Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Santa: I wish for... A Christmas Story with David Gandy

Wish granted!!! Here on DjG we'd like to make that one wish of meeting David Gandy come true, well, sort of. So, here's a small gift of thanks from us to you in celebration of our second Christmas with you. 
We also wanted to leave you with a great big smile for Christmas!

Therefore, Many Thanks to our dear friend Kiara for sharing her amazing story and encounter with David Gandy!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...right?!

Merry Christmas from the DjG family to yours!

In her words by Kiara...

There is a moment in your life when you realize your dream has come true...I realized that, the moment I felt David's lips on my cheek!!!

But, let's start from the beginning...

Once upon a time, in the south of Italy there was a beautiful woman with a dream. She dreamed of the moment she could meet two men. Patiently she waited and waited, days, weeks, months. That desire became a silent aspiration that always accompanied her. It didn't matter how long she waited, the important thing was, when would that moment occur.

And then on a normal day like any other, it occurred!

All of a sudden there was a chance. Was it possible that the day has finally come? Was it my mind playing tricks on me? Or adrenaline was pumping so hard, my heart pounding in my ears that made me read the words wrong?

I blinked a few times, rubbed my eyes, looked around until I was able to return my focus and attention back to my computer screen. 

But no, there it was shouting from the rooftops, a world wide announcement of a Dolce and Gabbana event. My chance, my moment had arrived!

June 21, 2012: twitter: @dolcegabbana - Are you in #Milan on Saturday? Take your chance to meet David Gandy at our boutique Link

IT WAS TRUE!!! I was totally dying!!!!

Next stop: Milan!!!! The city of fashion was waiting for me! So along with my sister I embarked on a frantic search for train tickets, schedules etc... It was really crazy.

At 12am on day 22 I finally had my train tickets and departure was only a few hours away.
What awaited my sister and I was a 8-9 hour train ride up to Milan. Sleep? Impossible! The noisy clatter of the train was horrible! Believe me when I say this was the worst trip of my life! The only distraction I had was what was awaiting for me the next day, that I would finally be meeting my idols!

I had endless opportunities to imagine the moment and their possible variations. So, I let my imagination go: me talking with Mariano Vivanco (the best photographer in history!), exchanging view on cameras, lenses, objectives.. I was totally in love with this fabulous person, who I had never had a change of speaking with. I greet David Gandy, I meet Adam Senn, I photograph Enrique Palacios. So with my imagination running wild there was absolutely no chance of sleeping.

On the morning of day 23, our D day, we arrived in Milan at 6:30am....happy and tired! The city was so fancy and cool during fashion week.

At 2:00 pm my heart stopped! I heard Mariano calling my name! And I finally met him! All the scenarios I had imagined in my head went out the window. Reality far exceeded my expectations, it was The Best Moment Ever!!

But, again I get ahead of myself. There was still much more of the day ahead. We was the 1st to came in Corso Venezia… we lost the time because nobody was here until the 4:30 pm. We had our snacks while waiting in line. My sister and I and a few other girls chatted with some journalists and bodyguards. Oh, and did I mention that we were first in line??!!!!!

And then....there they were!!! David Gandy, Adam Senn and Enrique Palacios, the faces of Dolce and Gabbana who had organized this event for them and with them. The boutique was so fancy, classy and awesome. It was so Dolce and Gabbana and so Italian with plants typical to the south of Italy.

The first look was amazing....all gorgeous guys!.

David was sooooo BEAUTIFUL....I thought he was perfect, but he was more than perfect! Soooo....there we are, he was standing in front of me with Mariano then he looked at me and said "Oh look a professional camera" (I was taking a pic while I was talking with Mariano) I just don't remember my answer. I just remember he replied with a smile! When I finally hugged him it was "THE MOMENT", the 9 hour train ride and fatigue disappeared!! He was so nice and cute and I was totally lost in his eyes.
When I asked him for a kiss he said "Sure"! He gave me the kiss slowly so I would be able to capture the moment with my camera.

Even writing about it now, brings a smile to my face! These were amazing moments that I will never forget. Talking with Mariano, smiling, taking pictures with him. He was so nice, it was like if we were friends...he said "OMG your blog is so cool" (fuckyeahmarianovivanco)....that day was amazing!

For me they are ICONS, these guys are full of talent and meeting them was so """fucking""" amazing! That day I also met Adam Senn and Enrique Palacios, super sweet guys! But, that is an entirely different story!

This was the craziest thing I have ever done in my life! Almost 18 hours round trip and 2 days just to meet with those guys! Worth it? YES!

I leave you guys wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of love and dreams...and the most important thing; do crazy things because they will be the most beautiful memories you will have in your life!!!


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