Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A breakdown of David Gandy's Fitness and Training App.

On Saturday Dec 1st 2012, a day a lot of us had been waiting for, David Gandy finally became our very own personal trainer! So, we here at DjG have decided to do something we haven’t done before, we’re going to review The David Gandy Fitness and Training App.

So what makes us experts you ask? Nothing really. So as someone who works out on a regular basis and has used apps, books and video workouts I thought I could break it down and maybe give a bit of insight into it.
The app has a very nice user interface, very user friendly, professional look and feel. It is broken down into three parts Bulk, Cut and Lean.
They include 10 second videos of David Gandy demonstrating each exercise with a text along the bottom explaining how said exercise is done.

There was only one video with a thorough explanation of the exercise given by Nathalie Schyllert and David performing the moves. This is something the app needed more of. The actual trainer explaining how to hold the position or stance of each exercise correctly so one doesn't get hurt.

You can also customize your workouts by clicking on the customize icon. You can pick and choose what body parts you want to focus on for your workout on that particular day.

If you are on a time limit at the gym choose the express icon and each of the three different style of workout have a list, pick a body part or the full body icon and a timer will appear and give you the exercise you need to complete at different intervals.

The three parts are pretty self-explanatory, but the one that we girls want to focus more on would be the Lean. The Lean features six different circuits using little to no weights at all. The exercises featured use more of your own body weight mixed with cardio (minus the cardio machine) thus helping you burn more fat instead of building heavy muscles. It also helps maintain a good muscle mass.

The Cut section of the app uses weights along with exercises that use your body weight and less cardio exercises like mountain climbers or jump squats. The goal is to give a more defined "cut" or more defined muscles without the bulk. Girls we can use this section as well, just with lighter weights of course or heavier it's all up to you and what you are looking for.

The Bulk section of the app well in a nutshell is for the guys. Heavier weights, tons of upper body and abs. Now girls we can definitely incorporate and tweak these exercises for our use. Again instead of using really low weight, go a bit heavier, but not too heavy and you will achieve those nice looking arms we all strive for.

(more screencaps on Posterous)

All in all it is a very good and informative fitness app with traditional exercises that everyone can do.
Of course having a shirtless David Gandy train you is not half bad either...

The David Gandy Fitness and Training app, £2.99, will be available fromApp Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play Store.


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