Who is your best dressed British man? 
Prince Charles. People laugh at me when I say this, but he's always immaculately dressed. No one wears a better double breasted suit. 

 What is the one thing every man should buy this Christmas? 
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue or failing that if anybody wants to buy me a JFK Omega watch, I'd be very happy.

Source: GQ Magazine.com


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