Sunday, December 9, 2012

David Gandy Answers Your Questions in an M&S Interview (Video Transcript)

With the gorgeous backdrop of the historical Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Fl, the location of his photoshoot for the new 2013 M&S 'Collezione' campaign, David Gandy answered a few fan questions that were submitted through M&S's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Emma MacDonald (Facebook): If you could work in M&S which department would you like to work in and why?

DG: If I worked in M&S department I'd would probably be good in the food department or the food would get eaten. Well I would like to advise men, I enjoy advising my friends when they come to me for advice about clothing, so that would be an interesting sort of section as well.

@loveisdolly (Twitter): What's your greatest accomplishment?

DG: I'm not sure if I've achieved my greatest accomplishment yet, maybe that would be children and family but so far I mean the Olympic games this year. I was the only male model among, sort of, the other seven female models, they were showing with you know a billion people watching and 75,000 people in the stadium, so that's got to be a bit of a highlight. Well we'll see I might have to achieve something else.
Claire Hunter (Facebook): Just wondering how you keep your skin so clear? Do you have a regime?

DG: You know, I got very lucky with my skin I don't do much to it, just a bit of moisturizer. You know a lot of flying doesn't help but I don't have a beauty regime that I can actually say or tell anyone, it's about the food you eat, I'm very sort of healthy with what I eat there's no processed food no fizzy drinks not a lot of sugar so, which helps.

Laraine Harrison (Facebook): Do you wear M&S clothes when you're not working?
DG: I do wear M&S clothing on my own time. I always pick out the bits I like, I get them adapted and get tailors to take them into my body size. Anyone can do that it's very cheap sort of thing to do. I wear a lot of M&S clothing now.
Elaine Barron (Facebook): Do you enjoy working for M&S?

DG: Well this is my second year working with M&S now. It surprised me the amount with the quality and the style and I think we're surprising a lot of people I'm involved in Men's Collection and I turn up in an M&S 'Collezione' suit and people would just presumed it was Ralph Lauren and I sort of had to persuade people it was M&S so it was a surprise for me it was a surprise for a lot of people. It's just a great British brand that I do try to aspire to push Britishness. I'm very proud to be British, so it's great working with a very very sort of British institution that I suppose now M&S is.
Smith June (Facebook): Have they asked you to play Christian Grey?

DG: Many people suggest that I should play Christian Grey, but I haven't been asked by anyone, no.


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